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Outsourcing blog writing

Outsourcing your blog means finding someone else to write it for you. Usually this means having a ghost-writer – your name continues to appear on the blog, but the content is put together by one or more copywriters working on your behalf.

Before you outsource your blog writing you need to be very clear about why you’re doing it. If you enjoy writing your blog and you’re not too bothered about who else reads it, clearly you’re unlikely to outsource it. However, if your blog has developed a reasonable following but you want to invest more time in other projects, outsourcing is probably the right solution.

Usually blog writing is outsourced when the blog is being used to generate financial reward. The income from the blog, through advertising and affiliate marketing, is enough to pay one or more copywriters. The challenge is to find writers who understand and can maintain the style of the blog, who are reliable, and will remain committed. They won’t work for your forever, but you don’t want to be sourcing new writers every month.

There are several different ways of finding new writers. One is to use your personal contacts. Finding someone through personal recommendation is a great solution, because you’re already getting an insight into whether they can deliver what you want. You still need to validate their capability and commitment.

Another way of finding writers is to advertise on one of the many freelance hiring sites on the internet. For a very small fee you can post details of your project and freelance writers will bid for it. They’ll tell you how much they charge and explain why they think they’re the right person for the job.

You can then go through the bids and choose the one or two writers you want to work with. You should have than prepare a small number of sample posts which you check rigorously to ensure they meet your standards. The more good quality posts they provide, they greater your confidence in them will become.

How much control you give them over the blog remains your choice. It’s your blog, your brand, and you determine its strategic direction. The writers are providing copy and they might also be managing the postings. But while you own the blog, it’s one of your sources of income and you need to protect that.

Outsourcing blog writing has its challenges. It might take a while to find the correct writers and it will probably take time to train them how to work in your style. But once you’ve outsourced your blog you have more time to put into other projects.

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