Top 11 Websites to Play Solitaire Online: A Geek‘s Guide

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Hey there fellow solitaire enthusiast! As a longtime fan of classic solitaire myself, I‘ve played more than my fair share of games over the years. Whether on a PC, phone, or right in the browser, virtual solitaire provides a great way to pass the time and exercise my brain.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be sharing my picks for the 11 best websites to play solitaire online for free. With my perspective as a solitaire-loving technology geek, I‘ll provide detailed analysis and interesting insights on each option. There‘s nothing better than discovering new sites that make enjoying this classic card game online even more fun!

First off, let‘s briefly go over the gameplay basics for anyone less familiar with solitaire‘s objectives and rules.

A Quick Refresher on Solitaire Gameplay

The main goal of solitaire is to move all 52 cards from the tableau columns to the foundations stacks. The foundations must contain each suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) in ascending order from ace to king. You want to clear the tableau as quickly as possible, since most online versions have maximum time limits.

Understanding the card layout is key:

  • Foundations: Start with aces and build up sequentially by suit to kings.
  • Tableau: Columns of facedown and faceup cards where playable cards can be moved.
  • Stock: Face-down pile to draw from when needed.
The foundations, tableau, talon and waste piles in a game of solitaire

Some key gameplay rules:

  • Alternate colors in descending order when moving cards between tableau columns.
  • Only kings can start empty tableau columns.
  • Aces only on the foundations at first, then build up by suit.
  • Draw new stock cards when tableau has no valid moves left.
  • Game ends if no moves left or time expires.
  • Clear all tableau cards within time limit to win.

Got it? Now let‘s dive into the top solitaire gaming websites!

1. Google Solitaire

Good ol‘ Google provides one of the quickest and easiest ways to play solitaire online through Google Solitaire. As a search engine giant, they clearly have the web development skills to create a smooth, responsive online game.

After you go to the site, you can pick your desired difficulty level – something I always appreciate in digital solitaire. Then you‘re presented with the clean gameplay interface. It displays your time remaining, number of moves, and score at the top.

Handy options like Undo and New Game buttons make it easy to restart when you get stuck. The minimal design focuses all attention on the cards themselves. In my experience, Google‘s solitaire plays quick and smooth. It‘s excellent when I just want a casual game or two during spare moments.

2. Solitaired

Moving over to Solitaired, this platform offers enhanced versatility with 500+ solitaire variants available. Whether in the mood for classic Klondike or something new like Forty Thieves, there are plenty of options to choose from.

I especially appreciate the inclusion of winnable deals. This adds an extra challenge by ensuring the game can be won based on the initial card layout. For added help, you can take a hint to reveal the next best move. Of course, unlimited undos and restarts are available too.

Overall, Solitaired provides a more robust gaming experience while still being easy to pick up and play. The graphics and animations add some nice polish as well. It‘s an excellent website for solitaire lovers who enjoy mixing up the game style.

3. Solitaire Online

For a classic Klondike experience, Solitaire Online is a superb choice. True to its name, the site focuses on delivering smooth, responsive online solitaire gameplay. There are daily challenges to test your skills along with the standard play options.

The clean design surface makes it simple to start playing quickly. All key info like your time, number of moves, and current score is display prominently at the top. Helpful buttons allow easy access to tools like hints, undos, and new games.

For even faster performance, Solitaire Online offers a downloadable desktop application. But I‘ve found the web version works great on its own. Overall, it‘s an excellent online-only platform for enjoying classic Klondike solitaire.


When I‘m looking for a quick, no-frills game, is one of my top picks. The site provides a stripped down solitaire experience honed specifically for casual gameplay. You can jump right into either classic solitaire or spider solitaire versions.

Customization options like toggling 1-3 card draw help tailor the experience. But in general, nails the essentials of smooth solitaire gameplay without any bells and whistles. The clean interface and quick loading times let me start playing in seconds. When I‘ve only got a few minutes to spare, it‘s a great go-to option.


Expanding beyond just solitaire, provides a suite of classic card games you can play online. Naturally, solitaire is included along with poker, blackjack, and more.

The solitaire option sticks to a simple interface with just the core gameplay elements. Options are limited to New Game, Restart Game, and Pause Game. Your key stats appear front and center above the card layout.

For anyone not familiar with the rules, there is easily accessible guidance available. Overall, it provides a solid online solitaire option as part of a wider card gaming selection.

6. Solitaire Bliss

If you enjoy mixing up your solitaire play style, Solitaire Bliss has you covered with various versions like Spider, FreeCell, and Klondike to enjoy. The ability to switch between solitaire types freely keeps gameplay interesting.

Undo and hint features help out when you get stuck on difficult card combinations. You can also share access to an active game through a generated link. This makes it fun to play collaboratively with friends and family online.

Backgrounds, card backs, and other display settings can be changed as well. So you can customize the experience to your liking. Overall, the versatile options make Solitaire Bliss great for spice up your gameplay.

7. Klondike Solitaire

Fans of traditional Klondike will enjoy Klondike Solitaire. As you may have guessed by the name, this site focuses exclusively on Klondike gameplay. The stripped down interface highlights the core solitaire experience.

With just New Game and Undo options, there are no extra distractions from the card layout itself. If traditional Klondike is your go-to, this specialized site has you covered with its smooth, responsive gameplay.

8. Mobilityware

Available on both desktop and mobile, Mobilityware offers flexible solitaire gaming. You can play seamlessly on your phone when on-the-go or on a larger screen at home. The website also includes clear instructions if you need a refresher on the gameplay rules.

Classic options like hints, undos, and restarts are available along with settings to customize card designs. Mobilityware makes it easy to play solitaire across devices with a consistent experience.

9. Net Solitaire

Offering a healthy selection of 18 solitaire variants, Net Solitaire is a great option for mixing up your gameplay. The selection ranges from classic games like Klondike and Spider to unique versions like Beleaguered Castle and Scorpion.

I like being able to play different solitaire games all in one place. It adds variety and keeps the experience feeling fresh. The responsive controls and scoring make it easy to get into the gameplay. If you enjoy exploring unique solitaire versions, Net Solitaire offers a good selection to discover.

10. Solitaire 365

True to its name, Solitaire 365 provides a classic solitaire experience you can return to daily. The clean design makes navigating the site intuitive. Extensive options are available to customize card fronts, backs, backgrounds, and more.

So you can tailor the experience to your preferences. Detailed statistics are also tracked, like your win percentage and fastest completion times. For players who enjoy analyzing their solitaire skills, the in-depth metrics are great. Solitaire 365 offers classic gameplay with modern features to make it a top choice.

11. Solitaire Paradise

Last but not least, we have Solitaire Paradise, which provides a huge selection of 200+ solitaire variants. Whether you want classic versions like Klondike or unique options like Royal Crown, there‘s plenty to choose from.

Other card games like Hearts and Poker are featured too. With free online play supported directly through the browser, it makes exploring new games simple and accessible. The abundance of options sets Solitaire Paradise apart.

The Verdict?

There are lots of great websites today that allow playing solitaire online for free. Top picks like Google Solitaire offer quick, casual games with minimal fuss. While sites like Solitaire Bliss and Solitaire Paradise provide more versatility with numerous versions to try out.

Here‘s a quick overview of the options:

Website Key Features
Google Solitaire Fast loading, clean interface, intuitive controls
Solitaired 500+ variants, daily challenges, helpful power-ups
Solitaire Online Smooth Klondike gameplay, daily challenges Fast loading, minimal distractions, casual gameplay Suite of card games, simple interface
Solitaire Bliss Access to various versions, collaborative play
Klondike Solitaire Specialized Klondike focus, stripped down interface
Mobilityware Cross-device play, mobile apps available
Net Solitaire Selection of 18+ solitaire variants
Solitaire 365 Personalization options, detailed statistics
Solitaire Paradise 200+ versions available, other card games too

With so many options, it‘s worth trying a few to see which interface and features appeal most to you personally. I encourage mixing up the sites you use to add more fun variety into your solitaire sessions!

Parting Thoughts

As a lifelong solitaire geek, discovering new online versions provides endless entertainment. I hope this guide gives you some fresh websites to explore solo or with friends. Thanks for reading – I wish you the best of luck in all of your future solitaire exploits! May the cards align in your favor.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.