How to Unlock Pulley's Butterfly Earring Accessory in Bayonetta 3

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Unlocking the Pulley‘s Butterfly Earring Accessory: An In-Depth Guide for Bayonetta 3

Have you been trying to figure out how to unlock that beautiful blue butterfly earring accessory for the stylish Umbra Witch in Bayonetta 3? Well, you‘ve come to the right place. In this extensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to unlock and equip the elegant Pulley‘s Butterfly earring for Bayonetta.

As both a longtime gaming geek and Bayonetta superfan, I have scoured every inch of the latest game to uncover all of its secrets. Trust me when I say this butterfly-shaped beauty is one of the most coveted accessories for our favorite sassy, demon-slaying heroine.

So let‘s get started! Below I provide detailed directions, tips, and background to help you find all the Umbran Tears in Chapter 3. I‘ll also cover how to complete the necessary challenge to finally unlock the Pulley‘s Butterfly earring in Bayonetta 3. Time to give Bayonetta an extra flair of elegance!

The Allure of the Pulley‘s Butterfly Earring
Before we dive in, let‘s appreciate why this earring accessory is so popular among Bayonetta devotees. Beyond just its visual beauty and butterfly motif, the Pulley‘s Butterfly earring is a bit part of the game‘s history and Bayonetta‘s character design.

This iconic earring accessory made its debut in the original Bayonetta game back in 2009. It perfectly encapsulated Bayonetta‘s butterfly theme, from her butterfly-shaped glasses to her Wicked Weaves taking the form of colorful butterflies. Fans grew very attached to the Pulley‘s Butterfly earring as a staple of Bayonetta‘s style.

In Bayonetta 2 and now Bayonetta 3, the earring is an unlockable accessory players can equip to give Bayonetta that classic look. It fits beautifully with her butterfly motifs and acts as a callback to the original Bayonetta design we know and love.

Beyond nostalgia, the Pulley‘s Butterfly provides useful in-game benefits. Equipping it boosts your Magic Gauge regeneration rate by 5%. This allows you to pull off more Torture Attacks and summon demons faster. Like all good accessories, it‘s both fashionable and functional!

Now let‘s get into the step-by-step details on how to add this iconic earring to Bayonetta‘s accessory collection.

Collecting the Chapter 3 Umbran Tears

In order to unlock the Pulley‘s Butterfly earring, you first need to collect all three Umbran Tears that are hidden in Chapter 3: The Toad, The Crow, and The Cat.

These Umbran Tears take the form of a toad, crow, and cat that you need to track down and capture at specific locations throughout the chapter. I‘ll provide detailed directions and tips to help you grab all three tear animals.

The Toad Umbran Tear

You can find the toad tear situated on a ledge near some parked trains at the end of a series of platforms.

Specifically, this area is on the east side of the map. You‘ll come across several hovering platforms that you can jump across one by one. Follow this path of platforms as they lead north.

When you reach the end, you should see the toad on a ledge below the last platform. Drop down carefully to the ledge and grab the toad before it hops away!

The Crow Umbran Tear

For the crow tear, you‘ll want to head to the west side of the map. The crow is perched on the edge of a tall building amongst some wreckage.

This is along the main road leading toward the Bifrost Bridge. Look for the building with a smoking hull crashed into its upper floors. That‘s where the crow sits.

Here‘s the tricky part – the crow will eventually take off flying toward the Bifrost Highway. When it does, use Bayonetta‘s new Demon Masquerade ability to transform into a flying demon. This will allow you to chase the crow down in mid-air and grab it!

The Cat Umbran Tear

Finally, the last tear is the cat, located back on the east side of the map near the main gate.

You can find the cat running down a long pathway bordered by a tall building on one side. The cat heads north, turns east down an alley, then loops back southward.

What you want to do is catch the cat when it turns that eastbound corner into the alley. Rush ahead and intercept the cat before it gets away down the alley!

With all 3 Umbran Tears – the toad, crow, and cat – collected, it‘s time to complete the next steps.

Finishing Phenomenal Remnant 1

After grabbing all the tears, you‘ll need to complete Phenomenal Remnant challenge #1. This requires you to defeat all enemies within the time limit.

Phenomenal Remnants are combat challenges unlocked after finishing chapters. They task you with fighting certain enemies under special conditions, often with a time limit.

For Phenomenal Remnant #1 specifically:

  • You must defeat 10 Affinities and 5 Applauds
  • You have 2 minutes to defeat them all
  • Failing to kill them all in time results in mission failure

Equip accessories that boost your attack power and replenish magic/health orbs when hitting enemies. When the fight starts, use wicked weaves and torture attacks right away to inflict damage quickly. Lure enemies together so you can damage multiple at once.

If you‘re struggling, you can purchase items to extend the time limit by 30 seconds. But with proper equipment and aggressive tactics, you should be able to complete the challenge and unlock the Pulley‘s Butterfly!

Equipping Your Reward

Once you obtain all the Chapter 3 tears and complete Phenomenal Remnant #1, the Pulley‘s Butterfly earring will be unlocked!

You can equip it by going into the menu, selecting Accessories, then picking it from Bayonetta‘s earring options. The blue butterfly earring will now dangle beautifully from her ear during gameplay.

As mentioned earlier, the Pulley‘s Butterfly also confers bonuses like increasing your magic gauge regeneration rate by 5%. So it‘s both a stylish blast from the past and a useful combat accessory!

Now you can battle angels and demons in style while wearing this iconic Bayonetta earring. For even more unlockable outfits and accessories, check out my other Bayonetta 3 guides. And contact me if you have any other trouble conquering the game‘s challenges. Enjoy that Pulley‘s butterfly bling!


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