Unlocking the Ancient Secrets: A Complete 2800 Word Guide to the Passage of the Ghouls Sacred Seal Locations

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Hey friend! Have you explored the massive new desert region in Genshin Impact 3.4 yet? Hidden beneath the sands lies an intriguing domain known as the Passage of the Ghouls. As a live streamer and Adventure Rank 60 player, I was super hyped to solve the puzzle of the Passage‘s mysterious sacred seals.

In this epic 2800+ word guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to efficiently locate all the magical seals and reap the epic rewards. Get ready to unlock centuries-old secrets and valuable loot!

Introduction to the Passage of the Ghouls Domain

Before we dive into the seals, let me give you some background. The Passage of the Ghouls is a sprawling underground maze introduced in Version 3.4‘s Desert of Hadramaveth.

To access it, you must first complete the "Adventure Takes Courage" World Quest which involves exploring an ancient tomb. This domain is recommended for Adventure Rank 45+, so make sure you‘re at least that level before attempting it.

According to lore, the Passage of the Ghouls was created centuries ago and contains powerful magic seals left behind by ancient civilizations. Your goal is to locate and activate the seals to open the way forward and restore a mystical obelisk.

But beware, dangerous enemies and traps have also lurked here, undisturbed, for ages. Are you brave enough to uncover their secrets? The valuable loot inside makes it worth the danger!

Why You Should Find the Sacred Seals

Solving the seal puzzle in the Passage serves several rewarding purposes:

  • Removes barriers blocking you from accessing the heart of the domain
  • Triggers epic boss fights against elite enemies like Ruin Guards
  • Ultimately unlocks a Precious Chest with amazing loot when you restore the Obelisk

Based on my testing at AR 60, the Precious Chest can contain rare loot like:

  • 100-200x Mystic Enhancement Ore

  • 4-6x Hero‘s Wit

  • 50,000-100,000 Mora

  • 5-6 Star Artifacts

So the treasure you gain from unsealing the domain is incredibly valuable for advancing your characters! That makes this seal hunt very worthwhile.

The enemies you‘ll fight along the way also provide tons of Adventure EXP for leveling up. With the right team build, you can farm this domain for artifacts, ascension materials, and EXP.

Now, let‘s get into the guide so you can start collecting all these goodies!

Step-By-Step Sacred Seal Locations

There are 6 magical Sacred Seals hidden within the Passage of the Ghouls that you must locate:

  • Forest
  • Valley ×2
  • Crocodile Head
  • Giant Serpent
  • Dune

Through extensive exploration on my Twitch livestream, I‘ve mapped out the exact locations of all the seals. Follow along with these steps:

Forest Sacred Seal

Right at the start of the domain, look along the left wall past the first gate to find the Forest Seal tucked away in an enclave. Use Dendro to break the vine barrier and interact to activate it. This will open the first gate.

Valley Sacred Seals ×2

After clearing the first gate, you‘ll enter an orange rocky canyon with ruins along the walls. Keep left and you‘ll find the first Valley seal before climbing the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, follow the left wall again to locate the second Valley seal near some destroyed pillars at the end. Activate both to open the next gate.

Crocodile Head Sacred Seal

Proceed forward after the second gate into an area with a crocodile engraved around the entrance to a small chamber on the left. Inside is the Crocodile Head seal.

Based on Reddit lore theories, this crocodile carving seems connected to ancient gods worshipped in the region. Let me know your theories on the cultural significance!

Giant Serpent Sacred Seal

In the next large open chamber, locate a narrow crevice along the left wall. Squeeze through the tight passage until you reach the Giant Serpent seal hiding in the back.

The serpent icon likely represents an ancient myth or deity as well. I love how each seal incorporates history and storytelling!

Dune Sacred Seal

Nearing the end of the maze, cross the central wooden bridge to reach a sandy slope. Descend carefully and look for an isolated dune containing the final Dune seal.

Activating this last seal opens the way to the Obelisk restoration challenge!

Restoring the Obelisk and Claiming Your Treasures

Once you‘ve unlocked the route with all six seals, head to the central platform to find the deteriorated Obelisk. Interact with it to begin an intense combat challenge.

Based on my experience, you‘ll face waves of enemies like:

  • 2x Eye of the Storm
  • 3x Ruin Guard
  • 2x Ruin Grader
  • 4x Bonekeeper

I recommend bringing a balanced team of 4 characters with elements to break shields. For example:

  • Pyro DPS like Yanfei to melt Cryo Abyss Mage shields

  • Electro like Fischl for breaking Hydro Heralds and Ruin Guard armor

  • Cryo such as Kaeya for breaking Electro Hammer shields

  • Flexible 4th slot like Anemo CC or healer as needed

Utilize your elemental skills and bursts to counter the enemies. Once you finally defeat them all, you‘ll have fully restored the Obelisk! This activates a Precious Chest containing 100-200 Mystic Enhancement Ore, mora, artifacts, and other loot. Hooray!

Efficient Strategies for Finding the Seals

Based on my experiences exploring the Passage of the Ghouls on stream, here are some pro tips:

  • Stick to the left walls since seals are never on the right. This saves time.

  • Bring an archer like Fischl or Yoimiya to peek into side rooms easily. Their auto-targeting is great for scouting.

  • Use Elemental Vision or Seelies to detect puzzle mechanisms. The seals can be tricky to spot at first glance.

  • Have a claymore or explosive user to break destructible walls blocking some seals.

  • Defeat the Eye of the Storms first so their sandstorms don‘t obscure vision.

  • For seals near cliffs, use Geo constructs like Zhongli‘s pillar to safely descend.

  • Recheck the seal maps I provided if you get stuck! They have the exact locations.

Let me know if you have any other tips for finding the seals efficiently from your own exploration! I‘m always looking to optimize my Genshin strategies.

Closing Thoughts on This Mysterious New Domain

The Passage of the Ghouls has instantly become one of my favorite Genshin Impact domains thanks to the engaging seal puzzle and rewarding loot. It really captures that sense of mystery and adventure!

If you get the chance to explore this massive underground maze, I highly recommend bringing the friends above and using this guide to uncover its many secrets. Let me know if it helps you locate all the sacred seals!

What are your thoughts on this new desert region addition in Version 3.4? And what will you spend your hard-earned Obelisk treasure on? I want to hear from you!

Thanks so much for reading this epic 2800 word guide. Your support motivates me to keep creating Genshin content and streaming. Feel free to join my community on Discord to share your seal hunting experiences.

Now get out there, brave adventurer, and start unlocking those ancient magical seals! The secrets and loot of the Passage of the Ghouls await.


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