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Passive Income Online Money Onlinepaid Articloesblooging Affiliate Programs

Making passive income from online writing is a fantastic opportunity for you as an aspiring writer to reach an audience and start to earn money and build a passive income while practicing and refining your writing techniques and writing style.

Writers now have many opportunities to make money online. Some websites share revenue from adverts placed around your article. When someone clicks an advert on your page you will earn adsense revenue. Other sites will pay per article view whereas some will pay per thousand views. At first it may seem that you are making cents rather than dollars, but stick with it! Content really is king when it comes to making passive income online through writing articles. You should aim too write good quality, interesting articles that cover popular subjects or subjects that are not easily out dated and therefore have a longer shelf life so to speak.

Blogging has also become very popular with writers as another branch of passive income. Websites such as blogger provide a free blog account. When deciding what your topic your blog will cover, deciding on a niche is very important. A general blog with random posts on unrelated topics will be very difficult to promote and find adverts for. To start making money from your blog you will need to sign up for a free adsense account. Once you have decided what your blog niche will be and have posted some articles on your blog then you are ready to add adsense code to your blog. For example, lets say your blog is about cars. Simply add the adsense code you get from your google account to your blog and google adverts for cars will appear on your blog. Each time an advert is clicked you will earn some money and be one step closer to earning a passive income.

Affiliate programs and adverts can be added to blogs that have the potential to earn revenue. An example of an affiliate program is Amazon associates. Amazon associates earn you passive income when someone purchases something from Amazon after clicking a link from your blog. You can earn 10% from whatever they purchase.

As I mentioned earlier regarding articles , content is king when it comes to blogging. To get traffic to your blog you will need good quality content that makes use of keywords to help search engines find your blog posts and articles. Without traffic you will not earn a penny.
The most important factor is to remember that a passive income from writing is possible. You can do it.

The key is to persevere and not give up. Writing everyday will really help you to build your skill and confidence in reaching your goal of gaining a passive income from online writing.

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