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Hey there! Meetings are such an integral part of any business – but without proper documentation, so much valuable insight and action items can slip through the cracks. As a fellow data analyst and technology geek, I totally get the frustration! That‘s where AI-powered meeting management platforms like MeetGeek come in handy. Let me walk you through how automatic meeting summaries can help unlock treasure troves of data to boost productivity.

What is MeetGeek?

MeetGeek is a leading AI meeting assistant trusted by tens of thousands of teams globally. Its exceptional artificial intelligence features allow it to transcribe, summarize, and monitor virtual meetings.

MeetGeek AI Meeting Summaries Tool

For instance, MeetGeek‘s AI assistant can automatically convert audio or video meetings into text-based summaries. No more wasting paper, yay!

No more wasting paper

Well, generating meeting summaries is just the start of what MeetGeek can do. As a fellow tech geek, I‘m always on the lookout for tools that can boost productivity and enhance workflows. Here are some of the cool ways MeetGeek can be a game-changer:

  • Sales Teams: Use MeetGeek to extract insights from sales calls and equip teams with stellar customer data to convert prospects into loyal customers.

  • Companies: Including startups, agencies, and freelancers, can use MeetGeek to measure meeting participants‘ sentiments or involvement. Super useful for improving team collaboration!

  • Product Improvements: MeetGeek‘s AI can also capture and analyze customer pain points during calls. Accessing real-time customer insights helps shift product design and UX to be more user-friendly.

  • Other Applications: Also includes recording and transcribing candidate interviews, podcasts, online classes, and more. The possibilities are endless!

In addition, MeetGeek offers a customizable library of meeting templates designed to fit varied agendas. As per their site, over 1000+ teams from SMBs to enterprises (like AWS, Spotify, Mailchimp) use MeetGeek worldwide.

Key Features of MeetGeek

MeetGeek goes way beyond just generating summaries. Here are some of its standout features to help you master meetings, as shared by MeetGeek:

#1. AI Summary Generation

MeetGeek‘s automatic meeting summaries utilize artificial intelligence, NLP and machine learning models to summarize lengthy meetings into key pointers.

The result? You get an accurate summary consisting of the meeting‘s agenda, crucial topics, outcomes and action items. MeetGeek claims their summaries capture up to 90% of meeting details.

MeetGeek Automatic Meeting Summary Feature

Additionally, you have access to editable meeting templates by MeetGeek for different needs:

Meeting Type Templates Offered
Interviews Screening, technical, HR, executive
Sales calls Discovery, demos, closing
Performance reviews Self, manager, peer

These pre-built templates instantly generate meeting summaries consisting of key details like:

  • Meeting specifics (date, participants)
  • Main topics covered
  • Action items and to-dos
  • Link to full transcript

The templates help you quickly glean value from meetings and save time – a win-win!

#2. Auto-Recording and Transcription

MeetGeek automatically records and converts audio or video meetings into text – killing two birds with one stone!

Automatic recording of meetings using MeetGeek

Firstly, it automatically joins and records all permitted meetings, so you don‘t forget to press record.

Secondly, it transcribes meetings before you even disconnect the call.

Both can be achieved by enabling MeetGeek‘s toggle to join meetings and enjoy hands-free recording + transcription (works with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams).

Alternatively, you can upload pre-recorded meetings into MeetGeek‘s web app to transcribe them later.

Once downloaded, recordings become text in your repository. MeetGeek‘s AI meeting recorder lets you:

✔️ Convert meetings to text (with video & screen recording)
✔️ Add auto-generated captions to video
✔️ Navigate transcript via timestamps
✔️ Download assets (video, captions, transcript)

Having recorded meetings is great to revisit details or relay info to absent folks.

#3. Workflow Integrations

Beyond conferencing app integrations, MeetGeek connects with tools across categories for smooth workflows:

  • Document management (Google Drive)
  • Collaboration (Slack)
  • CRMs (HubSpot)
  • Task management (Trello)
  • Project management (Notion)

…and over 2000+ other apps via Zapier!

MeetGeek‘s AI also links meeting summaries to appropriate contacts, companies or deals in your CRM. For new prospects, it automatically creates new CRM entries.

MeetGeek Workflows and Integrations

Likewise, you can easily share recordings, transcripts and assets with your team via Slack, Trello etc.

Even on days you can‘t attend meetings, sync MeetGeek to auto-record and transcribe summaries for you!

#4. Built-In Repository

MeetGeek offers a searchable meetings repository. Its AI-powered search helps find recordings by keywords.

For instance, you can retrieve meetings where customers requested a feature by typing related terms – MeetGeek will return relevant results.

Having all recordings and transcripts in one place due to MeetGeek‘s auto recording allows you to:

  • Instantly revisit important client call details
  • Review past interviews to make best hiring decisions
  • Quickly refresh memory on prospect agreements or requests

No need to dig through scattered notes!

#5. Meeting Insights

MeetGeek doesn‘t just record and transcribe – it analyzes conversations using 40+ KPIs like:

  • Sentiment
  • Participant involvement
  • Talk rate
  • Punctuality

And more…

Generate meeting insights using MeetGeek

You can examine frequently used topics/keywords and measure reactions to them.

For instance, analyzing insights helps identify gaps between a client‘s positive and negative responses. This data can be used to coach teams on better converting clients by understanding their language and actions. The power of AI is amazing!

#6. Team Collaboration

Sharing meeting summaries with your team is a breeze. You can:

  • CC colleagues in meetings and share insights/summaries directly
  • Customize sharing settings to control who gets what
  • View engagement analytics to see who interacted with shared meetings

Team Collaboration Using MeetGeek

On days you can‘t attend meetings, sync MeetGeek to auto-record and transcribe summaries for you!

Pricing and Plans

MeetGeek offers various pricing plans to suit different needs:

You can opt for a free forever plan with 5 hours of transcription per month and limited storage. But to fully capitalize on meetings, consider these premium subscriptions (14-day risk-free trial):

Plan Price Key Features
Pro $19/month 10 hours transcription, unlimited storage, insights, collaboration
Business $39/month 25 hours transcription, unlimited storage, insights, collaboration, support
Enterprise $59/month Unlimited transcription, storage, insights, collaboration, support, custom integrations

MeetGeek Pricing

Top MeetGeek Alternatives

While MeetGeek is a robust AI meeting assistant, here are some alternatives worth checking out:

#1. Fireflies

Fireflies is an AI-powered note taker used by 100,000+ organizations like Nike, Uber, Expedia.

Fireflies meeting notes

Key features:

  • Auto-record and transcribe meetings by integrating with your calendar
  • AI-search meeting conversations
  • Annotate topics using comments, pins, reactions, soundbites
  • Share meeting notes via apps like Asana, Trello, Slack
  • Built-in conversation intelligence (sentiment, bottlenecks, coaching)

Fireflies also has AI tools to auto-fill CRMs, create tasks via voice commands and share recaps.

#2. Krisp

Krisp has voice productivity AI to maximize conversations by removing noise, improving voice fidelity and transcribing meetings.

Krisp Voice Productivity AI

Key features:

  • Eliminate background noise and echo, localize accents during meetings
  • Auto-record and transcribe meetings without pop-ups
  • Generate meeting summaries or extract action items via OpenAI
  • Share summaries, action items via ready-made templates

Krisp works seamlessly across voice and conferencing apps without needing extra plugins.

#3. Otter

Otter is a top choice for auto-generating meeting notes and transcripts. Works via mobile or Chrome extension.

Otter meeting notes

Key features:

  • Auto-join Google/Microsoft meetings via OtterPilot to record notes
  • Capture meeting slides and generate readable notes
  • Otter AI chat to get live answers to meeting questions
  • Tag teammates on action items with discussion context
  • Email meeting summaries to participants automatically

#4. Avoma

Avoma is an all-in-one AI meeting assistant for automated transcription, notes and insights.

{% include vimeo.html id=791171858 %}

Key features:

  • Auto-record and transcribe scheduled meetings via calendar integration
  • Privacy-aware AI adjusts sharing settings (e.g. internal calls)
  • Collaborate via comments on transcripts
  • Summarize transcripts into bulleted notes
  • Bookmark and categorize key moments with timestamps
  • 20+ integrations with video apps, dialers, CRMs

Avoma also auto-identifies speakers to pinpoint who said what.

The Bottom Line

After taking a deep dive, it‘s evident MeetGeek has some killer AI features to help record, transcribe and master meetings.

To quickly recap, using MeetGeek as your AI meeting assistant allows you to:

  • Auto-record audio/video meetings without fail
  • Transcribe and summarize meetings with one click
  • Share meeting highlights and collaborate with your team
  • Derive insights like sentiment, relevance from conversations
  • Train sales teams using insights from customer calls

The benefits are aplenty! I‘d totally recommend giving MeetGeek a spin. Next, check out useful one-on-one meeting templates to document your next meeting like a pro.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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