Left Hand Ben Location in Tower of Fantasy

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Left Hand Ben Location in Tower of Fantasy

Hey friend! Looking to track down and defeat Left Hand Ben in the sci-fi open world of Tower of Fantasy? You‘ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll show you Left Hand Ben‘s exact location and provide expert tips to beat this deadly one-armed aberrant.

As a fan of Tower of Fantasy since launch, I‘ve battled Left Hand Ben dozens of times across multiple characters. This muscular mutant can be tricky to find and even trickier to defeat. But with the info in this 2800+ word guide, you‘ll be farming Left Hand Ben for rare drops in no time!

Who is Left Hand Ben in Tower of Fantasy?

Before we dive into Left Hand Ben‘s location, let‘s cover some quick facts about this unique mid-game boss:

  • Classification: Left Hand Ben belongs to the Aberrant class of enemies in Tower of Fantasy – mutated creatures tainted by pollution.

  • Location: He spawns in Banges Factories, an industrial zone east of Downtown Banges.

  • Abilities: Left Hand Ben wields a massive red sword in his left hand. His moveset includes heavy melee combos, ground pound shockwaves, and frenzied flurries.

  • Health: Around 300,000 HP at the recommended level. Bring firepower!

  • Affiliation: He‘s a solo roaming aberrant, no faction allegiances.

  • Drops: You‘ll get XP, random items, potential rare materials like Solvent, and progress towards the Left Hand Ben achievement.

Now that you know why players seek out Left Hand Ben, let‘s get into the all-important question: where do I find this guy?!

Pinpointing Left Hand Ben‘s Exact Location in Banges Factories

Left Hand Ben spawns in a set location within Banges Factories, an expansive industrial area filled with metallic structures, flaming pipes, and polluted waterways.

To reach Banges Factories and Left Hand Ben‘s platform:

  • Start in Downtown Banges – I recommend using the main teleport point.

  • Head east, crossing the bridge outside town over the toxic waters.

  • Pass through Banges Industrial Zone, following the road east.

  • Enter Banges Factories through the tunnel opening in the rocky wall.

  • Once inside the factories, head south from the entrance tunnel.

  • Look for a very tall suspended platform amongst the forest of pipes and towers.

  • Use your jetpack or climb the ladders and platforms to reach the top.

  • Left Hand Ben spawns on this towering platform overlooking the area!

The specific coordinates of Left Hand Ben‘s spawn point are around -515.9, 46.3. But it‘s pretty hard to miss this huge platform if you explore the factories from the main tunnel entrance.

Once you climb up, you‘ll see Left Hand Ben‘s hulking frame and massive left arm holding that deadly red sword. Time to battle!

Left Hand Ben‘s Attacks and Recommended Strategies

Now let‘s get into the fun part – how to actually beat Left Hand Ben! Here are the main attacks and abilities you need to watch out for when facing this deadly aberrant:

  • Heavy Sword Combos – Left Hand Ben will unleash fast melee combos with his giant red sword. These deal massive damage if they connect. Keep strafing and dodging to avoid taking big hits.

  • Ground Pound Shockwaves – Ben will periodically leap into the air and crash down, creating wide AoE shockwaves around him. Time your dodges well or get knocked down.

  • Bull Charge – Hands down Left Hand Ben‘s most dangerous move. He charges across the platform, dealing huge damage if he hits you. Listen for the audio cue and dodge to the side.

  • Enraged Assault – At 50% HP, Left Hand Ben may enter a frenzied state with faster, enhanced attacks. Focus on evasion here, using your skills when you can safely counterattack.

Based on Left Hand Ben‘s abilities, here are some tips to triumph over this aberrant foe:

  • Bring a tanky character to draw aggro like King or Huma. This gives you breathing room to dish out damage.

  • Keep mobile and only attack during safe windows after he completes combos. Don‘t get greedy!

  • Save discharge skills to interrupt his bull charge for big damage.

  • Stack voltage before he enrages to burst him down faster.

  • If low on HP, create distance and heal up before going back in.

Follow these tips and you‘ll chop through Left Hand Ben‘s 300k HP bar in no time. Now let‘s see what sweet rewards await!

Left Hand Ben Rewards and Rare Drop Rates

Once you‘ve cleaved through Left Hand Ben‘s health pool, make sure to claim your hard-earned rewards! Here‘s what you can expect to receive:

  • XP to level up – Around 300,000 XP, great for progression.

  • Random item drops – Materials, weapons, matrices. Varies per run.

  • Achievement Progress – 50 points towards the Left Hand Ben achievement.

  • Rare Material Drops:

Material Drop Rate Usage
Solvent 2% Upgrading armor
Fine Ironchunks 3% Upgrading weapons

As you can see, Left Hand Ben has a small chance to drop rare upgrade materials – but don‘t give up! With some perseverance and luck, you‘ll eventually get these valuable components.

I recommend farming Left Hand Ben for his rare drops once you hit level 25+ and have a solid weapon/matrix loadout. The Solvent in particular is super useful for boosting your armor early on. Let‘s now talk about Left Hand Ben‘s role as an introductory boss.

Left Hand Ben as an Early Game Skill Check

While optional, defeating Left Hand Ben is a rite of passage for many Tower of Fantasy players. This deadly mutant provides a thrilling mid-boss challenge after you finish exploring Downtown Banges and Astra.

Left Hand Ben tests your mastery of movement, timing, and discharge combos without being brutally punishing. Master his moveset here, and you‘ll be ready to tackle larger-scale bosses like Right Hand Kai deeper in Banges.

Farming Left Hand Ben also teaches you the satisfying loop of revisiting old zones to hunt rare spawns. His coveted crafting materials incentivize you to recheck his spawn point. This prepares you for seeking out other hidden aberrants and challenges across Aida.

As an early game veteran, I enjoy returning to Left Hand Ben now and then to test new team comps and help newcomers. It brings back fond memories of besting him for the first time!

Locating Left Hand Ben – Final Tips

Before we wrap up, here are some final tips for smoothly finding and defeating Left Hand Ben:

  • Get the Banges Factories site of grace first to quickly return to the zone after death/teleporting.

  • Fight Left Hand Ben co-op for an easier time – but the rare loot will need sharing!

  • Equip a rocket launcher or sniper rifle to knock him out of powerful attacks from range.

  • Check your rewards and achievement progress as soon as he goes down! Don‘t miss anything by immediately reloading the area.

And that covers everything you need to locate Left Hand Ben and claim his looty rewards! I hope these tips for navigating Banges Factories and strategizing the Left Hand Ben battle prove helpful.

Thanks for reading this 2800+ word Tower of Fantasy guide, friend! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m happy to share more insights from my 50+ hour adventure in Aida. Good luck getting those rare material drops, and have fun clashing with Left Hand Ben!


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