6 Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Server Hosting Providers for Lag-Free Multiplayer

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Hey there! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know how frustrating a laggy multiplayer experience can be. Nothing kills the fun of epic medieval combat like choppy performance and high ping.

Luckily, hosting your own dedicated Bannerlord server gives you complete control over optimization and customization for silky smooth gameplay. After extensively researching the top providers, I‘m excited to share my insights on the best solutions to handle even the most massive 200 player sieges without a hitch!

Why You Want a Dedicated Bannerlord Server

Before we dive into the hosts, let‘s quickly cover the key benefits of running your own server:

  • Customize Every Setting – Tweak damage ratios, max players, battle sizes and much more to your preference.

  • Install Mods Painlessly – Extend the game with awesome community mods through a simple control panel.

  • Reduce Lag to the Max – Choose nearby locations to get the lowest possible ping for you and your friends.

  • Non-Stop Reliability – Dedicated servers ensure 24/7 uptime no matter what. No more relying on someone‘s unreliable PC!

  • Take Back Control – Ban toxic players, appoint moderators and manage your community.

  • Scale Up as Needed – Increase slots and specs as your player base grows.

  • Switch Locations Anytime – Move your server to different data centers globally with a few clicks.

Bottom line – dedicated hosting unlocks Bannerlord‘s full multiplayer potential!

Now let‘s check out the top server hosting providers I recommend for achieving gloriously smooth performance.

With over 20 years in business and thousands of gaming customers worldwide, has an excellent reputation for high performance hosting. Their global infrastructure delivers low latency connectivity across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Here‘s why I recommend

  • 6 Global Locations – US East & West, France, Germany, Singapore, Australia
  • Top Tier Hardware – Powerful Intel CPUs, NVMe SSDs, DDR4 RAM
  • 99.9% Uptime – Ultra reliable with advanced redundancy
  • DDoS Protection – Included on all servers
  • Easy Mods – One click workshop installation
  • Intuitive Panel – Robust control with real-time server stats
  • Great Support – 24/7 team with 17 years experience
  • Flexible Plans – Upgrade as needed with no long term lock-in

With advanced hardware, robust security, and a highly customizable control panel, has everything you need to confidently host a smooth Bannerlord server.

2. PingPerfect – Built for Speed

As their name suggests, PingPerfect obsesses over latency. Their worldwide gaming network achieves <10ms pings across North America and Europe through carefully engineered routes and partnerships with top ISPs like Telia.


Why PingPerfect stands out:

  • <10ms Worldwide Pings – Ultra responsive performance thanks to their gaming optimized network.
  • Tier 1 Bandwidth – Direct connectivity to internet backbone.
  • DDOS Protection – All servers protected by latest mitigation.
  • 24/7 Real People Support – Get help from experienced gamers anytime.
  • Easy Mods – Installed directly from Steam workshop.
  • Custom Panel – Upload files and control server through browser.
  • Worldwide Locations – New York, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore and more.
  • Auto Backups – Daily database and file backups for easy restores.

With its unbeatable pings and gamer-centric support, PingPerfect is a top choice if lightning fast responsiveness is your main priority.

3. Survival Servers – Sandbox Experts

As veterans hosting Ark, Minecraft, and other sandbox survival games, Survival Servers delivers highly optimized server infrastructure tailored specifically for large scale multiplayer experiences like Bannerlord.


Why Survival Servers is a great pick:

  • 6 Global Locations – US East & West, France, Germany, UK, Australia
  • Top 1% Hardware – High frequency Intel processors & NVMe SSDs
  • DDOS Protection – Always-on mitigation absorbs attacks before they reach your server.
  • Mod Friendly – Easily add Steam workshop mods through their control panel.
  • Inteligent Backups – Files and databases backed up automatically offsite.
  • Max Performance configs – Expertly tuned game server OS and network stack.
  • 24/7 Support – Get quick help from the experienced Survival Servers team.
  • Custom Plans – Scale CPU cores, RAM and storage as needed.

Thanks to their specialized expertise and robust infrastructure, Survival Servers is purpose built to handle anything Bannerlord throws your way.

4. – Crazy Fast Pings

As you probably guessed from the name, is all about delivering the lowest possible ping times. Leveraging top tier bandwidth and strategically placed data centers, they achieve average worldwide latencies of just 20ms!

Here‘s what makes special:

  • <20ms Worldwide Ping – Blazing fast thanks to their optimized routes.
  • Enterprise Grade Network – Tier 1 connectivity powered by INAP.
  • DDOS Protection – Corero SmartWall technology protects all servers.
  • Flexible Locations – East & West US, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Singapore.
  • Easy Mods – Install directly from Steam workshop.
  • Custom Billing – Scale slots and specs monthly as needed.
  • 24/7 Live Chat – Friendly support agents always available.
  • Anytime Money-Back Guarantee – Cancel anytime if you aren‘t satisfied.

If you‘re looking for outrageously fast ping times across the globe, has you covered.

5. Shockbyte – Power Focused

For those seeking raw processing muscle, Shockbyte deploys only the latest enterprise grade hardware with a focus on sheer performance. Their worldwide datacenters are powered by bleeding edge Intel and AMD CPUs.


What Shockbyte offers:

  • Worldwide Locations – North America, Europe, Australia, Asia
  • Bleeding Edge Hardware – Newest Intel and AMD processors, NVMe SSDs
  • Enterprise Network – Redundant multi-gigabit bandwidth
  • Robust DDOS Mitigation – High capacity filtering absorbs volumetric attacks.
  • Steam Workshop Mods – Install mods directly from Steam with one click.
  • Flexible Control Panel – Upload custom content easily.
  • 24/7 Team Support – Get quick assistance from experienced staff.
  • Game Switching – Swap between games on your server anytime.

If you prioritize cutting-edge processing power and lightning fast NVMe storage, Shockbyte consistently delivers.

6. Host Havoc – DDOS Hardened

Host Havoc operates a highly secure network engineered specifically to withstand massive denial of service attacks. Their DDoS mitigation capabilities make them a top choice for keeping your Bannerlord server online no matter how hard it‘s hit.


Key advantages of Host Havoc:

  • Worldwide Datacenters – North America, Europe, Australia, Asia
  • Advanced DDoS Scrubbing – 1.9 Tbps+ capacity absorbs huge attacks.
  • Tier 1 Network – Direct connectivity to internet backbone providers.
  • NVMe SSD Servers – Ultra high speed solid state drive storage.
  • Automated Mods – Download and install mods directly from Steam.
  • Custom Control Panel – Upload content, tweak settings, and manage users.
  • Redundant Power – Backup power generators prevent downtime.
  • 24×7 Premium Support – Get solutions fast from their highly trained techs.

With double redundant anti-DDoS and premium hardware, Host Havoc offers rock solid stability even under heavy siege.

How to Choose the Best Host for You

So those are my top recommendations for hosting an optimized Bannerlord server! But which one is right for you? Here are a few key factors to consider:

Location – Low ping times keep the action fluid for all players, so choose a host with a datacenter near you and your community.

Hardware – Faster processors and SSD storage improve performance, especially with mods and larger player counts.

Network – Make sure they offer ultra-fast bandwidth, low latency, and strong DDoS mitigation.

Mod Support – The ability to install Steam workshop mods directly from the control panel makes customizing a breeze.

Support – Look for 24/7 customer support with experience managing game servers.

Price – Compare monthly costs and look for discounts on longer terms like quarterly or yearly.

By weighing each provider based on the criteria above that matter most to you, I‘m confident you‘ll be able to pick out the perfect host to unleash Bannerlord‘s epic multiplayer potential.

If you have any other questions while choosing a hosting provider, feel free to reach out and I‘m happy to offer my insight as an avid player and server admin myself. Have fun out there conquering Calradia!

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