How to Solve the M-064 Followchain Puzzle in Sonic Frontiers – A Comprehensive Walkthrough

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Sonic Frontiers takes Sega‘s supersonic mascot on an open world adventure full of enemies, challenges, and mysterious ruins. As both a long-time fan and avid gamer, one of my favorite activities is solving the tricky puzzle panels scattered across the five islands. In particular, the followchain puzzles really test your sequential thinking skills. These tile mazes require tracing a specific path to turn all tiles black. Mess up, and you have to start over!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through how to solve the M-064 followchain puzzle step-by-step. From the basics of following chains to a full solution walkthrough, I‘ve got you covered with expert tips to master this head-scratching challenge. Let‘s crack the code and reveal more of Sonic‘s wild new world!

Before jumping into the M-064 puzzle specifically, let‘s quickly cover some followchain fundamentals. This background will help you understand the mechanics at play.

Overview of Objective and Rules

Followchain puzzles present you with a grid of light blue tiles arranged in a maze-like pattern. To solve them, you must step on each tile once in a specific order to turn them all black.

However, there are two strict rules:

  1. You can only step on any single tile once.

  2. You must step on every tile to complete the puzzle.

These limitations mean you need to plan your path carefully from start to finish before making a move. Trial and error won‘t cut it!

Benefits of Solving Followchain Puzzles

So why bother with these head-scratchers at all? Well, followchain puzzles provide two major rewards:

  1. They reveal hidden areas on your map, opening up new locations to explore.

  2. They allow you to access hidden items like keys to open locked chests.

Expanding the map and unlocking bonuses make combing the islands for followchain puzzles totally worth the brainpower.

Where to Find Followchain Puzzles

Followchain puzzles blend into the environments, but a few tips can help you locate them:

  • Look for light blue tile panels surrounded by a cloudy fog – solving them will lift the fog!

  • Search for panels near major landmarks like towers and monuments.

  • If a chest is inexplicably locked, search around for a nearby puzzle.

  • Activate the Guidance Tower network to more easily spot puzzles from high vantage points.

With the basics covered, let‘s now conquer the M-064 followchain puzzle step-by-step!

The M-064 puzzle is located on Ares Island, in the southwest region of the map. When I first stumbled upon it, the area was completely clouded in fog. Here is my complete walkthrough to reveal the map region:

Starting Layout

[Image: Initial tile layout for the M-064 puzzle]

As you can see, we‘ve got a maze of 22 light blue tiles to work with. No easy feat! Using trial and error is ill-advised. Instead, I first mapped out my path mentally before stepping on any tiles:

  1. Left

  2. Left

  3. Up

  4. Left

  5. Down

  6. Down

  7. Right

  8. Right

  9. Right

  10. Right

  11. Up

  12. Up

  13. Left

  14. Up

  15. Right

  16. Up

  17. Left

  18. Left

  19. Down

  20. Left

  21. Up

  22. Left

Visualizing the full sequence was key to avoiding any missteps. Now let‘s walk through the solution:

Step-By-Step Movement

  1. Move left onto the first tile, turning it black.

  2. Go left again onto the second tile.

  3. Now move up to the third tile.

  4. Left again to the fourth tile.

  5. Move down to the fifth tile below.

  6. Go down again to the sixth tile.

  7. Right to the seventh tile.

  8. Again go right to the eighth tile.

  9. Now move right once more to the ninth tile.

  10. Head right one last time to the tenth tile.

  11. Go up to the eleventh tile above.

  12. Again move up to the twelfth tile.

  13. Now step left to the thirteenth tile.

  14. Move up again to the fourteenth tile.

  15. Go right to the fifteenth tile.

  16. One more up to the sixteenth tile.

  17. Left to the seventeenth tile.

  18. Again left to the eighteenth tile.

  19. Now go down to the nineteenth tile.

  20. One more left to the twentieth tile.

  21. Move up to the twenty-first tile.

  22. Finally, go left to the twenty-second and final tile.

Following these exact steps from start to finish completed the maze for me. Of course, your tile layout may differ slightly from mine. But the solution will follow the same sequence.

Completion and Reward

[Image: Maze completed with all black tiles]

Executing the steps correctly should turn every tile black, signaling the M-064 puzzle is solved!

The major reward is revealing previously hidden areas on Ares Island‘s map. Completing this followchain opened up southern Ares for me, exposing new towers, enemy camps, and side quests.

Expanding the map is critical for finding collectibles and challenges across all five islands. Followchain puzzles like M-064 make sweeping the world worthwhile.

Through my many hours with Sonic Frontiers, I‘ve picked up some pro tips for conquering followchain puzzles consistently:

  • Take your time – Don‘t rush the initial path planning. Map out the full sequence carefully before stepping on any tiles.

  • Mark puzzles on your map – If you get stumped, mark the puzzle location so you can come back fresh later.

  • Start with edges – Look for tiles on the outer edges first and build inward. This helps limit options.

  • Watch your steps – Literally watch Sonic‘s feet to ensure you hit the right tiles. Don‘t just rely on the camera angle.

  • Ask for help – If completely stuck, there‘s no shame in looking up solutions or watching video guides!

  • Explore liberally – Traveling the islands naturally reveals puzzles. Let curiosity guide you.

Follow these tips, and even the most complex followchain puzzles will click eventually. Just stay focused, determined, and be willing to think outside the box.

I hope this in-depth M-064 followchain guide serves you well in exploring Sonic‘s new open world! If you found it helpful, check out my other Sonic Frontiers content:

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Let me know if you need any other Sonic Frontiers tips! I love geeking out about Sonic strategy and would be happy to produce more gaming guides. This amazing new chapter for Sonic has so many secrets worth uncovering.

So spark up your Sonic speed, put on your thinking cap, and get ready for adventure! With an inviting world, charming characters, and varied gameplay, Sonic Frontiers provides an experience both longtime fans and newcomers can enjoy. I hope my M-064 guide sets you on the path to uncovering the mysteries buried across the Starfall Islands. Enjoy the journey!


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