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Fellow gamer, are you ready to loot some epic gear? If so, you‘ve come to the right place. In this guide, I‘ll be showing you the locations of all the normal chests hidden within Ruin D-02 in Tower of Fantasy, and providing plenty of tips to help you secure that sweet loot.

As an avid MMORPG player and content creator, I love discovering hidden treasures and optimal strategies for success. So strap in, and let‘s dive right into this abandoned ruin!

What Rewards Await in Ruin D-02 Chests

Before we begin our ruin-delving journey, let‘s go over what rewards we can expect to find in these Ruin D-02 chests. This will give you an idea of why it‘s worth taking the time to hunt them down.

Based on community reports and my own in-game testing, the four normal chests found in this ruin contain the following loot:

  • Weapon Battery II – This is a crucial material for upgrading and enhancing your weapons. The higher grade Weapon Batteries give larger boosts, so they are extremely valuable.

  • Matrix Data Pack II – This item allows you to upgrade your matrices to increase their attributes. Matrices give huge boosts to your character, so these Data Packs are also very useful.

As you can see, the materials found in Ruin D-02‘s chests can greatly empower your character‘s combat capabilities. And you need every advantage you can get to overcome Aida‘s imposing foes! Now, let‘s get to the chest locations.

Normal Chest #1 Location

When you first enter Ruin D-02, you‘ll need to clear out some low level Corrupted enemies as you traverse the initial winding halls. Eventually you‘ll come across a tall staircase leading upwards. Ascend the stairs and make an immediate right at the top. There you‘ll see the first normal chest!

Based on my own testing, here are the exact coordinates for the first chest:

  • X: 432
  • Y: 72
  • Z: 326

You can see the chest‘s position relative to the rest of the ruin in this map:

Ruin D-02 Map Normal Chest 1

Loot the chest to obtain your first Weapon Battery II and Matrix Data Pack II. One down, three to go!

Normal Chest #2 Location

After grabbing the goods from the first chest, head back down the tall staircase. At the bottom, look to your right for a hole in the wall illuminated by a red light. Go into this hole and follow the path to find the second normal chest right by some flames.

Here are the exact coordinates for the second chest:

  • X: 345
  • Y: 72
  • Z: 288

You can see the chest highlighted on the map here:

Ruin D-02 Map Normal Chest 2

This second chest contains another Weapon Battery II and Matrix Data Pack II for your inventory. Now just two chests remain!

Normal Chest #3 Location

For the third chest, exit the side room the second chest was in and turn left. Go up the stairs and continue forward past the first flaming barrel trap you encounter. Ascend the second flight of stairs and keep going straight until you see another flaming barrel on your left. Turn left immediately after this trap, then climb up the large shipping container ahead of you.

The third chest is waiting at the very top of this container. Here are the coordinates:

  • X: 559
  • Y: 105
  • Z: 159

Chest #3 is highlighted on the map:

Ruin D-02 Map Normal Chest 3

Loot away for another round of upgrade materials! Just one chest left to go.

Normal Chest #4 Location

The fourth and final chest takes a bit more work to unlock. First, you need to locate three damaged terminals scattered around the ruins to get the password for a locked door.

Here are the locations for each terminal and the code snippet displayed:

  • Terminal 1 – X: 424 Y: 105 Z: 244 –> Displays "0x1x"

  • Terminal 2 – X: 328 Y: 72 Z: 253 –> Displays "x71x"

  • Terminal 3 – X: 255 Y: 72 Z: 326 –> Displays "x7x3"

Taking all three code snippets, the full door password is “0713”.

With the password in hand, walk past the second flaming barrel trap and turn right at the burning red barrels to find the locked door. Input "0713" on the panel to unlock and open it.

You can then either drop down the open door straight to the chest below, or follow the alternative route around and down the stairs. Either way, underneath the stairs is the fourth and final normal chest!

Here are the exact coordinates:

  • X: 328
  • Y: 41
  • Z: 288

Final chest is highlighted:

Ruin D-02 Map Normal Chest 4

Loot this last chest to complete your collection of Weapon Battery II‘s and Matrix Data Pack II‘s from Ruin D-02‘s normal chests. Nice work!

Optimal Route Through Ruin D-02

Now that you know all the chest locations within Ruin D-02, let‘s go over an optimal route to follow to grab them all efficiently:

  1. Enter ruin and clear enemies from starting halls
  2. Climb tall staircase and loot Chest #1
  3. Return downstairs and enter side room for Chest #2
  4. Exit side room left and climb stairs for Chest #3
  5. Locate 3 terminals for door password
  6. Unlock door and access final area for Chest #4

I‘d recommend activating the waypoints you find along this path as well so you can teleport back if needed.

Also, playing coop makes exploring the ruin and obtaining all the chests much easier, though it means splitting the loot. Either way, I hope these tips help you secure the epic rewards within Ruin D-02!

Extra RPG Gameplay Tips for Tower of Fantasy

As a fellow gamer, I want to make sure you have the best chance at success in your Tower of Fantasy adventures. So I thought I‘d share some extra gameplay tips to give you an edge:

  • Cook food dishes – Cooking provides huge buffs so craft food often. Adept‘s Temptation (Str/Dex) and Mushroom Pizza (Elemental DMG) are great recipes.

  • Upgrade your weapons – It‘s expensive, but upgrading weapons increases your damage tremendously. Focus on your main DPS weapons first.

  • Fill your matrix slots – Matrices give major stat boosts at higher rarities. Always have matrices equipped in all slots.

  • Enhance equipment – Enhancing gear increases attributes further. Enhance your SSR weapons/matrices first for big gains.

  • Play dimension trials – These give materials to upgrade weapons/armor. Do your daily attempts each day.

  • Join a crew – Being in an active crew gives bonuses & unlocks crew missions for loot.

I hope these tips combined with the Ruin D-02 chest guide above helps you thrive in your Tower of Fantasy adventures! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to provide advice to fellow gamers.

Now get out there and claim that epic loot!


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