How to Redeem a MultiVersus Code – A Comprehensive Guide

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Hey friend! Have you managed to get an early access code for the new platform fighter MultiVersus? If so, you‘ve scored access to one of the hottest new games around. With an all-star cast of characters like Batman, Arya Stark, and Shaggy facing off in epic battles, MultiVersus brings platform fighter gameplay to a whole new level.

In this in-depth guide, I‘ll walk you through step-by-step how to redeem your MultiVersus early access code. We‘ll cover linking your accounts, claiming the code on Twitch, choosing your platform, redeeming the code, and installing the game.

By the end, you‘ll be well on your way to smashing enemies with Superman‘s super strength, bamboozling foes with Bugs Bunny‘s tricks, and chowing down on scooby snacks with the hungry Shaggy. Let‘s get started!

An Introduction to MultiVersus – The All-Star Platform Fighter

Before we dive into redeeming your code, let me provide some background on MultiVersus for anyone unfamiliar with this brand new game.

MultiVersus is the newest entry into the platform fighting game genre. Games like Super Smash Bros. and Brawlhalla pioneered the category, pitting characters from various franchises against each other in 2D style 4-player battles.

Developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Games, MultiVersus features iconic characters from Warner Bros. properties like DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, and more. The full launch roster includes:

  • DC Comics: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn
  • Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny, Taz the Tasmanian Devil
  • Scooby-Doo: Shaggy, Velma
  • Game of Thrones: Arya Stark
  • Adventure Time: Jake the Dog, Finn the Human
  • Steven Universe: Garnet
  • Iron Giant (from the film of the same name)

The game launched in a closed alpha from May 19-27, 2022. During this testing period, lucky participants got to try out MultiVersus ahead of its full release.

Now, MultiVersus is running an open beta that anyone can download. However, early access codes are granting select players the chance to join the open beta before others.

Scoring an Early Access Code

So how can you get one of these coveted early access codes? There are a few different methods:

  • Watching participating Twitch streamers and earning Twitch Drops
  • Receiving a code directly from Warner Bros. Games
  • Entering giveaways for codes on social media and forums

The most common way is through Twitch Drops by watching streams of MultiVersus. Players can link their WB Games and Twitch accounts. Then by watching streams for a certain amount of time (usually 1 hour), you earn Twitch Drops which contain early access codes.

For example, during the closed alpha, watching for an hour would grant access to the full game. Now in the open beta, watching streams earns you an Early Access drop, allowing you to play before Open Beta begins on July 26.

So if you watched enough MultiVersus on Twitch to earn an Early Access drop, then you‘ve got a code waiting to be redeemed!

Overview of Redeeming Your MultiVersus Early Access Code

Here are the steps we‘ll cover to walk through redeeming your code:

  1. Link your Twitch and WB Games accounts
  2. Claim your code on Twitch
  3. Sign into your WB Games account
  4. Select your gaming platform
  5. Copy your unique MultiVersus code
  6. Redeem your code on your chosen platform
  7. Install MultiVersus
  8. Start playing!

I‘ll go through each step in detail below. But first, let‘s look at why linking your accounts is so important.

Linking Your Twitch and WB Games Accounts

In order to redeem your code, your Twitch account needs to be connected to your WB Games account.

This linking is crucial because you first claim the actual code on Twitch before redeeming it. The integration allows your WB Games account to pull in the MultiVersus code from your Twitch inventory.

Here are the steps to make sure your accounts are linked:

  1. Go to the WB Games account link page at
  2. Click "Link Account"
  3. Sign in with your Twitch account credentials
  4. Authorize the link

Link Twitch and WB Games Accounts

Once connected, your accounts will stay linked unless you manually disconnect them later. You can check your connections under "Connections" at

With your accounts linked, you‘re ready to grab your code from Twitch!

Claiming Your MultiVersus Code on Twitch

Now it‘s time to claim the actual code from your Twitch Drops inventory:

  1. Go to your Twitch Drops page at
  2. Locate the "MultiVersus Early Access" drop
  3. Click the "Claim" button
  4. On the popup modal, click "Claim Code"

Claim MultiVersus Early Access Drop on Twitch

This redeems the code from your Twitch Drops and registers it to your linked WB Games account. The code will now be waiting for you on the MultiVersus redemption site.

Important: You must claim codes within 24 hours or else they expire and disappear from your inventory, so don‘t delay!

Signing Into Your WB Games Account

With your code claimed on Twitch, head to the MultiVersus redemption page at

Click "Sign In" and enter your WB Games account credentials. If you‘re already logged in, it will say "Continue as [Your Username]" instead.

Sign in to WB Account

This ensures you redeem the code on the proper account. Once signed in, it‘s time to choose your platform.

Choosing Your Gaming Platform

On the redemption page, you‘ll need to select which gaming platform you want to redeem the code for:

  • PlayStation – Redeems the code on the PlayStation Network for PS4 or PS5
  • Xbox – Redeems the code on Xbox Live for Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S
  • Steam – Redeems the code on Steam for PC

Select Platform

Pick the platform you plan to play MultiVersus on and click "Next". Each code can only be redeemed on one platform, so choose wisely!

I recommend selecting the platform that will give you the best MultiVersus performance. Here‘s a quick comparison:

Platform Perks Drawbacks
PlayStation Large player base, couch co-op Limited to PlayStation consoles
Xbox Couch co-op, Xbox-exclusive characters Smaller user base than PlayStation
Steam Largest player pool, keyboard and mouse controls Requires a capable gaming PC

Once you‘ve chosen your platform, it‘s time to copy your unique code.

Copying Your MultiVersus Early Access Code

On the next page, you‘ll see your platform‘s specific MultiVersus code displayed. Click the copy button to copy the code to your clipboard.

I recommend pasting this into a text file as a backup. This is the key you‘ll need to redeem on your console or Steam.

Copy MultiVersus Code

With your unique code copied, we‘re ready for the last step – actually redeeming it!

Redeeming Your Code on Your Chosen Gaming Platform

Now it‘s time to take the code you copied and activate it on your selected platform:

For PlayStation:

  • On your PS4/PS5, go to the PlayStation Store
  • Go to Redeem Codes and enter your code
  • You can also redeem PlayStation codes via the website

For Xbox:

  • On your Xbox One/Series X/S, open the Microsoft Store
  • Navigate to Redeem Code and enter your code
  • Alternatively, redeem the code at

For Steam:

  • In the Steam desktop app, click the Games menu
  • Select Activate a Product on Steam
  • Enter the code and click Next to redeem it

Redeem Code on Steam

After activating your code, MultiVersus will be registered to your account! All that‘s left now is installing it.

Downloading and Installing MultiVersus

With your code redeemed, MultiVersus will start automatically downloading on your platform‘s servers.

You can track the installation progress:

  • On PlayStation, check your Game Library
  • On Xbox, view the Queue or My Games & Apps
  • On Steam, monitor your Library download progress

Once finished, MultiVersus will appear in your libraries ready to play!

Dive Into the Chaotic Fun of MultiVersus!

Congratulations, you‘ve officially redeemed your MultiVersus early access code!

With the game installed, now the really fun begins. It‘s time to dive into MultiVersus and start battling other players in frantic 4-player combat!

Here are just some of the awesome experiences waiting for you in MultiVersus:

  • Master your favorite characters like Batman, Shaggy, and Arya Stark
  • Unlock perks and upgrades to customize your fighter‘s stats
  • Discover each character‘s unique fighting style and moves
  • Explore dynamic maps themed after the different franchises
  • Execute epic signature moves to defeat opponents
  • Team up with or take on friends in 2v2 co-op matches
  • Climb the ranks in competitive 1v1 matches
  • Enjoy full cross-play between PlayStation, Xbox and PC
  • Earn Gleamium currency to acquire cosmetics and Battle Passes

Plus, MultiVersus is just getting started, with more characters like Morty from Rick and Morty slated to be added in the future. Now is a perfect time to get in early and start honing your skills!

So get out there and start battling other players online. Knock Superman off the map with Shaggy‘s sandwich punch. Escape Arya‘s assassin attacks by shape-shifting as Jake the Dog. Pull off combo breakers with Bugs Bunny‘s mallet. The multiverse awaits – have fun exploring it!

Recap: Redeeming Your MultiVersus Early Access Code

To recap the full code redemption process:

  1. Link your Twitch and WB Games accounts
  2. Claim the code from your Twitch Drops
  3. Sign into WB Games and select your platform
  4. Copy the unique MultiVersus code
  5. Redeem the code on your chosen gaming platform
  6. Install MultiVersus after redemption
  7. Hop online and start playing!

With these simple steps complete, you‘ll be smashing, bashing, and battling in MultiVersus in no time.

Thanks for reading this in-depth guide on how to redeem your MultiVersus early access code. I hope it provided lots of helpful instructions and background to get you started with this awesome game. Now get out there and start delivering some beatdowns with Bugs Bunny!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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