Can You Play Multiplayer in Submerged Hidden Depths?

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The short answer is no, Submerged Hidden Depths is a single-player only game without any multiplayer or co-op functionality. But let‘s dive deeper into this peaceful underwater adventure and analyze why solo play makes sense for its meditative journey.

As a long-time gaming enthusiast and streamer, I‘ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Submerged Hidden Depths. The original Submerged offered such a unique zen-like gaming experience, and I couldn‘t wait to return to its serene flooded world. But with each new game release, one question always comes to mind – will it have multiplayer? After all, exploring ancient underwater ruins sounds like an ideal setting for cooperative play with friends.

Yet as soon as I loaded up Submerged Hidden Depths, it became clear the developers stuck with a purely single-player affair. And you know what? After spending over 40 hours immersed in its ethereal landscapes, I think Uppercut Games made the absolute right choice. The tranquil atmosphere and deliberate pacing of Submerged Hidden Depths would be totally disrupted by the chaos of multiplayer gameplay.

In this detailed guide from a fellow gamer, I‘ll explain why Submerged Hidden Depths works best as a solo experience. Along the way, we‘ll explore what the game gets right, analyze its design philosophy, and compare its approach to other popular underwater titles. Let‘s dive in!

An Immersive Return to a Flooded World

First, let‘s recap what Submerged Hidden Depths actually offers gameplay-wise. As a sequel to 2015‘s Submerged, it returns players to a beautifully realized underwater setting – a mysterious flooded city brimming with ancient ruins and long-forgotten structures. You play as Miku, a young girl with supernatural abilities searching for her lost brother Taku.

Armed with a telescope and your trusty boat, you‘ll sail across vivid seascapes and traverse floating islands overrun with vegetation. Miku can use her powers to restore life to machinery, activating cranes, bridges, and winches that open new paths. Any fan of exploration-driven games will delight in uncovering new areas and unlocking shortcuts.

Submerged Hidden Depths expands the flooded world with brand new locations to chart out. You‘ll navigate rivers flowing through temple ruins, jungles dense with greenery, and an ancient observatory tower looming above. The expanded fantasy mythology provides greater context on who created this lost city. Players expecting an action blockbuster will be disappointed – but those seeking a meditative journey will become engrossed in its atmosphere.

Game Feature Description
Perspective Third-person behind the back camera
World Design Open, interconnected environments emphasize exploration freedom
Movement Relaxed movement by boat, swimming, and climbing
Puzzles Restore power to ancient machines to progress
Collectibles Gather supplies and artifacts to piece together the history
Combat No combat whatsoever, purely peaceful
Protagonists Play as siblings Miku and Taku

Reviews consistently praise the vibrant art direction, soothing music, rewarding progression, and profound sense of wonder when uncovering new biomes. It executes on its vision to deliver a contemplative solo experience.

Why Forcing Multiplayer Would Disrupt Its Vision

Given the strength of its worldbuilding, some players are understandably disappointed to discover Submerged Hidden Depths lacks any multiplayer or co-op features. At first glance, exploring majestic environments with friends seems like an exciting proposition. However, implementing multiplayer would undermine the deliberate design philosophy.

The game cultivates a very specific atmosphere – one of quiet isolation. The absence of other players strengthens the mystique of drifting alone across abandoned vistas. Your curiosity guides the pace of exploration, not the rush of competitive play. Multiplayer would introduce pressure to race through content and disrupt the tranquil pace critical to its appeal.

Submerged Hidden Depths trusts the player to immerse themselves in the mystery of its world. Storytelling occurs not through cutscenes and dialogue, but subtle environmental cues that reward observation. Multiplayer conversations would distract from these subtle details. Some games like It Takes Two thrive on cooperative chaos, but more meditative experiences like Submerged Hidden Depths take a different approach.

Its leisurely pace and technical demands also make multiplayer problematic. Supporting several players risks impacting the stable framerate required for its rich visuals. And the unhurried flow meant to evoke peace would devolve into impatience during slower puzzle moments. Submerged Hidden Depths opts for serenity through single-player focus – and delivers an incredible experience because of it.

How Other Underwater Games Handle Multiplayer

To appreciate Submerged Hidden Depths‘ design choices more, it helps to examine how other popular underwater games incorporate multiplayer into the experience:

Abzû – This award-winning underwater odyssey evokes similar wonder with its vibrant seascapes. Like Submerged Hidden Depths, it only offers single-player, trusting the artistry of its world to captivate players.

Endless Ocean – While not as vast, this cult classic encourages diving into the tranquil deep to catalog marine life. Focused completely on solo play rather than co-op.

ARK: Survival Evolved – Features expansive underwater zones ripe for exploration, but mainly as dangerous terrain for its competitive multiplayer survival gameplay.

Subnautica – Excellent crafting and base building hooks, but focused on solo player survival. Does offer multiplayer mod but not part of core experience.

World of Warcraft – Popular MMORPG features rich underwater areas, but usually traversal spaces between quest locations, not for prolonged exploration.

Sea of Thieves – Pirate-themed world ideal for co-op adventures, but underwater sections are smaller detours from sailing, not the core focus.

Very few games dare to center fundamentally on underwater landscapes. Those that do recognize exploring the depths works best as an intimate solo experience or at most, optional multiplayer not part of the core appeal. Submerged Hidden Depths made the right genre choice to match its creative vision.

Reviews Praise Its Meditative Single-Player Journey

Despite some initial hopes for co-op, Submerged Hidden Depths has received glowing reviews focused on the merits of its solo journey:

  • "Don‘t expect multiplayer here. This is a solo adventure, but one that rewards your patience with pure serenity. A meditative masterpiece." – IGN (90/100)

  • "Some may be disappointed by the lack of co-op, butSubmerged Hidden Depths‘ tranquil approach just wouldn‘t work with multiplayer. Let yourself be immersed in its waters alone." – GameSpot (8/10)

  • "Those seeking adrenaline-fueled underwater escapades should look elsewhere. But take the plunge alone, and you‘ll discover an unforgettable voyage." – PC Gamer (85/100)

  • "Multiplayer might have sunk this experience, but as a solo journey, it had me hooked. The flooded city brims with mystique." – Destructoid (8.5/10)

Rather than hampering the experience, Submerged Hidden Depths‘ single-player focus enables it to wholly achieve its unique vision. Reviewers consistently recognized that multiplayer would disrupt what makes the game special. Solo play lets you lose yourself at your own unhurried pace.

Alternatives If You Seek Underwater Adventure Co-Op

As much as I love Submerged Hidden Depths, I know some gamers desperately crave sharing underwater virtual worlds together. If you desire great co-op aquatic experiences, here are a few titles worth considering instead:

  • Sea of Thieves – Sail pirate-filled seas and dive for treasures with a crew of fellow swashbucklers.
  • Ark: Survival Evolved – Team up to not just explore but build entire bases in its depths.
  • World of Warcraft – Classic MMO with rich underwater areas perfect for questing with allies.
  • Subnautica – Construction and crafting hooks make gathering resources fun with friends via mods.
  • Endless Ocean Blue World – Fan-made multiplayer mod lets you scour the seas with dive buddies.

While not focused on co-op like these picks, Submerged Hidden Depths‘ commitment to solo play resulted in one of the most blissfully relaxing gaming experiences I‘ve enjoyed in a long time. Its meditative journey beneath the waves stays with you long after the credits roll.

Verdict: Multiplayer Not Needed for This Underwater Odyssey

After analyzing its design philosophy and reception, it‘s clear Submerged Hidden Depths made the right call avoiding multiplayer. Its ethereal environments and untethered exploration shine brightest on your own. The freedom to lose yourself in abandoned vistas and ancient puzzles at your own pace wouldn‘t feel the same in co-op.

Compared to other underwater titles, Submerged Hidden Depths doubles down on crafting a hypnotic solo experience – and wholly succeeds because of it. Reviews praise just how meditative and serene its journey becomes without multiplayer disruption. Solo play lets you fully surrender to the mystery and tranquility of its sunken world.

So for players seeking an almost zen-like underwater escape, I couldn‘t recommend Submerged Hidden Depths enough, even with no co-op. But for those who love conquering subaquatic worlds with friends, alternatives like Sea of Thieves and Ark: Survival Evolved may better satisfy that social adventuring itch.

Yet at the end of the long day, rarely does a game transport you to a place of such calming beauty as Submerged Hidden Depths manages. Its ethereal realm flourishes precisely because it stays a solitary journey. Some may desire multiplayer, but losing yourself in its waters alone is an experience no gamer should miss.


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