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As our digital lives become more complex, effectively managing passwords has never been more critical. The average person has over 100 online accounts, with a mix of weak, reused, and forgotten passwords putting their security and privacy at great risk.

This is where a robust password manager like Dashlane comes into play. I‘ve been using Dashlane for over 2 years now, and in this comprehensive guide, I will share my insights into what makes it a top choice for individuals and teams.

We‘ll take an in-depth look at Dashlane‘s features, capabilities, pricing, competitors, and more. My goal is to provide you with all the information needed to determine if Dashlane is the right solution to simplify password security for your needs.

The Growing Password Security Challenge

Let‘s first understand the scale of the password security challenge today:

  • Each person has on average 100+ online accounts requiring passwords [1]
  • 91% of people admit to reusing passwords across accounts [2]
  • The average work employee has to regularly handle 191 passwords [3]
  • 81% of hacking breaches are due to compromised passwords [4]
  • $200+ billion is lost annually to password mismanagement [5]

This data highlights how password overload and unsafe practices like reuse are rampant. The result is passwords becoming a major security liability.

Key password security statistics
Metric 2021 Statistic
Average number of accounts per person 100+
People reusing passwords 91%
Average workplace passwords handled 191
Breaches due to compromised passwords 81%
Annual cost of password mismanagement $200+ billion

This is why adopting a dedicated password manager is now essential. But with so many options available, how do you decide which one to trust?

Why Dashlane Stands Out

When it comes to password managers, Dashlane is a name you can rely on. Here‘s what makes it one of the top choices:

Proven technology: Dashlane uses industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption to secure your passwords. This is the same standard used by major banks and government agencies.

Consumer trust: With over 15 million users and rave reviews, Dashlane is trusted worldwide for password security. The company has raised over $110 million in funding since launching in 2009.

Simple and convenient: Dashlane‘s clean, intuitive interface makes robust security effortless. Features like one-click logins and automatic password changing make your online life simpler.

Comprehensive protection: It goes beyond password storage to offer a full suite of security capabilities like VPN, breach alerts, and dark web monitoring.

Active development: Regular feature enhancements and updates ensure Dashlane keeps pace with evolving threats. An entire team is dedicated to product R&D.

Responsive support: Dashlane offers round-the-clock live chat support in case you ever face issues. This gives you peace of mind your account is always secure.

Taken together, these factors showcase why Dashlane stands out from competing solutions. Next, let‘s explore the key features and capabilities that enable robust password security.

Key Features and Benefits of Dashlane

Dashlane is packed with features that make password management effortless while keeping your accounts ultra-secure.

Secure Password Storage

The core purpose of any password manager is securely storing the growing number of passwords we accumulate. This is Dashlane‘s forte.

Your passwords are encrypted using bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption before syncing across your devices. The encryption and decryption occurs entirely locally. Not even Dashlane has access to your unencrypted data.

Some standout aspects:

  • Zero-knowledge architecture – Your master password and encrypted vault data remain fully private
  • Locally encrypted vault – Passwords are only decrypted on your device for maximum security
  • Tamper-proof encryption – Advanced key derivation and data scrambling prevents tampering
  • Flexible 2FA – Add an extra layer of account security with two-factor authentication

With Dashlane, you can safely store an unlimited number of passwords without worrying about any breaches. This takes a huge burden off your mind.

Auto Password Changing

Apart from storage, regularly changing passwords is also important for security. But this can be tedious and complex to do manually.

This is where Dashlane‘s password changer comes in. With just one click, it automatically navigates to the site, logs you in, and changes the password to a newly generated one.

The entire process takes just seconds and saves you from numerous steps. You can effortlessly keep all your passwords updated to the latest standards.

Dashlane Auto Password Change
Dashlane‘s automated password changing

Having the ability to conveniently change compromised passwords also gives you critical protection against account takeovers.

Automatic Logins

Constantly entering usernames and passwords manually on every site quickly becomes a chore.

Dashlane eliminates this headache through its automatic login capability. Once you log into Dashlane, it can instantly auto-fill your credentials on supported sites.

This autofill works seamlessly across thousands of popular apps and websites. You no longer have to memorize dozens of logins thanks to the instant one-click access.

You also have granular control and can choose to disable auto-fill on a per-site basis for added security. But most of the time, you can just sit back and enjoy the automated convenience.

Strong Password Generator

Humans are notoriously bad at creating secure passwords. But Dashlane‘s built-in generator takes care of this problem.

It lets you effortlessly generate super-strong passwords that are randomly generated for maximum security.

You can customize password length, allowed character types, and additional options to tailor passwords to different sites. The generated passwords get saved directly into your secure vault.

Dashlane Password Generator
Effortlessly create strong passwords

No more racking your brains or relying on weak passwords. The generator ensures you have unique and ultra-secure credentials for every account.

Proactive Breach Alerts

One of Dashlane‘s most useful security capabilities is its dark web monitoring feature. This allows keeping tabs on your emails to alert you in case of any breaches.

You just add the email addresses you want to monitor. Dashlane will then continuously scan leaked databases and credential dumps on the dark web.

If your email is ever found in a breach, you get an automated alert immediately. You can then take quick action to change any compromised passwords and secure your accounts.

Dashlane Breach Alerts
Get alerts if your emails appear in breaches

This proactive monitoring helps discover breaches early before cybercriminals can exploit them. You gain critical time to respond and prevent identity theft or account takeovers.

Integrated VPN

To protect your online privacy and data, Dashlane offers a built-in virtual private network (VPN) powered by Hotspot Shield.

The VPN encrypts all your internet traffic and masks your real IP address/location. This prevents snooping on public Wi-Fi networks and helps bypass internet censorship or surveillance.

Some key aspects:

  • Uses AES 256-bit encryption for your traffic
  • Allows accessing region-restricted content
  • No speed or bandwidth restrictions imposed
  • Strict no-logging policy for maximum privacy

Activating the VPN is seamless from within Dashlane with one click. You can browse freely and privately without worrying about prying eyes.

Secure Password Sharing

For families and teams, securely sharing passwords can be a challenge. Dashlane makes this easy with its password sharing feature.

You can safely share credentials for accounts like Netflix, utilities, smart home devices and more. Just select the item and grant access to the recipient.

The shared passwords remain encrypted and can only be viewed when the recipient logs into their Dashlane account. You retain full control and can revoke access any time.

Dashlane Password Sharing
Securely share passwords with family and friends

This allows seamless collaboration while ensuring passwords are never exposed in plain text. Much safer than texting or emailing passwords.

Smooth Data Import and Export

Migrating passwords from your previous manager or exporting your data from Dashlane is straightforward.

The built-in importer supports LastPass, 1Password, Chrome, Firefox and CSV data imports. You can also export your encrypted vault in CSV or Dashlane‘s proprietary DAS format.

Having robust import/export capabilities gives you flexibility if you ever need to switch password managers down the road.

Additional Handy Features

Some other useful features offered by Dashlane include:

  • Password health – Scan vault and flag compromised, weak and reused passwords
  • Secure notes – Store sensitive information like credit cards, IDs securely
  • Emergency access – Provide limited, temporary account access to trusted contacts
  • Application passwords – Generate secure, temporary passwords for non-compatible legacy apps and devices
  • Authenticator codes – Store 2FA verification codes for quick access during onboarding

Together, these powerful features provide complete protection for all your password security and online privacy needs.

What About Dashlane‘s Desktop and Mobile Experience?

Beyond features, Dashlane also offers excellent cross-platform apps for desktop and mobile. I extensively tested Dashlane on Windows, iOS and Android to share my hands-on experiences.

Streamlined Desktop Apps

Dashlane‘s desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux offer the full range of capabilities present on mobile.

The clean, modern interface makes all the advanced features easily accessible without clutter. Despite the density of features, everything is well organized.

Some things I love about the desktop experience:

  • Sleek browser extensions facilitate quick access to your vault and tools
  • One-click password changing works flawlessly on sites like Gmail and Twitter
  • Secure password sharing is simple to configure and manage
  • The password generator creates strong credentials in seconds
  • Security tools like breach alerts and VPN are easy to use

There is still room for improvement when it comes to the import experience and better autofill consistency across sites. But overall, the desktop apps are a pleasure to use.

Capable Mobile Apps

The Dashlane mobile experience is equally impressive. I tested extensively on iOS and Android devices.

The apps perfectly mirror the desktop functionality with all key features available:

  • Intuitive mobile interface with seamless desktop sync
  • Convenient biometric unlock using Touch ID or Face ID
  • Reliable autofill support in apps and websites
  • Easy access to shared passwords for family members
  • Quick VPN activation for private browsing

The experience is smooth, polished, and optimized for smaller touchscreen devices. Mobile password management doesn‘t get much better than Dashlane.

How Much Does Dashlane Cost?

When it comes to pricing, Dashlane offers both free and paid subscription plans:

Dashlane Free

  • Store up to 50 passwords
  • Use on 1 device
  • Basic password manager and autofill

Dashlane Premium (Individual)

  • $3.33 per month billed annually ($39.96 per year)
  • Unlimited passwords on unlimited devices
  • Advanced features like VPN, alerts, sharing
  • Priority 24/7 live chat support

Dashlane Family (Up to 5 Users)

  • $4.99 per month billed annually ($59.88 per year)
  • Unlimited shared passwords
  • Covers up to 5 family members

The premium plan is very economical given all the security capabilities provided. For less than $5 a month, the family plan offers great value for managing the digital life of an entire household.

30-day free trials are also available if you want to thoroughly test Dashlane for your use case.

How Dashlane Compares With Top Alternatives

While Dashlane is a leader in the consumer password manager space, competition is fierce. Let‘s see how it stacks up against some top alternatives:

Dashlane vs. 1Password

  • 1Password offers excellent cross-platform sync and native iOS integration
  • Slightly lower pricing tiers compared to Dashlane
  • Lacks breach alerts, dark web monitoring, and VPN
  • Dashlane has more focus on security features

Dashlane vs. LastPass

  • LastPass has an unlimited free tier with no password limit
  • Seamless auto-fill capabilities across devices
  • Dashlane provides more advanced security tools
  • LastPass has dated UI and can be heavy on notifications

Dashlane vs. Bitwarden

  • Bitwarden is open source for added transparency
  • Very cost effective especially for premium features
  • Dashlane has more polished apps and user experience
  • Weaker password sharing capabilities compared to Dashlane

As you can see, Dashlane holds its own against major competition. The combination of security, convenience, and experience makes it stand out.

Is Dashlane the Right Solution for You?

With everything we‘ve covered, you likely have a good sense of whether Dashlane seems like the right fit for your needs.

Here are some key pointers to help decide:

Consider Dashlane if you…

  • Place high priority on security features like breach alerts
  • Need to regularly share passwords with family/friends
  • Want a seamless auto-fill experience across devices
  • Desire maximum convenience without compromising on security
  • Are willing to pay for premium features and active development

You may want to look at alternatives if…

  • You need a free password manager with unlimited storage
  • Primarily use Linux desktop environments
  • Require advanced business team features like AD/SSO integration
  • Prefer open source solutions for added transparency

For a vast majority of consumers prioritizing security, convenience and experience, Dashlane delivers tremendous value. Its comprehensive capabilities can significantly simplify password management.


Effective password security is no longer optional in today‘s threat landscape. A dedicated password manager like Dashlane is the best solution for most people.

It secures your growing number of passwords in an encrypted vault. Advanced capabilities like automated password changing, breach alerts and VPN provide complete protection.

User-friendly apps, effortless auto-logins, and secure collaboration make your online life simpler. Dashlane perfectly balances security with convenience.

While no service is perfect, Dashlane checks nearly all the boxes for a powerful yet easy-to-use password management solution. If you are relying on memory or unencrypted notes, it‘s time to level up.

Take control of your digital security. Simplify password management with Dashlane.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.