How to Pick Up a Hamburger in Bayonetta 3: A Streamer‘s Guide to Completing the Tasty Bewitchment

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Hey there fellow geek! Have you heard about the giant hamburger hidden in Bayonetta 3? Finding this secret treat is a true delight for fans craving some mouth-watering mysteries. As an avid gamer and content creator, I‘m here to provide expert tips to help you pick up this hamburger and complete the associated bewitchment.

An Introduction to Exploration and Secrets in Bayonetta 3

Before we dive into the juicy hamburger, let‘s establish some context around secrets and exploration in Bayonetta 3. Finding hidden items and locations is deeply rewarding for attentive fans. Across three main games, the series has made uncovering obscure challenges a core part of the experience.

Here are some key stats about secrets and collectibles in the Bayonetta trilogy:

  • Bayonetta – 37 total hidden verse cards
  • Bayonetta 2 – 40+ hidden verses, 16 Alfheim portals
  • Bayonetta 3 – 130+ hidden bewitchments

As you can see, each game expands the number of discoverable tidbits. Completing these challenges requires eagle-eyed observation and masterful gameplay reflexes. But the payoff is priceless!

Let‘s look at why secrets like the Larger Burger hamburger are so integral to the gameplay:

  • Satisfies fans‘ curiosity and need for deeper lore
  • Encourages thorough exploration of the environment
  • Rewards attentive players for investigating every nook
  • Creates a gameplay loop of replaying levels to find everything
  • Provides long-term goals and unlocks achievements/trophies

So for completionists like us, picking up the hamburger bewitchment is a top priority! Now let me guide you through this mouth-watering challenge step-by-step.

Step 1: Reach the Larger Burger Location in Chapter 2

Larger Burger, with its comically enormous burgers, has been an iconic Easter egg across all the Bayonetta games. In Bayonetta 3, this eatery appears in the city streets of Chapter 2.

To reach it, play through Chapter 2: "Footprints of the Ancients" up until you reach the urban area after the initial mountainside combat. Slay the various angelic enemies until you pass through an archway onto a city street.

Here are some landmarks to follow:

  • Pass the fruit stand with the dancing peas
  • Go down the street away from the flashing hotel signs
  • Turn right at the arcade and pachinko parlor
  • On your left will be the Larger Burger restaurant!

Take a moment to appreciate the absurd scale of this burger joint. Then get ready to uncover its secrets!

Step 2: Destroy the Burger Restaurant Exterior

Now comes the fun part! To reveal the hidden hamburger, you‘ll need to relentlessly demolish the Larger Burger building.

As a veteran Bayonetta player, my recommended strategy is to use heavy weapons like the hammer or Kilgore to smash through the wall quickly. Slap on some Moon Pearls to boost your magic, equip Kilgore, then pummel away at the restaurant facade.

You can also use rocket launchers, fire/lightning elemental attacks, or any hard-hitting combos. Just make sure to thoroughly trash that burger shop!

Here are some quick tips:

  • Use Witch Time to safely approach
  • Choose heavy weapons to smash through the wall faster
  • Target the base of the wall to deal maximum structural damage

With enough punishment, the wall will eventually collapse, revealing…

Step 3: Collect the Giant Hamburger

Out of the rubble will tumble a massive hamburger stacked with lettuce, tomato, onions, and ketchup. This is no regular fast food fare!

Now here‘s the juicy reward for all your hard work. Run up and grab the hamburger before it hits the ground. Bayonetta will proudly lift her prize overhead, honoring your dedication to discovery.

Make sure to move quickly, as the giant hamburger has some weight behind it. Activate Witch Time if needed to safely approach the falling burger bounty. Or use crow demons to fly above and catch the burger mid-air.

However you claim it, picking up the hamburger completes the "Pick up a hamburger" bewitchment challenge. Let‘s talk about why this is such a tasty treat for geeks like us!

Why the Hidden Hamburger is a True Easter Egg Treat

On the surface, this seems like a goofy and absurd secret. But for Bayonetta fans, a deeper symbolic meaning lies between the buns.

The sexual imagery of Bayonetta consuming this burger is hard to ignore. It ties into the series‘ overt and exaggerated sexuality. So claiming the hamburger as an Easter egg mirrors Bayonetta‘s confident sexuality and appetite for life.

And within the story, this ordinary fast food item stands out within the game‘s outrageous world. Finding a giant but mundane hamburger highlights the absurdity of the environment. It‘s a commentary on consumer culture perhaps, or just an ironic sight gag.

For us fans, it‘s a cool callback to previous Larger Burger appearances, and shows the developer‘s attention to detail. It rewards our endless desire to pick apart these games and uncover their many flavors. Just like a perfect cheeseburger, the hidden hamburger satisfies our deepest gamer cravings!

Advanced Strategies to Showcase This Secret

As content creators, we can showcase this bewitchment for our audiences in creative ways. Here are some tips for highlighting the Larger Burger secret during streams or videos:

  • Build up the reveal with lore about Larger Burger‘s legacy across the series
  • Attempt speedrun strats to grab the burger quickly
  • Style on it with synchronized dances or Wicked Weaves
  • Film the destruction in smooth 60fps slow motion
  • Provide cheeky commentary about Bayonetta‘s burger satisfaction

The goal is to make the discovery exciting and tantalizing for viewers. With the right presentation, we can deliver some serious hamburger hype!

Closing Thoughts: Celebrating Exploration in Bayonetta

And that covers everything you need to know about picking up this tasty secret! I hope these expert tips help you savor the satisfaction of discovering Easter eggs like the Larger Burger hamburger.

Bayonetta hides all sorts of treasures for her most dedicated fans. Just like cherished memories made over meals with friends, these gaming secrets nourish our passion. Just be sure to explore the table thoroughly, share your findings with others, and relish each delightful bite along the way!

Happy gaming, and enjoy the hunt fellow geeks! This is William signing off for now, and I‘ll see you next time for more delicious Bayonetta 3 secrets. Cheers!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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