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Nexus 6: A New Gigantic Smartphone Is Coming From Google

Google’s new smartphone is going to be presented to the public this month, and it’s going to be huge. With a 5.9-inch display it’s one inch short of being called a tablet. Motorola will manufacture it and it will be released at the same time with the new Android software, which is now being called Android L.

The phone will probably be called Nexus 6, and it will be significantly larger than Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. With a diagonal length of 6 inches it’s going to be among the biggest on the market. The only other phone with similar dimensions is Samsung’s 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega.

A month ago, the tech blog Android Police published some new features that it claimed will be in the Nexus 6. Namely, the Nexus 6 will feature a 2566 x 1440 high-resolution screen, a 2-magapixel front camera and a 13-megapixel camera.

A new term has been coined to describe these almost tablet sized phones – phablet. These account for more than 24% of the global smartphone market, which is a sharp rise from the 1% of 2011. A phablet is what is missing in the Android portfolio. Apple seems to have made a mistake by joining in late on the pahablet market. The demand for large smartphones is there on the market and Google doesn’t want to miss out on it.

Among other things the demand for phablets is fueled by people from emerging markets who do not own a computer and use phablets as a single device to make up for a phone, a laptop and/or a desktop.

The new Nexus is expected to be not only a bit larger, but also a bit cheaper than its Apple rival. A part of Google’s competitiveness plan seems to be to have a full spectrum of mobile devices on offer, but also to offer the products with prices competitive to Apple’s.

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