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Love Letter Tips

Daring to put the passions and desires of your heart in written form can be intimidating. Every time they come to mind, your face lights up and your heart rate sky rockets.  You day dream endlessly of the ways you could love them, yearning to tell them exactly how you feel.  You want to write them a love letter, but aren’t sure how.   Here is a little help to get those emotions down paper:


To write the perfect love letter, first find an atmosphere that will allow you to unearth your inner poet.  Pick a room or location that inspires pleasant feelings;   It may be at the park or in the quiet of your bedroom.   Choosing a great writing area helps you to be able to focus and also stirs your senses.


Next, on a plain piece of paper, write a list of everything you love about them.  It might include things such as describing words, memories, and how that person makes you feel.  Whatever comes to mind about the one you love; put it on the list.  Making a list helps to organize your thoughts and feelings about the recipient of your love letter and aids in the overall writing process.


Choosing from the list that you created,  put your pen to paper and begin telling them why you adore them. This doesn’t have be in Shakespearean prose;  just write like you speak.   Here are some sample phrases that anyone can find useful when writing a love letter.

I love you because______________________

The way you_________ makes me _________

Your ___________makes my ______________

Although they may seem like simple verse, they will help you to convey the feelings that you have in your heart.   Be sure to include anything else that expresses how you truly feel about them. Share all of your reasons and all of your love.   

A love letter is a wonderful way to tell someone how much they mean to you.  It allows the recipient to hold in their hands a prized piece of artwork made centered completely around them.  The love letter not only serves your purpose for expression, it gives its reader a loving affirmation of how much they are cherished.  Don’t be afraid to write them everything that they deserve to hear. 

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