How to Rule Alone as the Cunning Baron in Machiavelli Baron Rules Alone for Storyteller

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Storyteller is one of my favorite games for its sheer creativity. With the comic book-style art and expansive cast of fantasy characters, you can craft practically any interactive tale you imagine! However, some of its narrative challenges put your storytelling skills to the test. Machiavelli Baron Rules Alone is one such cunning puzzle – but don‘t worry, I‘ll guide you through it step-by-step in this walkthrough.

Let‘s first set the stage, then break down the solution, and finish with some pro tips so you can master this manipulative mastermind of a story.

Meet the Cast – A Potent Mix of Power, Jealousy and Deception

The core premise is simple: You play as a scheming Baron who wants to rule the entire kingdom alone. To pull this off, you‘ll have to strategically exploit the other characters‘ weaknesses and desires:

The Ambitious Baron – Power-hungry and manipulative, he will stop at nothing to take over the throne, even if it means duping the Queen he lusts after.

The Naive Queen – Vain and easily swayed by flattery; the key pawn for the Baron to exploit. Her jealousy can also be provoked if you introduce a romantic rival.

The Clueless King – The current ruler and husband to the Queen. Pompous but gullible, making him an easy target for the Baron‘s deceit. His life is forfeit in this tale.

The Smitten Maid – She has eyes for the Baron, which stirs up the Queen‘s envy. The Maid‘s blind devotion makes her the perfect sacrifice in the Baron‘s grand scheme.

This cast is ripe for schemes of jealousy, betrayal and power-grabbing; perfect for a Machiavellian narrative. Now let‘s arrange their fates!

Step-by-Step Walkthrough – Arrange the Dominoes for the Baron‘s Dark Victory

To succeed in this challenge, you must set up and sequence the scenes such that the Baron marries the Queen and eliminates all rivals to the crown. Here are the scenes and characters you need in each slide:

Slide 1: Cliff > Baron > Queen

Slide 2: Wedding > King > Maid

Slide 3: Cliff > Baron > King

Slide 4: Wedding > Baron > Maid

Slide 5: Cliff > Baron > Maid

Slide 6: Nil

Let‘s break down what happens in each scene and how it leads to the Baron‘s rule:

Slide 1 (Cliff): This is where our scheming begins. The Baron vocally admires the Queen‘s beauty while pushing the King off the cliff, removing the first obstacle.

Slide 2 (Wedding): With the King dead, the Baron is able to marry the Queen and assume the throne next to her. His plan is working!

Slide 3 (Cliff): Not content to just marry the Queen in secret, the Baron brazenly confronts the King and pushes him off the cliff, ensuring his foe‘s demise.

Slide 4 (Wedding): The Baron makes his most cunning move here – openly flirting with the Maid to stoke the Queen‘s jealousy and rage. This plants the seeds for the Maid‘s demise.

Slide 5 (Cliff): Driven by envy after witnessing the wedding flirtation, the Queen viciously pushes the Maid off the cliff, removing the romantic rival.

Slide 6 (Nil): With no remaining obstacles – King, Queen or Maid – the manipulating Baron successfully rules the kingdom alone!

Placing the scenes and characters in this sequence allows the Baron to eliminate all challengers and achieve his dark ambition. Now let‘s look at some pro-tips for fully mastering this challenging tale.

Advanced Strategies – Think Like a Manipulator

Based on my experience, here are some clever plays that can help you orchestrate the Baron‘s rise to power:

Leverage character abilities fully: The Baron‘s Flirt skill is crucial for swaying both the Queen and the Maid. Use the Queen‘s Jealousy often for explosive impact.

Experiment and iterate: There are many possible solutions, don‘t be afraid to rearrange scenes and see what happens! Learning from creative failures is part of the fun.

Plan your manipulations: Think several moves ahead, like a chess player. How will you maneuver characters into the necessary emotional states?

Make the drama build: Place scenes to escalate tension and conflict. The wedding flirtation works well just before the climax at the cliff.

Analyze motives: Put yourself in each character‘s shoes to better understand their desires and triggers. This allows you to puppeteer them more effectively.

Keep annotations: Note reactions and consequences in each scene. This helps spot narrative branches and iteratively improve.

Troubleshooting: If stuck, try introducing new characters or revisiting previous scenes to reshape motivations. Rewind and replay sections if needed.

Modify the cast: Swap in alternate characters or even yourself! Machiavelli Baron is very replayable with different casts and Mary Sues.

With the above tips, you can orchestrate truly captivating tales of power. I hope this guide helps you grasp the narrative tools in Storyteller. Wield them wisely, my friend! Now unleash your inner mastermind storyteller!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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