Unlock the Risen Snow Armor Early in God of War Ragnarök and Dominate the Frozen Wilds

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My friend, if you seek glory in battle against the perilous creatures of the Norse wilds, look no further than the Risen Snow Armor. This legendary set of mythic armor debuts in God of War Ragnarök, enchanting players with its fur-lined cloak and ornate antlered pauldrons. By unlocking its potential early on in your journey, you can gain an immediate edge against ice-wielding foes.

In this expanded guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to know to acquire the Risen Snow Armor within the first hour of gameplay. Once equipped, this frost-resistant gear will enable you to venture into frozen realms confidently and unleash the full wrath of your Leviathan Axe against any who stand in your way.

Backstory of the Risen Snow Armor

This armor‘s chilling name befits the harsh, icy climes of Midgard in the age of Fimbulwinter. According to legend, the Risen Snow Armor was forged centuries ago by the master blacksmith dwarves Brokkr and Eitri. They crafted the armor from magically imbued metals and pelts found only in the most frigid mountain peaks of the Nine Realms.

Wearing the completed Risen Snow Armor set purportedly enables the user to withstand biting winds, subzero temperatures, and the deadliest ice magic. Historical accounts tell of early Norse warriors and berserkers relying on the armor when hunting and battling through Midgard‘s frozen forests and glacial plains. Some believed donning the armor even bestowed upon the wearer the mythical vigor of an ice giant.

In God of War Ragnarök, the rediscovered Risen Snow Armor delivers on its legendary reputation. Upgrading the armor at vendors increases its already substantial defense, allowing you to charge headfirst into fights with frost giants, ice-breathing dragons, and the freezing undead. Advanced Frost resistance keeps you in the fight against practically any frozen foe.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get the Armor Quickly

Acquiring this mighty armor set as early as possible lets you crush enemies underestimating your power. Here is the process for unlocking the Risen Snow Armor within 60 minutes of beginning God of War Ragnarök:

Step 1 – Finish the Opening Mission (50 minutes)

Jumping right into Ragnarök, you must guide Kratos through an introductory mission that serves as a tutorial. This snowy opening level teaches you the basics of movement, combat, using your Leviathan Axe, interacting with Atreus, and more.

Stick with this mission until you reach the end and trigger the game‘s title screen. This signals you have officially finished the prologue and entered the open world. Completing this full intro sequence takes roughly 50 minutes.

Step 2 – Travel to Sindri‘s House (5 minutes)

After finishing the beginning mission, your next objective is finding Sindri‘s house where the armor awaits. To reach it quickly, open your map and set a waypoint on Sindri‘s house. Then enter the nearby Mystic Gateway to instantly transport to the Lake of Nine.

From the lake, head east through the wooded trail until you reach Sindri‘s home. This picturesque house overlooks the water from a rocky crag. Get there in about 5 minutes.

Step 3 – Loot the Chest Next to Brok (1 minute)

Upon entering Sindri‘s house, you‘ll see the bickering dwarven brothers Sindri and Brok. Along the right wall is a large wooden chest. Interact with it to find the Risen Snow Armor pieces inside.

This key chest contains all preorder and deluxe edition bonus content. Loot it right away to obtain your new gear.

Step 4 – Equip at the Weapons Table (4 minutes)

Return outside and walk around the cliffside path to a weapon workbench. Use this customizable weapons and armor table to equip the Risen Snow Armor pieces you just claimed from the chest.

With all 3 armor pieces equipped, your Frost resistance and Runic Attack abilities will surge. That completes the unlock process in just 1 hour!

Once obtained, the Risen Snow Armor empowers you to crush the opposition across all of Midgard‘s frozen threats. Take advantage of these tips and strategies:

Freeze Enemies Longer

The Risen Snow Armor improves the duration of Frost status effects applied by your Runic Attacks up to 3x longer. Lean on your equipped Runics frequently to paralyze groups of enemies, leaving them vulnerable. Opt for heavy Runic Attacks like Frost Awaken to maximize this benefit.

Resist Damage from Ice Attacks

Don‘t shy away from taking on ice-based foes thanks to the major 45% Frost resistance buff. Their icy blows barely scratch you now. Charge in against standard Draugr, Nightmares, Ogres, and Dark Elves without fear.

Upgrade Early and Often

At every blacksmith, use your hard-earned Hacksilver to increase the armor‘s defense and unlock powerful new Enchantment sockets. Upgrading to level 5 unlocks an incredibly useful Frost Burst perk that automatically blasts nearby enemies with frost damage when hit.

Find the Best Enchantments

Fill available Enchantment slots with support gems that raise Frost damage and resistance even further. Good options include Glacier Burst, Frost Mastery, and Eye of Surtr. Combining the armor with these can make you nearly impervious to all ice attacks.

Have Atreus Support You

Don‘t neglect improving Atreus‘s armor too. Outfit your son with complimentary sets like the Fury of the Ice Troll to give him Frost resistance. With Atreus unfazed by cold alongside you, together nothing can stand against your family.

Detailed Comparison to Other God of War Ragnarök Armor Sets

While excellent early on, how does the Risen Snow Armor stack up against other late-game legendary armor sets? Let‘s see how it compares to top options:

Risen Snow Armor

  • Acquired: Immediately
  • Defense: Up to 218
  • Resistances: 45% Frost
  • Strengths: Runic Attack Frost duration and damage

Berserker Armor

  • Acquired: After main story completion
  • Defense: Up to 295
  • Resistances: 45% Fire
  • Strengths: Rage generation and damage

Steinbjorn Armor

  • Acquired: After completing Favor "The Quest for Tyr"
  • Defense: Up to 340
  • Resistances: 45% Physical Damage
  • Strengths: Strength and runic stat boosts

While not quite as strong defensively as elite endgame armor, the Risen Snow Armor remains viable even in the late stages of your journey thanks to its excellent Frost enhancements. It‘s easy to acquire immediately and can carry you through the toughest encounters until you uncover more formidable protection.

Closing Tips on Redeeming God of War Ragnarök DLC

Before concluding this guide, I want to quickly touch on how to redeem downloadable content for God of War Ragnarök if you didn‘t purchase the Digital Deluxe edition. Throughout the game‘s launch, Sony provides promotional DLC codes that unlock special items like the Risen Snow Armor.

If you receive one of these 13-character DLC codes, here is how to redeem it:

  1. On your PlayStation, open the PlayStation Store from the home screen.

  2. Select "Redeem Codes" and carefully enter your full code.

  3. Confirm to complete the redemption.

  4. You can then find the redeemed content in the game‘s special chest!

Redeeming DLC codes gives you access to great bonus gear like the Risen Snow Armor without needing to buy deluxe editions or preorders.

Journey Confidently into the Icy Unknown

You now possess all the crucial knowledge required to gain the Risen Snow Armor within the first hour of God of War Ragnarök‘s Norse saga. This frozen realm holds untold dangers, but with legendary armor shielding you and the Leviathan Axe in hand, no monster or god can stand in your way.

Use the Risen Snow Armor to its full potential by extending your Runic Attack Frost abilities while shrugging off damage from coldest winds and spells. Together with Atreus, unleash the fury of Fimbulwinter upon those who would do your family harm. Your destiny awaits across the Nine Realms, my friend. Now go forth, and show the gods what becomes of those who dare cross Kratos!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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