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Motivation Tips for Freelance Writers

A freelance writer is an independent contractor which means the freedom to dictate the pace of the work involved is completely open. This can be a great and liberating feeling, but it can also be a drawback on the days that motivation levels are extremely low.

There is no doubt about it. Freelance writers need to be driven and highly motivated to succeed. It is hard work finding jobs, sending in applications or bids and then scheduling all your activities to make sure clients get completed proofread content on time, every time is no small task.

To pump up motivation levels take a look at some of the ideas below.

Focus on Needs and Goals

Sometimes it takes the threat of not making payments on time or not bringing in enough money for the month to jumpstart writing. If your financial goals or needs motivate you figure out what needs to get done to achieve them and then find a way to equate your writing to an end result. For instance, you can schedule one day’s work as a contribution towards a much needed holiday or as the money to pay your car installment. Tying effort to goals is always a great way to light a fire and get motivated.

Do the Tough Things First and Reward Yourself Later

Freelancing is not all about pounding out great content. There is also a need to market your work, keep up with personal projects or blogs and of course research new opportunities. If there is one aspect that you enjoy over all the others, use it as a reward for completing less attractive tasks. For instance, if your blog is your pet project, only allow yourself to work on your blog after you have finished your contracted work for the day.

Set the Mood for Writing

Motivation also has a connection to your physical environment. Freelancers need to be relaxed and comfortable in their home office, especially if motivation levels are low. Imagine sitting at a cluttered desk in the middle of a chaotic room to write when your heart is not in it. Cleaning up a bit before you get started can make a world of difference to how you feel when you settle down to write.

Be Accountable to Someone

A large part of motivation is accountability. If you know that someone will ask how much you got done for the day you may be more likely to get started on your work. To help boost your motivation you can try to include someone in your writing goals and ask that person to check in on you periodically.

Freelancers aren’t always bright shining stars of productivity. Sometimes a lack of motivation can sink a freelancer’s spirits but luckily there are lots of ways to get back in the game, even on the worst of days.

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