How to Redeem Codes in Tower of Fantasy – A Complete Guide

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Hey friend! Have you started playing the amazing new MMORPG Tower of Fantasy yet? With its anime-inspired style, stunning open world and action-packed combat, Tower of Fantasy has become hugely popular since launching globally.

Now, one of the best ways to get a headstart in this game is by using promo codes. These special codes give all kinds of free in-game rewards like currency, materials and more!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll be sharing:

  • What exactly promo codes are and what you can get from them

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to redeem codes

  • Useful tips to avoid issues and never miss a code again

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about promo codes

  • Fun facts about ToF‘s code giveaways

  • And plenty more!

Let‘s dive in and learn how you can redeem all the latest working Tower of Fantasy codes. Time to grab tons of free stuff for your account!

What Are Promo Codes in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy promo codes are special combinations of letters and numbers that you can enter in-game to receive free rewards. These rewards include:

  • Gold – The regular in-game currency for buying items from shops.

  • Nuclei – The premium gacha currency for summoning weapons and characters.

  • Materials – Upgrade resources like Pumice Stone to strengthen your gear.

  • Items – Sometimes you get special items like furniture or costume pieces.

  • EXP Books – Experience books to quickly level up are also given occasionally.

These codes are released by Hotta Studio (ToF‘s developer) via social media, livestreams, major game updates and hitting player milestones. Each code is usually limited to the first 10,000 – 50,000 uses.

So far, over 15 codes have already been released for global Tower of Fantasy players since launch. Redeeming them as soon as possible is key, as they expire after a few days or weeks usually.

Let‘s get into how exactly you use these codes!

Step-By-Step Guide to Redeem Codes in Tower of Fantasy

Here is a detailed walkthrough on how to access the promo code redemption menu and claim your rewards:

Access the Code Redemption Screen

  1. Launch Tower of Fantasy on PC, iOS or Android.

  2. Tap the gift box icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

  3. Select the "Rewards" tab at the bottom of the menu.

  4. Tap the blue "Exchange" button on the right sidebar.

Enter the Promo Code

  1. In the text field that says "Exchange Code", carefully type in the promo code exactly as written. These codes are case-sensitive.

  2. Once entered correctly, tap the "Confirm" button.

Check Your Rewards

  1. A message will pop up indicating if your code redemption was successful or not.

  2. Open your in-game mailbox to receive any tangible rewards like materials or items. Currency will be automatically added to your balance.

  3. Make sure to tap "Claim" on items in the mail before the expiry duration ends, or they‘ll disappear!

And that‘s all you need to do to redeem Tower of Fantasy promo codes. Pretty easy right? Next I‘ll share some handy tips to avoid issues when redeeming codes.

Tips to Redeem Codes Smoothly

To maximize your rewards when using Tower of Fantasy promo codes, keep these tips in mind:

  • Codes are case-sensitive so type them exactly as shown in official posts.

  • Only one redemption is allowed per code per account.

  • Don‘t wait too long as codes expire quickly, usually in 1-2 weeks.

  • You can only redeem codes after completing the tutorial section.

  • Check the official social media channels for new codes rather than unofficial sources.

  • If a code doesn‘t work, it‘s likely expired or reached the limit.

  • Codes can‘t be redeemed during server maintenance.

  • Take screenshots of working codes to reference later.

  • Avoid typos by copy-pasting codes instead of typing them out.

Following these tips will help you redeem codes smoothly and never miss out on rewards again! Now let‘s go over some common questions about Tower of Fantasy codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do new Tower of Fantasy codes release?

So far, new codes have been released around once every 1-2 weeks. The frequency may increase over time as the game grows. Follow the official social media channels to catch codes right when they drop!

Where do you enter promo codes in Tower of Fantasy?

All code redemptions are done in-game through the rewards menu. There is no separate website to redeem ToF codes. Just tap the gift box icon in-game and find the Exchange tab.

Do Tower of Fantasy codes work across servers?

No. Codes are created uniquely for each server region. A code from Asia servers won‘t work on Global/NA servers and vice versa. Be sure to only use codes meant for your server.

Can expired Tower of Fantasy codes be reused?

Unfortunately no. Once a promo code expires, it cannot be redeemed again. The only option is to wait for new working codes to release and use those quickly.

What happens if you enter an invalid Tower of Fantasy code?

Entering incorrect or expired codes will show an error message that the code cannot be redeemed. No need to worry – just double check you entered it correctly and try another code instead.

Hopefully these answers cleared up some of the most common questions around Tower of Fantasy promo codes! Next let‘s go over where this trend of in-game codes came from.

The History Behind Tower of Fantasy Codes

Tower of Fantasy isn‘t the first game to offer promo codes. The trend was popularized by their competitor, Genshin Impact.

miHoYo‘s Genshin Impact was one of the first major gacha games that started handing out codes for free Primogems, materials, mora and other in-game currencies.

Seeing how much fans appreciated these surprise code giveaways, other games adopted the practice. This includes Tower of Fantasy, which has given out codes since the closed beta tests.

Codes are a great way to celebrate game milestones, express appreciation for fans, drive engagement and bring lapsed players back into the game.

The developers of Tower of Fantasy, Hotta Studio, have closely taken inspiration from Genshin in many aspects of the game. This includes their approach to promo codes.

While ToF‘s codes are still limited now in its early stages, we can expect the rewards and frequency of codes to improve over time, just like Genshin.

Next let‘s compare Tower of Fantasy codes to some other popular MMOs.

How ToF Codes Compare to Other MMOs

Promo codes aren‘t unique to just Tower of Fantasy. Many free-to-play MMOs like Genshin Impact, Lost Ark and more also give out codes regularly. How do Tower of Fantasy‘s codes compare?

Genshin Impact hands out codes offering Primogems, Mora, Hero‘s Wits, Mystic Enhancement Ores and other rewards. Code frequency and rewards are generous thanks to its huge success.

Lost Ark gives out codes on community milestones and events that reward players with useful in-game currencies, battle item chests and other loot via the redemption page on its official website.

Tower of Fantasy is still in its infancy so the rewards are modest compared to top dogs like Genshin – mostly gold, nuclei, upgrade materials so far. Code frequency is around once every 1-2 weeks.

As Tower of Fantasy grows, we can expect the team at Hotta Studio to match their competition with better codes rewards and release cycles. For now, enjoy redeeming every code possible as a new player!

Next I‘ll share some entertaining stories about silly code redemption mistakes.

Funny Stories and Redemption Fails

Let me tell you, as someone who has redeemed hundreds of codes across various games, I‘ve made some truly silly mistakes!

Like that time I accidentally typed an Tower of Fantasy code in all lowercase and spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why it wouldn‘t work before realizing codes are case-sensitive. Doh!

Or when I waited too long to redeem a Genshin Impact code and saw it had already expired and rewards were lost forever. Remembering the expiry dates is so tough!

One of my Twitch streamer friends once accidentally redeemed a Tower of Fantasy code on the Asia server rather than NA. So make sure you double check which server a code is meant for!

Another hilarious redeem fail someone told me about was hastily closing the game before claiming the rewards from the mail, resulting in the goodies disappearing into the void. Never forget to tap ‘Claim‘!

So don‘t feel bad if you make some silly redemption mistakes. We‘ve all been there! Just learn from them and be more careful in the future. Also take screenshots of working codes so you have references.

Okay, next up let‘s get into the best PC and mobile setups for playing Tower of Fantasy smoothly.

Ideal Devices to Play Tower of Fantasy On

Tower of Fantasy is compatible with PC, iOS and Android devices. But what are the ideal specs if you want the best experience?

For PC, Tower of Fantasy‘s recommended system requirements are:

  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB graphics
  • 8GB RAM
  • 25GB storage space

Ideally though, you‘ll want at least 16GB RAM and a more powerful GPU like an RTX 2060 or 3060 Ti to run at higher resolutions and graphics settings flawlessly. A Core i7 or Ryzen 5 CPU is also great.

For mobile, you‘ll want phones with:

  • Snapdragon 845 chip or higher
  • 6GB RAM minimum
  • Preferably a 90Hz or 120Hz display
  • Large battery 5000mAh+ for longevity

Great options that meet these requirements include the iPhone 11 Pro/12 Pro and above, Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Asus ROG Phones, and OnePlus devices like the 8T.

Choosing devices with enough power ensures Tower of Fantasy runs smoothly so you can enjoy it to the fullest and have no issues redeeming codes!

Next, let‘s go over recommendations for budget PC and phone options to play Tower of Fantasy.

Budget PC & Phone Recommendations

Gaming can get expensive, especially if you want high-end devices. Here are some more affordable options for enjoying Tower of Fantasy:

Budget PCs:

  • Acer Nitro 5 – Starts around $669 with GTX 1650 graphics, 8GB RAM

  • Dell Inspiron – Starts around $559 with Ryzen 5 CPU, 8GB RAM

  • HP Pavilion – Starts around $579 with i5 CPU, GTX 1650, 8GB RAM

Budget Phone Options:

  • Poco F3 – Starts around $349 with Snapdragon 870 and 6GB RAM

  • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G – $449 with Exynos 1280 chipset and 6GB RAM

  • OnePlus Nord N20 SE – $299 with Snapdragon 695 5G chip

These cheaper but capable options ensure you can run Tower of Fantasy smoothly at medium-high settings and participate in all the code redemptions!

Next up, some tips on organizing codes properly so you never lose one.

Tips for Managing Codes

To avoid losing track of codes, use these handy tips:

  • Take screenshots of new codes from official sources before redeeming.

  • Save images of working codes to a dedicated album or folder.

  • Transcribe codes into a note app or document for easy access later.

  • Bookmark sites hosting lists of currently active codes.

  • Enable notifications from official ToF social media channels announcing codes.

  • Set reminders on your phone when new time-limited codes release.

  • Name screenshots and notes of codes by date or version to stay organized.

  • Cross out redeemed codes in your notes so you know which are used up.

  • Store codes securely like in a password manager rather than scattered across chats.

Organizing Tower of Fantasy codes properly takes a bit of work but ensures you have a record easily accessible when needed. No more losing out on rewards again!

As we near the end, let‘s recap all we‘ve covered into a checklist you can use.

Tower of Fantasy Code Redemption Checklist

Follow this checklist to ensure you never miss a Tower of Fantasy code again:

✅ Enable notifications from official ToF social media to receive new code alerts

✅ Note down codes and take screenshots as soon as they are announced

✅ Redeem codes in-game within 1-2 weeks before they expire

✅ Enter codes carefully and exactly as written since they are case-sensitive

✅ Claim all rewards from your in-game mailbox before they disappear

✅ Use codes meant for your server region only

✅ Bookmark a page where you can easily copy-paste codes to avoid typos

✅ Organize your redeemed codes using the tips provided earlier

✅ Have fun and enjoy all the free currency, materials and items!

Following this Tower of Fantasy code redemption checklist will help you stay on track and maximize the loot you can claim from each new code.

Time to Grab Your Free Rewards

And that‘s everything you need to know about redeeming promo codes in the incredible new MMORPG Tower of Fantasy!

With this step-by-step guide, handy tips and answers to common questions, you‘ll be able to smoothly redeem all the latest working codes for tons of free currency, materials, and other rewards.

Just be sure to act quickly whenever new Tower of Fantasy codes release, since they expire fast. Also organize your codes properly so you have an easy reference.

Hopefully you enjoyed this detailed promo code guide. Now get in-game and start claiming all those awesome freebies to kickstart your Tower of Fantasy adventure! Let me know if this was helpful. Enjoy!


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