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Magazines will buy your articles if you do your research

It can be a daunting task to try and sell articles to magazines. The marketplace is a very competitive one as there are so many writers trying to sell their work, but there are several things that one can do to ensure a sale.

A writer must do some research before deciding where the article will fit in. Every writer has different strengths in the type of stories they write; therefore, it is important to go through different magazines to find out where the article will work. It is also very important to go through back issues of the magazines that will accept the article to make sure that there is not already a similar article that has been published.

It is imperative to read the writer’s guidelines for each publication and follow them closely. The guidelines can be found on the publication’s website.

Also it helps to have credentials. Freelance Switch Website recommends that having links to one’s best articles on a website helps to show that a writer is established and they are not just writing their first ever article. Publications seek writers who write well.

Have someone else look over the article before it is submitted to ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors.

Another great resource to find a good market for one’s story is the yearly Writer’s Digest book that lists contact information and publication information for most magazines and journals.

After finding a good fit, a writer needs to submit a query letter to the chosen publication or publications. A query letter shows an editor the writer’s experience and it also gives the editor an idea about the proposed story and how it will benefit the publication.

It is also important to be persistent and not give up even if the story is rejected from one or several publications. Try other publications. It is difficult to receive rejections, but it is an important part of the road to publication.

Another thing to note from the Writer Unboxed Website is that “the article does not have to be written before its sold. It helps to have sold a story pitch before writing the actual article. It is a waste of time to write an article before the idea is sold.”

Sign up for writer’s newsletters on sites such as Writer Gazette to stay on top of what publications are the highest paying markets and if there are any new publications out because they are more apt to accept submissions from a writer that is just starting out.

Try writing for local publications as its easier to write about one’s local community. It is a known fact that it easier to write about something that one has a great deal of knowledge about.

One possibility is to try writing a shorter piece first, as this is another way to break into the market and earn the chance to sell longer articles. Another possibility is to use the same idea and pitch it to different markets. That way all that needs to be done is to change the article around some before pitching it.

Above all, never give up. One never knows where a published article may lead.

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