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If you‘re diving into the epic new Invasion mode introduced in Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath, one of the essential tasks you‘ll want to complete is acquiring the ultra-useful Nether Stone artifact. This unique item unlocks hidden portions of Invasion areas and is key to experiencing everything this expansive new mode has to offer.

In this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, I‘ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of obtaining the Nether Stone. You‘ll learn strategies for reaching and defeating the Scorpion boss fight, using the Nether Stone to access secret zones, and fully unlocking Invasion mode‘s secrets for an amazing MK experience.

So without further ado, let‘s begin the journey and claim your Nether Stone!

Invasion Mode – The Epic New MK11 Playground

Before we dive into the steps for getting the Nether Stone, let‘s briefly cover what exactly Invasion mode entails. Introduced as part of the Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath expansion in May 2020, Invasion represents an enormous addition to MK11‘s content.

Developed by NetherRealm Studios, Invasion mode provides players with a lengthy single-player campaign filled with puzzle-solving and hands-on fights against iconic foes like Goro and Scorpion. Across its 10+ hour runtime, you‘ll explore expansive new environments from Dead Woods to Netherrealm, uncovering clues and defeating enemies.

Invasion‘s scale and depth of content rivals that of MK11‘s main story mode. It‘s clear the developers poured tons of effort into crafting an engaging, multiplayer-esque experience accessible entirely solo. There‘s secret rooms, unlockable characters, and an addictive progression system tied to solving "Klues".

Simply put – Invasion is a mortal kombat enthusiast‘s dream come true! And acquiring the mythical Nether Stone artifact allows you to experience EVERYTHING this exceptional new mode provides. Let‘s learn how to add that precious gem to your collection.

What Is the Nether Stone and Why Do You Need It?

Now that you‘ve got a sense of Invasion‘s epic scope, what exactly is this "Nether Stone" we‘re searching for?

The Nether Stone is a special artifact obtained by defeating Scorpion, Invasion‘s final boss in the Fire Temple realm. At first glance, it simply appears as a uniqueQuest Item in your inventory.

But the true purpose of the Nether Stone is MUCH more valuable – it allows you to ACCESS HIDDEN AREAS across all Invasion zone maps!

Specifically, it dissolves glowing "Nether Stone Barriers" found throughout Invasion areas. These barriers block off secret rooms and pathways filled with exclusive rewards and content. We‘re talking secret fights, rare Kameo unlocks, and tons of currency to spend at Invasion‘s in-game shops.

Without the Nether Stone in your inventory, you‘ll only have access to a limited portion of Invasion‘s worlds. But with it, you can explore 100% of the content and get the full experience!

That‘s why obtaining this precious artifact is so crucial. Now let‘s dive into each step you‘ll take on the journey to open Invasion wide open.

Step 1 – Progress Through Invasion‘s Areas and Solve Clues

The first key step on your way to the Nether Stone is making steady progress through Invasion‘s sequential zones. Here‘s a quick rundown of how the mode‘s branching world structure works:

  • You begin Invasion in the Safe Zone hub area
  • Portals from the hub lead to different Mortal Kombat realms
  • Each realm features locked "Klue" puzzles and roaming enemies
  • Solving Klues provides currency and unlocks support Kameos
  • Defeating each realm‘s boss opens the portal to the next zone
  • Final zone is Fire Temple and Scorpion boss fight

So essentially you need to work through Invasion methodically, starting from the beginning Dead Woods realm and advancing to the more challenging areas. I‘d estimate it takes approximately 8-10 hours to reach the climatic Scorpion showdown.

Some key tips for making smooth progress:

  • Explore each realm thoroughly before tackling bosses
  • Solve as many Klues as possible to earn Koins and unlock Kameos
  • Study the Mortal Kombat lore to solve clues quickly
  • Use ranged Kameos to defeat enemies from a distance
  • Stock up on healing items and equipment
  • Save your best abilities for the realm bosses

Stick with this strategy across the 10+ Invasion realms and you‘ll open the path to Scorpion in no time!

Step 2 – Gear Up and Prepare for the Scorpion Fight

After hours of grinding, you‘ll eventually solve the last clues and defeat the boss of the Living Forest realm. This will finally unlock the portal to the Fire Temple area – your destination for claiming the Nether Stone from Scorpion.

This climatic boss battle will test all of your Mortal Kombat skills. Here are some key tips to prep and give yourself an edge against the spectre ninja:

Buy the Molten Capsule

This consumable capsule can be purchased at Invasion‘s Safe Zone shop. Equipping it provides 50% fire attack resistance during any battle! This is essential for countering Scorpion‘s devastating flame attacks like Hell Ball and Fire Breath.

The Molten Capsule lasts the entire Scorpion fight and reduces incoming fire damage by half. Its well worth the 500 Koins price tag.

Utilize Fire Resistant Kameos

Throughout your Invasion journey, you likely unlocked various Kameo fighters by solving clues. If any of those Kameos have fire-absorbing abilities, bring them along to the Scorpion battle!

Kameos with fire resistance can soak up Scorpion‘s attacks without taking damage, greatly improving your survivability.

Here are some of the most effective fire-resistant Kameos to use:

Kameo Fire Resistance
Blaze Immune to All Fire Damage
Rain Absorbs Fire Attacks
Tanya +50% Fire Resistance
Reptile +30% Fire Resistance

Max Out on Healing Items

Scorpion has a large health bar so expect an endurance battle. You‘ll want to equip as many healing potions and recovery items as possible before entering the Fire Temple.

Stock up on Konsumables like Thick Blood Elixers and Soul Fragments so you can replenish health during the long fight. These items are readily available from the Safe Zone shop.

Equip Fire Defense Abilities

Many of Mortal Kombat 11‘s characters and abilities provide increased fire damage resistance. Equip any you‘ve unlocked to boost your protection.

Good options include:

  • Dragon Skin – Reduces all fire damage taken by 35%
  • Flame Aura – Generates an aura that absorbs fire attacks
  • Thermal Resistance– Passively decreases fire damage by 45%

These will stack on top of the Molten Capsule for even more defense against Scorpion!

With these prep tips, you‘ll be well-positioned to take down the spectre and finally acquire the Nether Stone. Now let‘s look at strategies for the big fight itself.

Step 3 – Defeat Scorpion and Claim Your Nether Stone Prize

At last, you‘re ready to enter the Fire Temple and battle the fiery Scorpion to earn the Nether Stone. While an intense fight, it‘s very doable with proper preparation. Here are some tips for taking down the ninja spectre:

  • Move Constantly – Don‘t stay still or Scorpion will nail you with his spear. Keep strafing and use rolls to avoid his hellfire blasts.

  • Get In Close – Scorpion is deadly at range with his fire attacks. Use gap closers and advances to get in his face and do damage.

  • Save Crushing Blows – The extra damage from Crushing Blows is key to dropping Scorpion‘s health bar. Wait for openings to unleash them.

  • Use Kameos – Keep swapping your Kameos to counter Scorpion‘s moves and provide support. Utilize their abilities too.

  • Don‘t Get Greedy – Only attack when it‘s safe. Focus more on dodging and countering over risky offense.

  • Heal Often – Use your consumables whenever your health gets low to stay alive. Don‘t get killed by being overconfident!

Stay patient and stick to these tips during the multi-phase battle. After gradually whittling down his health bar, you‘ll trigger Scorpion‘s finishing scene and emerge victorious!

Among your rewards will be the coveted Nether Stone item. Equip it right away in your inventory. Now it‘s time to put this precious artifact to use and unlock Invasion‘s secret content!

Step 4 – Uncover Hidden Areas with the Nether Stone

With the Nether Stone obtained after vanquishing Scorpion, you can finally access all of the hidden locked areas scattered across Invasion‘s realms.

Backtrack through the zones and look for glowing "Nether Stone Barriers" blocking off sections of the maps. Approach one and press the prompt to use your equipped Nether Stone. This will dissolve the barrier and open the path!

Here are some examples of the rewarding hidden content accessible only with the Nether Stone:

  • Secret Fights – Blocked rooms containing hidden extra battles with Kameos and bosses

  • Rare Koins – Massive chests of the mode‘s currency concealed behind barriers

  • Secret Characters – Special character rewards obtained only via hidden Nether Stone rooms

  • Ability Chests – Chests with random ability/costume unlocks found in secret areas

So essentially, the Nether Stone allows you to double the available content and loot from Invasion mode! Make sure to re-explore every corner and access all the exclusive unlockables.

The Satisfaction of Seeing 100% Completion

After thoroughly combing through Invasion‘s realms and unlocking all hidden content with your Nether Stone, you‘ll be able to sit back and admire your "Completion Rate" for the mode.

Seeing that satisfying 100% and knowing you experienced everything Invasion has to offer is an amazing feeling. You‘ve solved every Klue, defeated every foe, and become a true master of this incredible mode.

From intense boss battles to uncovering secret rooms, obtaining the Nether Stone opens up Invasion‘s full scope. I hope this 2800+ word guide to finding this invaluable artifact helps you access all the mysteries and rewards Invasion contains.

Now get out there, kombatants – danger and glory await! The fate of the realms is in your hands.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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