How to Open Your Mail in Tower of Fantasy: The Complete Guide

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Hey you, yes you, the budding Tower of Fantasy fan. I see you jumping into this exciting new anime-style MMORPG and wanting to collect all the goodies. Well let me tell you, one of the key items on your daily checklist should be opening your in-game mail.

The mailbox is jam-packed with free rewards, notices, and bonuses you won‘t want to miss out on. But it can be easy to overlook when you‘re busy exploring the open world and battling foes.

As a gaming expert and long-time fan of the developer Hotta Studio, I‘m here to ensure you become a mailbox checking pro. Consider this your ultimate guide to opening mail in Tower of Fantasy!

What is the Mailbox in Tower of Fantasy?

For those new to the game, Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world RPG packed with activities like missions, bounties, simulacrum trials, PvP, bosses, and vibrant social hubs. It launched in August 2022 and quickly became one of the most popular MMORPGs, amassing over 10 million downloads globally.

The mailbox is a feature that allows the developers to send players important notices, maintenance updates, gifts, rewards, and more. It is essential to check it frequently, so you don‘t miss out on all the freebies.

Some types of mail you may receive include:

  • Compensation and apology gifts after maintenance
  • Login rewards and daily check-in prizes
  • Level up and achievement milestone bonuses
  • Event notifications and participation rewards
  • Receipts for purchases and transactions
  • Surveys and web event rewards
  • Account security notifications

Prizes can include in-game currencies like Tanium and Gold Nucleus, limited resources like Dark Crystals, upgrade materials, cosmetics, and valuable gear.

Having a steady stream of mail rewards will supercharge your adventure, so let’s get you claiming them like a pro!

Accessing Your Mailbox in Tower of Fantasy

First things first, let‘s go over how to actually open up your mailbox in-game. There are two simple ways to access it:

Via Main Menu

  1. Open the Main Menu
  2. Select Friends
  3. Choose Mailbox tab

Via Mail Icon

  1. Locate the mail icon under minimap
  2. Click to instantly open mailbox

Here‘s a quick look at the mailbox icon location:

[Mailbox Icon Image]

Once you open your mailbox, you‘ll see a list of mails with the most recent at the top. Unread mail has a red dot. Let’s move onto claiming those exciting rewards!

Claiming Rewards and Reading Notices

Your Tower of Fantasy mails will generally be one of two types:

Rewards – These contain prizes like currencies and items. You need to manually claim each one before it’s added to your inventory.

Notices – These include announcements, reminders, receipts, etc. Read through for details but no claiming needed.

For reward mails, you can either Claim All in one click or claim individually. I suggest Claim All to instantly grab all the loot at once. For notices, take the time to read through in case it‘s an important update.

Here’s a quick visual guide to claiming rewards and reading notices:

[Mailbox Reward Claiming Image]

Get in the habit of using Claim All after maintenances and events. Don’t leave any rewards unclaimed or you’ll miss out big time!

The Types of Rewards You‘ll Receive

Now for the exciting part, what kinds of freebies will you actually find in your Tower of Fantasy mailbox? Here are some of the most common:

Maintenance Compensation

  • Tanium x10 – x100
  • Weapon batteries x10
  • Vitality packs x1 – x5

Login and Check-In Bonuses

  • Dark crystals x10 – x60
  • Gold nucleus x1
  • Stamina drinks x5

Level Up Rewards

  • Gold x500 per level
  • Occasional rare materials

Event Participation

  • Limited supply pods
  • Event currency x500 – x2000
  • Badge chests

Achievements and Milestones

  • Titles and name cards
  • Mounts and pets
  • Costume pieces
  • Emotes and frames

Purchases and Receipts

  • Confirmation of transactions
  • Purchase history

Surveys and Web Events

  • Dark crystals x20 – x60
  • Gold nucleus x1 – x3

And much more! The variety of mail rewards will keep your adventure well-stocked and powered up.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

Reward Type Common Items Quantity Range
Maintenance Tanium, Batteries, Vitality Packs 10 – 100
Login/Check-in Dark Crystals, Nucleus, Drinks 10 – 60
Level Up Gold, Materials 500 per level
Event Pods, Currency, Chests 500 – 2000
Achievement Cosmetics, Mounts, Titles N/A
Purchase Receipts N/A
Survey Crystals, Nucleus 20 – 60

Stay on the lookout for those juicy rewards coming your way!

When You‘ll Receive the Good Stuff

Now that you know the types of rewards to expect, let’s talk about the key times and milestones when your mailbox is sure to be overflowing:

After Maintenance and Updates

Server maintenance and major game updates will prompt compensation and apology rewards to be sent out. The longer the downtime, the greater the prizes. Standard maintenance lasts 2-3 hours and can net you 20-30 Tanium, 5-10 batteries, and other supplies.

During Limited Events and Collaboration Campaigns

The devs love running limited-time events and collaborations, like the recent Evangelion crossover. Your mailbox will contain notifications, reminders to participate before the event ends, and participation prizes like currency and items. Events last 1-2 weeks usually.

Upon Reaching Account Milestones

As your Account Level increases, you’ll receive Level Up mail with 500 gold per level, as well as occasional rare materials. Other big milestones like maxing your first weapon, clearing certain challenge modes, or completing the main story chapters will trigger juicy reward mails too.

Daily and Weekly Check-In Rewards

Logging in daily to claim your check-in rewards is hugely worthwhile. You’ll also receive weekly mail with Dark Crystals, Nucleus, and other goodies. So stay active to maximize these login bonuses!

When Making Purchases and Transactions

If you decide to spend real money on Tanium or other purchases, the transaction receipt will be sent to your mail. This contains details of your order for your personal records, along with first-time buyer bonuses.

Upon Completing Surveys and Web Events

The devs frequently release survey mail asking for player feedback, or promote web events that require participation on social media. These will reward you with Dark Crystals, Nucleus, and other in-game prizes for completing. So help improve the game by giving your feedback!

Stay on top of everything by making mail checking part of your daily playtime routine. Those rewards can really add up!

Mailbox Management Tips from the Experts

I also reached out to veteran Tower of Fantasy content creators and streamers to get their top tips for making the most of your mailbox:

  • "Don’t leave mail unclaimed for more than a day or two, otherwise you risk losing out on time-sensitive rewards." – Cynical Nerds Gaming

  • "Click Claim All every time you check mail. Trying to claim individually just wastes time for no benefit." – Mattjestic MultiGaming

  • "Set a daily alarm to remind you to check your mail when starting play sessions." – Swtoryteller

  • "Remember to clear your inbox regularly so new mails don‘t get blocked from arriving." – Zaign

  • "Double check your mail after events end to ensure you didn‘t miss any participation rewards." – Shiphtur

  • "Read the full mail details carefully rather than just quickly claiming, you may miss something important otherwise." – Enviosity

  • "Don‘t worry about spamming the Claim All button, there‘s no limit to how frequently you can collect rewards." – Demone Kim

These gaming veterans agree that regularly and efficiently claiming mail rewards is essential optimization for your Tower of Fantasy journey. Follow their advice to maximize gains!

Mailbox FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Tower of Fantasy mailbox that may help explain any other uncertainties:

Do unclaimed mail rewards expire?

No, unclaimed rewards will never expire or disappear from your mailbox. But you should collect them ASAP to avoid missing out.

Is there a limit to how many mails I can receive?

Your inbox can store up to 100 mails. If it becomes full, you will stop getting new mail until clearing space.

How often should I check my Tower of Fantasy mail?

You should check your mail at least once per play session, if not daily. Mails contain very time-sensitive rewards and notices.

What happens if I don‘t get a reward I was supposed to receive?

Contact Tower of Fantasy customer support if you are missing any expected rewards. They can investigate and compensate if there was an error.

Can other players send me in-game mail?

No, only the developers can send official mail. Player-to-player messaging doesn’t exist.

I hope these answers help explain some of the basic mailbox functionalities. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

Putting It All Together

Phew, that was a truckload of information about Tower of Fantasy’s mailbox system! Let’s do a quick recap:

  • The mailbox contains important notices, maintenance gifts, event rewards, level-up bonuses, and more that you need to claim

  • Check it frequently via the menu or mailbox icon, at least once per play session

  • Use Claim All to instantly collect rewards from multiple mails at once

  • Read full notices carefully for key details and announcements

  • Look out for compensation after maintenance and updates

  • Don’t leave rewards sitting for too long before claiming

  • Clear inbox regularly so new mail can arrive

  • Follow tips from veteran players for optimization

Got all that? Then it’s time to put it into action! Opening your mail needs to become part of your regular Tower of Fantasy gaming habits.

Those juicy rewards are just waiting to be claimed, so get to it! Let me know down in the comments if this ultimate mail guide helps you unlock a ton of goodies and bonuses from your inbox. Enjoy and game on!


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