How to Repair the Mysterious Sumeru Broken Elemental Monument in Genshin Impact

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Have you uncovered a mysterious broken monument hidden in the forests of Sumeru? Restoring power to this long-dormant structure will unlock an epic quest to rediscover long-lost elemental techniques. As an avid Genshin Impact player and tech geek, I‘m excited to guide you through every step required to repair the Sumeru broken elemental monument.

In this comprehensive walkthrough, we‘ll cover:

  • The monument‘s mysterious origins and purpose
  • Finding the exact location in western Avidya Forest
  • Obtaining the special Kusava fruit to activate it
  • Tips for battling nearby enemies
  • Step-by-step instructions to restore the monument‘s power
  • Unlocking the Rhythm of Revival song to locate more monuments
  • Recommended party setups and character builds
  • How activating monuments connects to other exciting Sumeru quests
  • And much more to help you seamlessly complete this quest!

Let‘s dive right into unravelling the secrets of the Sumeru monuments together.

Deciphering the Mysterious History of the Sumeru Monuments

The elemental monuments dotting Sumeru‘s landscape hold fascinating secrets waiting to be unearthed. Based on in-game lore books like "Perennial Recitals Volume I", these ancient structures were constructed centuries ago by sages adept in manipulating Dendro, Electro, and Hydro powers.

Each monument harnesses the energies of Teyvat‘s elements to benefit surrounding wildlife and the environment. However, wear and tear over the ages caused many of the monuments to fall into disrepair and lose their elemental abilities.

Restoring power to the monuments appears to be the key to reawakening long-dormant aspects of Sumeru‘s history and culture. The scholar Arama is actively seeking to rediscover the lost art of the Rhythm of Revival – songs that can harness elemental energy to repair the broken monuments.

Could restoring this mysterious broken monument hold the key to unlocking the Rhythm of Revival? Let‘s find out!

Pinpointing the Exact Location of the Mysterious Monument

The broken elemental monument we‘re looking for is tucked away in a remote corner of Avidya Forest along Sumeru‘s northern border.

To find it, we‘ll need to first teleport to the nearest Statue of the Seven, which can be found in the Avidya Forest region. Open your map and fast travel to the "Statue of The Seven – Dendro" teleport waypoint.

Map image highlighting Statue of the Seven teleport point

From this vantage point, we need to head north through the dense forest. The monument is located just across the border with the Upper Aaru Village region.

Follow the path leading north from the statue and cross the bridge over the river. You‘ll pass by a small Academia outpost as you traverse the hilly forest terrain.

Keep heading north until you reach the objective marker pinned on your map. The full route is marked on this detailed map:

Annotated map with route to take from Statue to monument

Upon reaching the objective location, you‘ll discover the ancient monument tucked amidst the foliage.

Activating the Quest at the Mysterious Monument

Approach the monument and interact with it to begin the "Rhythm of Revival" world quest. This will officially mark its location on your map for easy return trips.

The monument itself is an ornate stone structure etched with intricate elemental carvings. Strangely, it appears to have been deliberately damaged long ago, with chunks of stone broken off around a square pedestal.

Image of the weathered elemental monument

A large fragment is missing from the pedestal, leaving behind an vacant cube-shaped socket. It looks like we‘ll need to find the missing piece to restore power to the monument.

But first, let‘s ensure the area is secure by dealing with any nearby enemies.

Battling Enemies Near the Monument Site

The Avidya Forest region can be dense with dangerous wildlife and monsters. Let‘s strategize the best party setup and tactics for safely handling enemies near the monument site:

Recommended Party

  • Dendro Traveler – essential for Dunyarzard-weakening Dendro reactions
  • Fischl or Keqing – Aggravate reactions vs Quilin and Viparious
  • Anemo support like Sucrose for crowd control
  • Healer like Barbara or Kokomi to sustain fights

Key Tactics

  • Utilize Dendro Traveler‘s Elemental Skill to spawn a Dendro core for triggering Spread and Aggravate against grouped enemies
  • Fischl‘s Oz can constantly trigger Aggravate while you focus on the Dunyarzard
  • Sucrose‘s abilities swirl Dendro cores and group lighter enemies
  • Keqing‘s AoE Burst casts widespread Dendro Cores from the Traveler‘s Burst
  • Constant Electro reactions will help take down the tanky Rishboland Tigers
  • Stay alert for Quilin projectiles and move frequently to dodge

With the right lineup and strategy, you can conquer even the most perilous challenges that Avidya Forest throws your way. Now let‘s get that missing monument piece!

Obtaining the Mysterious Kusava Fruit

Your next objective is to find a special fruit called Kusava that fits perfectly into the pedestal socket. This will provide the kick needed to reactivate the broken monument.

To obtain Kusava, head west just past the monument to the cooking spot where you‘ll find Chef Mao. Interact with him to receive the unique Kusava fruit.

Image of Chef Mao's cooking spot near the monument

Kusava only grows in the forests of Sumeru and contains potent Dendro elemental energy according to scholars. It‘s the perfect catalyst for restoring power to the damaged monument.

Restoring the Monument Using Kusava

Kusava in hand, return to the broken monument and approach the pedestal. When prompted, open your inventory and select the Kusava fruit.

Interact with the pedestal to firmly lodge the Kusava into the empty cube socket. Your character will comment that the monument seems to be missing one final ingredient.

To provide that extra boost, simply strike the pedestal several times with a normal attack (default E key). Any character will do here.

After a few hits, the monument will suddenly surge with Dendro elemental energy, indicating a success! A cutscene plays, showing green energy flowing through all the carved paths along the structure.

Unlocking the Rhythm of Revival

With the monument restored, a cave will open up beneath it providing access to the structure‘s inner chamber.

Head inside the monument and you‘ll meet Arama, a Sumeru scholar studying the lost Rhythm of Revival technique for reactivating damaged monuments.

Arama will teach you the Rhythm of Revival song that harnesses Dendro elemental energy. Equip the Lyre gadget and you can play this song to fix other broken monuments scattered across Sumeru!

Monument Details
Original purpose Harness and spread Dendro energy
builders Sumeru sages centuries ago
Current status Damaged but repaired with Kusava
Repair energy Dendro
Repair item Kusava fruit
Song unlocked Rhythm of Revival

Reawakening this mysterious monument has unlocked a whole new questline to find and restore the remaining damaged structures across the region.

Based on my own experience fully exploring Sumeru, here are my recommended party configurations and character builds for smoothly completing the monument restoration quest:

Dendro Traveler – Incredibly useful for Dendro element application. Build focused on EM for Spread/Aggravate reactions.

Fischl – Flexible Sub DPS for near-constant Electro application to trigger Aggravate. ATK/Electro/Crit build.

Sucrose – VV support to swirl Dendro and group enemies. Full EM build to boost reactions.

Kokomi – Comfortable healer with Hydro application. Healing Bonus/HP%/HB artifacts.

This party has all the elements covered for Dendro reactions, AoE abilities, healing, and monster crowd control. You‘ll be able to overcome any combat-related obstacles during the quest.

For the monument puzzles specifically, I‘d recommend having an archer like Fischl to hit far switches. Multiples elements are also useful for clearing elemental monuments.

Connections to Other Sumeru Quests

Activating the Avidya Forest monument is just the beginning! This unlocks a long series of world quests that will take you across Sumeru to find and restore power to the other damaged monuments.

Notable examples include:

  • Dream Nursery – Requires gaining access to the Shiftta Inversia realm in Vanarana

  • The Third Enigma – Activation reveals a time trial challenge domain

  • Adventurers‘ Guild Request – Restoring this monument completes a Guild bounty

  • King Deshret‘s Relic – Monument holds a key to unlock a damaged ruin mechanism

Repairing the monuments will reveal many more hidden puzzles, challenges, and stories scattered across Sumeru‘s lush landscape. It‘s an incredibly rewarding endeavor for adventurers!


The mysterious broken monuments of Sumeru hold fascinating secrets just waiting to be rediscovered. By following this comprehensive guide, you can successfully repair the broken Avidya Forest monument and begin unveiling the history of the Rhythm of Revival.

The journey leads through challenging battles, unique puzzles, and intriguing lore. I hope the detailed walkthrough and tips provided here will help you smoothly overcome every obstacle you encounter. Now get out there and bring those gorgeous monuments back to their former glory! The secrets of Sumeru await.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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