How to Lower Link's Hood in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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Lowering Link‘s Hood in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most hotly anticipated video game releases in recent memory. As a long-time Zelda superfan and avid gamer, I‘ve been eagerly following all the news and updates on this sequel to the acclaimed Breath of the Wild. One new feature that has caught my eye is the addition of extensive character customization options for our hero, Link. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through how to lower Link‘s iconic hood in Tears of the Kingdom, allowing you to fully customize his look.

To lower Link‘s hood, you simply need to complete a short questline in Hateno Village and then speak to the eccentric NPC Cece while wearing the hood. Select the dialogue option to have her magically lower the hood, and it will remain lowered permanently!

I‘m thrilled by the prospect of tweaking Link‘s appearance to my liking. As someone who loves roleplaying games, I really appreciate when developers give you control over how your character looks. Don‘t get me wrong – I‘m perfectly happy with Link‘s classic green hooded tunic. But after spending 100+ hours staring at the back of his hood in Breath of the Wild, the option to change it up is very welcome.

In this guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about lowering Link‘s Hylian hood, from the required steps to helpful strategies for making use of your new customizable headwear options. Let‘s dive in!

Prerequisites for Lowering Link‘s Hood

Before you can lower Link‘s hood, you first need to make sure you‘ve completed a key questline in Hateno Village involving the village‘s mayoral election.

Here are the prerequisites:

  • Reach Hateno Village – This peaceful village is located in the eastern Necluda region of the map, along the coast. It‘s one of the earlier main story locations Link will visit.

  • Trigger the mayor election quests – Speak to Cece and Clavia, the mayoral candidates. Completing their objectives will culminate in the final election vote.

  • Finish the election questline – Support whoever you want; the winner doesn‘t matter. Finishing the election is what unlocks the hood quest.

Once the mayoral election is concluded, the NPC Cece will become available to lower Link‘s hood when spoken to while wearing it.

How to Lower Link‘s Hood Step-by-Step

Follow these instructions carefully to ensure you can properly lower Link‘s hood:

  1. Equip the Hylian Hood – Make sure Link is wearing the hood before talking to Cece. It can be purchased at shops or found in chests.

  2. Talk to Cece – With the hood equipped, speak to Cece anywhere in Hateno Village to trigger the hood dialogue.

  3. Select "Sure, I‘ll remove it" – This dialogue choice has Cece magically lower Link‘s hood for you.

  4. Re-equip the Hood – Unequip and re-equip the hood to complete the change. It will now appear lowered!

And that‘s it! Just a quick chat with Cece while wearing the hood is all it takes to change Link‘s iconic look. The lowered hood will persist indefinitely, so you can enjoy your new custom style.

Why Lower Link‘s Hood? Benefits & Strategies

Lowering Link‘s hood opens up new options for customizing his iconic look. Here are some potential benefits and strategies:

  • Greater immersion in conversations – Seeing Link‘s face makes dialogue scenes more engaging and emotionally impactful.

  • Improved peripheral vision – A lowered hood gives Link better visibility for exploring, fighting enemies, and avoiding hazards.

  • Unique selfie screenshots – Get creative and take some fun selfies showing off Link‘s new look!

  • Coordination with equipment – Match the hood‘s position to Link‘s outfit; lowered for knight‘s armor, raised for climbing gear.

  • Roleplaying appeal – Change the hood to suit Link‘s current mood or character development as he progresses on his journey.

  • Stealth and subterfuge – A raised hood can help Link stay hidden from foes in dangerous territory.

  • Climate protection – Keeping the hood raised helps keep Link‘s head and ears warm in colder regions.

  • Task focus – Raise the hood when you want Link to concentrate on gathering ingredients or other focused tasks.

  • Player preference – Ultimately, toggle the hood lowered or raised whenever you personally think it looks best!

Having the ability to customize Link‘s iconic hood adds great replay value. You can really roleplay and tailor Link‘s look for any situation.

Where to Get the Hylian Hood

You can‘t lower Link‘s hood until you actually acquire the gear and add it to his wardrobe. Here are some ways to get the Hylian Hood:

  • Treasure chests – Search on cliffs, under rocks, and in puzzle caves. The hood appears in the overworld.

  • Clothing shops – Sold in Hateno Village after you unlock the clothing store.

  • NPC gifts – Finish an NPC‘s side quest to receive it as a reward.

  • Monster drops – Defeat powerful enemies like Hinoxes for a small chance to loot rare head armor.

  • Amiibo – Scan the Link amiibo for a random chance of generating a chest with the hood inside.

Once obtained, put on your new hood and head to Hateno Village to speak with Cece and lower Link‘s hood for the first time.

Pro Tips and Strategies for Mastering Tears of the Kingdom

Lowering Link‘s hood is just one example of the many layers of customization and options available in Tears of the Kingdom. Here are some additional tips to help you get the most out of your playthrough:

  • Experiment with cooking – Mixing ingredients creates restorative and buff-granting dishes and elixirs. Effects stack, so get creative!

  • Upgrade your Sheikah Slate powers – Increase the capabilities of Runes like Magnesis, Stasis, Cryonis and Remote Bomb for greater utility.

  • Hunt animals for parts – Critters may run away, but their parts can be used to upgrade gear and clothing.

  • Mark major landmarks on your map – Useful for navigation and revisiting important locations.

  • Stay vigilant on Blood Moons – This event respawns overworld enemies and treasure chests.

  • Perfect parries stun enemies – Time your shield press right before an enemy attack connects to leave them stunned.

  • Don‘t ignore side quests – Optional objectives unlock rewards, gear and expand the story.

  • Experiment with combat options – Lightning rods, boulders, ice blocks and more can give you an edge in battle.

  • Upgrade equipment at Great Fairies – Seek out Great Fairies to boost armor and clothing capabilities.

Mastering mechanics like lowering Link‘s hood along with expanded combat, traversal and discovery will make you a pro Tears of the Kingdom player in no time.

The Expansive World of Tears of the Kingdom Awaits!

Hyrule is a massive, rich open world overflowing with mysteries, enemies, and environmental challenges for you to conquer. As Link, you have a huge amount of freedom in choosing how to traverse the world and approach objectives. Here are some key facts about Tears of the Kingdom‘s scope:

  • 16 unique biomes and regions – From tropical beaches to snowy tundras, lush forests to fiery volcanoes.

  • 1,000+ interactive NPCs – The thriving world is filled with towns, travelers, merchants, and quest givers.

  • 100+ puzzle-filled shrines – Discover and conquer mini-dungeons of logic, skill and exploration.

  • 4 massive Divine Beast dungeons – Huge, themed puzzles and challenges await within ancient beasts.

  • 500+ discoverable cookbook recipes – Endless item mixing possibilities for restoration and buffs.

  • Over 100 hours of gameplay – A truly monumental adventure across an interactive world.

  • Vertical exploration – For the first time, scaling massive floating islands in the sky above Hyrule.

Tears of the Kingdom represents the next evolution of the vast, immersive world of Breath of the Wild. Your adventure will be defined by your creativity, curiosity, and choice as you uncover the mysteries of Link‘s epic quest.


Lowering Link‘s Hylian hood lets you put your own stylistic spin on an iconic Zelda look. With the freedom to toggle between raised and lowered position, you can better immerse yourself in Link‘s latest open-world adventure.

I hope this guide gives you ideas for ways to make the most of your Tears of the Kingdom playthrough. Customizing Link‘s outfit over time provides cool roleplaying potential. And the incredible scope of the game world offers endless horizons for exploration, experimentation and discovery.

Now that you know how to lower his hood, you can set forth on your journey as the legendary hero – looking however you want! Heed the call and let the adventure begin my friend! Good luck, and may the goddess Hylia guide you!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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