How to Remove the WhatsApp Channel Updates Option for a Distraction-Free Status Page

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As a fellow tech geek, I‘m sure you‘ve noticed the new Channel Updates tab that WhatsApp recently added to the status page. This handy tab shows posts and updates from any WhatsApp channels you follow all in one place. While it can be useful for some, I know many users find it cluttered and unnecessary.

If you want to remove the Channel Updates tab and reclaim a clean, distraction-free WhatsApp status page, I‘ve got you covered. I‘ll walk you through how to delete the Channel Updates option on both Android and iPhone. I‘ve tested these methods myself – as a fellow WhatsApp power user I want to share what I‘ve learned to help you customize your ideal experience.

Let‘s start by taking a quick look at what this new Channel Updates tab actually does, before jumping into the step-by-step guide on removing it for a streamlined status page again.

What Does the WhatsApp Channel Updates Tab Do?

The Channel Updates tab displays status updates and posts from any WhatsApp channels you follow.

WhatsApp channels allow businesses, organizations, influencers, and public figures to broadcast updates to large groups of followers. It‘s kind of like a one-to-many version of WhatsApp for public announcements and mass communication.

When you follow an official channel, any status updates they post will show up in your dedicated Channel Updates tab. This separates their updates from your personal contacts‘ statuses in the main Status tab.

According to WhatsApp, this new Channel Updates tab rolled out to users starting September 13, 2022. So if you have the latest version of WhatsApp, you‘ll see it next to your main Status tab:

The idea is to provide a dedicated feed where you can easily see new posts from all the channels you follow. You no longer have to dig through your main status page to find channel updates.

For some users, having all channel updates in one place is super helpful. But as a fellow WhatsApp aficionado, I totally get why others see the Channel Updates tab as distracting clutter they want to remove.

If you only follow a couple channels or prefer your status page reserved for friends, the tab feels unnecessary. And if certain channels post frequently, their updates can quickly overwhelm your Status feed.

Luckily, it is possible to delete the Channel Updates tab for a decluttered status page again. But how you go about it depends on whether you use Android or iPhone. Let‘s dive into the step-by-step process next.

Removing the WhatsApp Channel Updates Tab on Android

Thanks to the open nature of Android, there‘s a straightforward way to remove the Channel Updates tab from WhatsApp on your device:

Downgrade to an older version of WhatsApp from before the tab launched on September 13.

By installing an older APK, you‘ll roll back to a version that pre-dates the Channel Updates tab. Here are the detailed steps to try on your Android:

Step 1: Back Up Your WhatsApp Messages

Before making any major changes like downgrading the app, it‘s wise to back up your WhatsApp data. This saves your messages to Google Drive as a precaution.

To back up your chats:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Tap the 3-dot menu button
  3. Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup
  4. Tap Back Up.

This will make sure your messages are safely stored in Google Drive just in case.

Step 2: Uninstall Updates to Revert to the Factory Version

Now it‘s time to uninstall any WhatsApp updates and revert back to the original factory version that came with your Android:

  1. Open your Android Settings app
  2. Tap Apps & Notifications (or Apps)
  3. Select WhatsApp
  4. Tap the 3-dot menu button in the corner
  5. Choose Uninstall Updates.

This will roll WhatsApp back to the default factory version that your phone originally came with, before any of the latest updates added the Channel Updates tab.

Step 3: Download and Install an Older APK Version of WhatsApp

Next, you‘ll want to install an even older APK version of WhatsApp from before the tab launched on September 13.

I recommend downloading from a reputable site like APKMirror. Go to the WhatsApp page and browse the version history to find an APK from September 8 or earlier.

For example, WhatsApp version from September 8 is guaranteed not to have the Channel Updates tab. Download this older APK file on your Android.

Once downloaded, open the APK to install this older version of Whatsapp. It will replace the factory version you reverted to in Step 2.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. You may need to re-verify your phone number.

Step 4: Disable Auto-Updates

The final important step is to disable auto-updates for WhatsApp so it doesn‘t automatically upgrade and re-add the Channel Updates tab.

To disable auto-updating:

  1. Open your Android Settings
  2. Tap Apps & notifications
  3. Select WhatsApp
  4. Turn off the "Enable auto-update" switch.

This will prevent WhatsApp from being updated again until you manually trigger it. That way, the older version you installed stays put without the channel tab.

And that‘s all it takes! With an older APK installed and auto-updates disabled, the WhatsApp Channel Updates tab should now be gone from your Android device.

The key is staying on an older version so the tab doesn‘t reappear if WhatsApp gets updated again. But as long as you stick with the September 8 APK (or earlier), you‘re all set.

Let‘s move on to see how iPhone users can also remove the tab, although through more of a workaround.

Removing the Channel Updates Tab on iPhone

For iPhone users, deleting the WhatsApp Channel Updates tab requires a different approach than on Android.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn‘t allow downloading older versions of apps like Android does. So iPhone owners can‘t just install an outdated WhatsApp APK to remove the tab.

However, there is a workaround to make the tab disappear from view on iPhones:

By disabling read receipts for channels, you can hide the tab and remove it from your status page.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Settings

First, open up the WhatsApp Settings screen:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Tap the Settings tab in the bottom right
  3. Go to the Account menu
  4. Choose Privacy

This will take you to the app privacy settings for WhatsApp.

Step 2: Turn Off Read Receipts for Groups & Channels

In the Privacy settings, find the option for Read Receipts.

Toggle the switch for Read Receipts off for Groups & Channels. Leave it enabled for Contacts if you want.

This makes it so WhatsApp channels can no longer view read receipts from you.

Step 3: Close the Channel Updates Tab

Head back to your WhatsApp Status page.

Open the Channel Updates tab, then swipe upwards to close it.

With read receipts off, the tab will now appear empty. And since you swiped it closed, the Channel Updates tab will stay hidden from your status page.

Unfortunately this doesn‘t permanently delete the tab from WhatsApp on iPhones. If you open Channel Updates again, the tab will reappear.

But swiping it closed each time combined with disabled read receipts makes the tab stay invisible so it doesn‘t clutter your status page.

Until WhatsApp adds a native option to disable the Channel Updates tab, this is the next best workaround for iPhone owners to keep that tab hidden.

When the Channel Updates Tab Can Actually Be Useful

Now you know how to remove the pesky Channel Updates tab from WhatsApp for a clean status page again. But while many users find it annoying, there are some cases where the tab can come in handy:

  • Following important channels like local news and events – Having their updates in one place makes them easy to check.

  • Managing WhatsApp Business accounts – The tab lets you separate key channel announcements from personal chats.

  • Reducing clutter in your main status feed – Frequent posters get moved out of your main status page.

  • Checking for timely updates – The tab lets you monitor channels you care about for recent posts.

So if you rely on WhatsApp channels for business, organizations, news or influencers, the Channel Updates tab can be convenient. But for personal use, deleting it often makes for a less distracting experience.

The choice is yours – now you can decide which WhatsApp status page works best for your needs.

Common Questions About Removing the Channel Updates Tab

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about deleting the WhatsApp Channel Updates tab:

Does uninstalling WhatsApp updates remove the tab on iPhones?

Unfortunately no. Unlike on Android, iPhone doesn‘t allow downgrading to older app versions. So you can‘t fully delete the tab through uninstalling updates.

If I remove the tab, will I stop getting channel update notifications?

Nope! You‘ll still get notified of new channel posts. Removing the dedicated tab just hides those posts from having their own separate Channel Updates feed.

Can I mute notifications from just the Channel Updates tab?

There‘s no setting specifically for muting only the Channel Updates tab. But you can long press any individual channel‘s update and select Mute to stop notifications from them.

Without disabling read receipts, is there any other way to hide the tab on iPhones?

Currently, disabling read receipts is the only real workaround for removing the Channel Updates tab from view on iOS. A future WhatsApp update may add settings to customize the tab.

What happens if I re-enable WhatsApp auto-updates after deleting the tab on Android?

If you turn auto-update back on, eventually your Android WhatsApp will upgrade to the latest version with the Channel Updates tab again. To keep it hidden, you need to stay on the older APK.

The Bottom Line

While the WhatsApp Channel Updates tab has its benefits, I totally understand the appeal of removing it for a decluttered status page. Downgrading Android WhatsApp to an older APK version offers the most straightforward solution. On iPhones, disabling read receipts provides a handy workaround for keeping the tab out of sight.

I hope these tips help you tailor your WhatsApp and reclaim the perfectly optimized status page you want. As a fellow WhatsApp geek, I‘m always happy to share the knowledge I‘ve picked up about customizing this amazing app we all rely on.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always tinkering away with WhatsApp settings and experimenting to find new tricks.


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