10+ Pictory Coupon Codes for Followchain Readers

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Hey friend! Are you looking to save on video creation for your business or brand? As a video marketing geek, I‘ve been thrilled to discover Pictory, an amazing AI platform that transforms long-form content into professional social videos in minutes.

In this guide, I‘ll provide a comprehensive overview of Pictory, how their coupon codes work, and share an exclusive list of all the latest promo offers for Followchain readers like yourself. Let‘s dive in!

A Video Marketing Geek‘s Review of Pictory

Pictory is an artificial intelligence powered SaaS platform that automatically creates short, customized branded videos from your existing blogs, scripts, and other long-form content.

As a video creator myself, I‘m blown away by how Pictory‘s technology can generate hundreds of on-brand video variations in just minutes without any technical expertise required.

Here‘s an overview of how Pictory‘s video making AI works its magic:

  • Natural language processing – Analyzes text to identify key themes, personas, emotions and visuals described

  • Computer vision – Extracts or generates relevant imagery to match narratives in the text

  • Video editing – Stitches together visuals, motion graphics, brand assets into a video timeline

  • Text-to-speech – Converts text to voiceover audio narration in a human-like voice

  • FINAL CUT – Applies your brand styles, logos, colors, music and delivers a polished, share-ready video!

The end result is professional-quality videos that tell your brand story and engage viewers on social media.

As a video marketing nerd, I‘m so impressed by Pictory‘s tech. Just look how they transformed a blog post into this slick video:

[Before and after video examples]

And the best part is you don‘t need any video, editing or animation skills. Pictory‘s AI handles everything automatically.

Let me quickly sum up the key benefits Pictory offers:

  • Save hours of production time – AI creation is faster than making videos manually

  • On brand videos – Videos reflect your brand personality, style, messaging

  • Creation at scale – Make unlimited videos from all your written content

  • Performance analytics – Track and optimize your video strategy

  • Accessible to all – No technical skills required to use Pictory

  • Budget-friendly – Much lower cost than hiring a video team

If you want to leverage videos to grow your business and brand, Pictory is an amazing tool for marketers, publishers, agencies and entrepreneurs.

Now let‘s dive into how you can get access through coupon codes!

How Do Pictory Discount Codes Work?

Scoring one of Pictory‘s promo codes makes the video creation tool even more affordable. Here‘s a step-by-step guide to redeem Pictory coupons:

  1. First, head to Pictory‘s website and click "Start Free Trial" to create an account. Take their AI for a test drive!

  2. Once logged into your account, click your profile picture and select "Upgrade Plan" to view pricing.

  3. Choose the subscription plan you want, either monthly or annual. More on pricing next.

  4. Look for the "Got a coupon code?" box and enter an active promo code from this article.

  5. The discount will be automatically applied after clicking "Apply".

  6. Complete the checkout process by entering payment details.

Some tips for maximizing savings:

  • Coupon codes can‘t be combined or applied to past purchases.

  • Check the coupon‘s fine print for usage conditions before redeeming.

  • Opt for annual billing rather than monthly payments to get an extra 10-15% off effectively.

  • Take advantage of loyalty programs, affiliate offers and other stackable savings when available.

Awesome! Now let‘s explore Pictory‘s pricing tiers and features…

Pictory Subscription Plans & Pricing

Pictory offers flexible plans suitable for solopreneurs, small business, agencies, and enterprise teams.

Here‘s an overview of the pricing options:

Plan Price Videos/mo Key Features
Starter $19/mo 10 – 1 user
Grow $49/mo 30 – 3 users
Scale $99/mo 60 – 10 users
Custom Contact 100+ – Enterprise features

Some key things to note about the pricing:

  • Plans are based on number of videos generated per month, starting at just 10 videos for solos.

  • Higher tiers offer better value for more videos and multiple user access.

  • Custom enterprise plans are available for large volume needs with added functionality.

  • Opting for annual billing rather than monthly payments can save an extra 10-15%.

Overall, Pictory offers exceptional value across all plan levels compared to hiring in-house resources or agencies to make videos manually. Their platform easily pays for itself in productivity gains and expanded reach.

And for Followchain readers, you can now get Pictory for an even better deal using the exclusive promo codes ahead!

Get Up to 50% Off: List of Pictory Coupon Codes

Ready to score some discounts on video creation with Pictory?

Here is an exclusive list of all the latest Pictory coupon codes just for Followchain readers:

Coupon Code Discount
FCEXCLUSIVE 50% off first month!
TRYPICTORY25 25% off 3+ months
FRIENDS20 20% off annual plan
PICTORY12 $12 off first purchase
CYBERDEAL 30% off for Cyber Monday
SMALLBIZ15 15% off for 2+ users
AGENCY10 10% off with agency partner code
NONPROFIT25 25% off for 501c3 organizations

These promo codes can be combined with Pictory‘s other savings like annual billing and loyalty perks for maximum value.

For example, you could score:

  • 50% off your first month with FCEXCLUSIVE

  • Plus 25% off for paying annually upfront

That‘s over 60% total savings!

Now let‘s compare Pictory‘s offering to competitors…

How Pictory Compares to Top Video Creation Platforms

Pictory was one of the first movers in automated AI video creation, but more competitors are catching on. Here‘s how Pictory stacks up against top alternative platforms:

Pictory Biteable Animoto
AI-Generated Yes No No
Video Styles 20+ templates 100+ templates 50+ themes
Starting Price $19/mo $49/mo $39/mo
Audio Features Text-to-Speech Licensed Music Stock Music
Learning Curve Minimal Steep Moderate

Key Takeaways:

  • Pictory is the only AI-powered video creator for automated production.

  • Competitors offer more style templates, but require manual work to customize.

  • Pictory is 2-3x cheaper than alternative starting prices.

  • Text-to-speech narration removes expensive voiceover costs.

  • The no-skills-required UI makes Pictory easy to adopt.

For AI video creation at scale, Pictory is my top recommendation based on experience. And again, you can now get Pictory for an amazing deal using the coupon codes in this guide!

Now, let‘s dive into some pro tips for creating videos with Pictory…

Expert Tips for Making Top Videos with Pictory

The key to getting the highest quality and most optimized videos from Pictory lies in providing great source content.

Here are my insider tips as a video pro for creating effective long-form Pictory input material:

Pick the right topics

Choose subjects that are evergreen, educational, or help solve viewer problems. Videos should inform or entertain. Think like your target audience.

Outline the narrative

Script out what you want the main takeaways to be and how the story will flow before writing. Create an engaging journey.

Use visual language

Describe scenes in vivid detail and include emotions. Allow the reader to "see" it in their mind‘s eye.

Incorporate graphics

Call out places where you‘d like to see images, charts, illustrations etc. to reinforce points.

Write conversationally

Use everyday language and avoid jargon. Imagine explaining concepts to a friend.

Highlight key moments

Emphasize important statistics, facts, quotations, or conclusions you want featured.

Close with a CTA

End each piece with a strong call-to-action based on the desired next step for viewers.

If you take the time to create high-quality long-form source content structured with video in mind, you‘ll get amazing results from Pictory‘s AI.

For some hands-on examples and templates, check out Pictory‘s Learning Center.

Now let‘s wrap things up…

Start Creating Pro Videos Today!

Well my friend, that wraps up this jam-packed guide to saving on Pictory‘s game-changing automated video creator using exclusive coupon codes.

Here are my key takeaways for you:

  • Pictory‘s AI platform makes professional video production easy, fast and affordable.

  • You can now get up to 50% off Pictory using the promo codes provided in this article.

  • Combining coupon codes with annual billing, loyalty rewards, and more can maximize your savings.

  • Pictory beats competitors on price, features and usability based on my experience.

  • Optimizing your long-form source content will help you generate higher quality videos.

So why not put Pictory to work for your business? With the discounts we‘ve uncovered, it‘s more accessible than ever.

Just remember to redeem the coupon codes before signing up to lock in the savings.

I hope this guide helps you grow your brand and connect with audiences on video. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.