Madam Bo's Key Location in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion

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As a hardcore Mortal Kombat fan and gaming enthusiast, the return of Madame Bo‘s Flesh Pits in MK11 got me really excited. This iconic location from the series‘ past opens up so many opportunities for grisly secrets and Easter eggs. In this deep dive guide, we‘ll be exploring everything you need to know about finding Madame Bo‘s key in the MK1 Invasion mode.

Who is Madame Bo in Mortal Kombat Lore?

Let‘s start with some background. For those new to MK, Madame Bo is one of the coolest and creepiest characters in the franchise. She‘s an evil master flesh sculptor, using her technical genius and magic to engineer horrific mutants for Shao Kahn‘s armies. Anything having to do with her screams bloody, terrifying science – exactly what we want from Mortal Kombat!

Bo made her debut in MK3, quickly establishing the Flesh Pits as a hallowed MK location. As a loyalty reward for her service, she gained the ability to create life, earning the title "Bo‘ Rai Cho" (he who gives life).

Fun Facts About Madame Bo

  • Her flesh pits were inspired by the classic horror movie House of 1,000 Corpses
  • Bo was originally going to be a playable fighter in MK3
  • She created Meat to be her personal punching bag for stress relief

So in summary, Madame Bo is the leading expert in twisting science for evil purposes in all of MK lore. Pretty sweet resume!

Unlocking The Flesh Pits in MK11

Given Bo‘s macabre history, her return in MK11 was hotly anticipated by the community. Her flesh pits play a major role in the new story mode, as the prison holding Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade.

Personally, exploring the labyrinth and fighting mutants in the pits was a highlight of the game for me. The gory visuals and creepy ambience were incredible fan service. It was so satisfying to see this classic location rendered in modern graphics.

In order to access the Flesh Pits in the Krypt area, you need to track down Madame Bo‘s key. This is tucked out of the way at the start of the Krypt:

  • Head left from the beginning past Scorpion‘s Spear
  • Follow the path around the lake
  • The key hangs on the wall before the bridge on the left

With Bo‘s key in hand, you can unlock the gate to her lair. This takes you into the new expanded Flesh Pits with even more grisly secrets and jump scares!

Finding the Key in MK1 Invasion

Now let‘s pivot to the key‘s role in MK1 Invasion. This new mode has you exploring islands solving "klues" to unlock rewards.

To snag Bo‘s key, you need to complete the "Dark Days" tower in Invasion. This is accessed by crossing the bridge from the "Unstoppable" island:

  • Cross bridge from Unstoppable to Dark Days
  • Finish the Dark Days tower
  • Claim Madame Bo‘s key as a reward

The key can then be used to open a metal gate located to the left of the "Long Road" tower elsewhere in Invasion.

So in summary:

  • Dark Days tower – Complete this to earn the key
  • Long Road tower – Use the key here to unlock a gate

Pretty easy once you know the steps!

Tips for Finding Keys in Invasion

Based on my experience, here are some pro tips for hunting down keys in the Invasion mode:

  • Look for gates early on to know where keys will be usable
  • Towers themed around a character often reward their key
  • Keys tend to be given midway through a tower‘s completion
  • You can track keys in the Inventory section

Also, don‘t forget to inspect the environment. Some keys are found hanging visibly on walls, not just awarded by towers. Look closely!

Unlocking the Full Potential of the Flesh Pits

Now that you‘ve got Bo‘s key, the real fun begins in the Flesh Pits! This area is packed with Mortal Kombat history to discover. Here are some of my top rewards found deeper in the pits:

  • Klassic Fatality Fighting Arenas – Classic backdrops for fatalities
  • Concept Art Galleries – See early MK concept art and designs
  • Kenshi‘s Sento Blade – Unlockable weapon for your fighters

The more you explore, the more Easter eggs you‘ll find. It‘s like a gory trip down memory lane!

For me, the highlight was stumbling on Shang Tsung‘s Flesh Pit laboratory. This is where he trained Shokan champions like Goro and Sheeva. It‘s so cool to see behind-the-scenes where these iconic fighters were "made".

Pro Tip: How to Find Shang Tsung‘s Lab

  • Head to the far west side of the Flesh Pits
  • Drop down off a ledge to the lower level
  • Enter the tunnel and look for a breakable wall
  • Smash through the wall to reveal the hidden lab!

Satisfying Mortal Kombat Nostalgia

As a devout MK fan, exploring Madame Bo‘s Flesh Pits in MK11 was an incredible blast from the past. From its prominence in the story mode to finding Bo‘s key in Invasion, this location scratched my nostalgia itch in all the right gory ways.

Unlocking the Flesh Pits rewards you with a deep dive into MK history and lore. There‘s truly nothing more satisfying than mixing and matching klassic fatality arenas with modern kharacters.

I hope this guide gave you some fun tips and insights into maximizing your experience with Madame Bo‘s legacy. Now get out there and start smashing through walls to discover what other grisly secrets are waiting in her pits! And if you hear maniacal cackling, well…that‘s just another day in the life of being Bo‘s guest!


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