How to Get the Scarlet Sand Slate and Unlock All Its Secrets in Genshin Impact

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The recent Version 3.1 update for Genshin Impact took us to the deserts of Sumeru to explore the ancient ruins of a lost civilization. One of the most useful new gadgets added in this update is the Scarlet Sand Slate, which grants you special powers to manipulate ancient mechanisms across the desert. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through how to get this important gadget and explain how to utilize its full potential based on my experience as a Geo/Dendro main.

Introduction to Sumeru‘s Desert Region

Before we dive into the slate itself, let‘s quickly cover some backstory on this fascinating new area unlocked in Genshin Impact 3.1. The western deserts of Sumeru are known as the Land of Lower Setekh, and were once home to a prosperous civilization called the Lost Valley of Queel.

This ancient civilization worshipped the god of wisdom, Anubis, and built elaborate pyramid complexes dedicated to him underground. However, after Anubis disappeared 500 years ago, the people lost their way of life and the desert was overrun by deadly sandstorms and monsters.

Now, the ruins of this once great civilization lie buried under the sands, waiting to be unearthed. The Scarlet Sand Slate is the key to uncovering many of these lost secrets and puzzles.

Location Land of Lower Setekh
Key Areas Aaru Village, Sabzeruz Ruins, Temple of Anubis
Lore Former home of the Lost Valley of Queel civilization
Enemies Dehya Pharozoth, Ruin Serpent, Desert Eremite

What is the Scarlet Sand Slate?

The Scarlet Sand Slate is a handy gadget you can obtain by completing the "Golden Slumber" side quest in Sumeru. Equipping this gadget allows you to interact with and activate various Anubis contraptions found in the ruins.

These contraptions have a red scarlet icon on them, indicating they can be controlled with the slate. The slate gives you special clearance to unlock doorways, extend platforms, reveal secret caves, and more. It‘s extremely useful for solving puzzles and fully exploring the desert region.

Some key things to know about the Scarlet Sand Slate:

  • Obtained midway through "Golden Slumber" side quest
  • Lets you activate Anubis statues and contraptions
  • Controls platforms, doors, teleport waypoints
  • Used to solve many desert puzzles
  • Grants access to hidden domains and chests

Without this gadget, you‘d be stuck or lost in many areas of the desert unable to progress further. So it‘s one of the most important items to obtain right away in Sumeru.

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting the Scarlet Sand Slate

Follow these steps to complete the "Golden Slumber" side quest and get the Scarlet Sand Slate gadget:

1. Accept the "Golden Slumber" Quest

  • Teleport to Aaru Village in the southern desert area
  • Talk to NPC Bonifaz near the village entrance
  • Accept his quest "Golden Slumber"

Bonifaz will explain he needs help investigating some ancient ruins. This kicks off the quest to get the slate.

2. Enter the Pyramid

  • Head south towards the pyramid-shaped structure
  • Use an Anemo character like Sucrose to activate the updrafts
  • Glide downwards and enter the stone doorway

Fight through some spiders and activate the pressure plates to open the door. Go through the passageways until you reach a large chamber.

3. Light the Torches

  • Climb the platforms on the left
  • Activate the Anemo totem to lower the platforms
  • Jump down and light the 4 ground torches

There is also a hidden torch that requires using Electro on a seed to reveal it. I recommend bringing Amber to easily activate all 5.

4. Obtain the Strange Object

  • The torches will unlock the next door
  • Pass through and activate the mechanism
  • Continue forward and grab the strange object on the floor

Picking up this object will trigger a cutscene.

5. Talk to the Ancient Machine

  • Use the nearby mechanism to rise upward
  • On the second floor, interact with the ancient machine

This machine will give you some backstory. Make sure to fully exhaust its dialogue.

6. Return to the Bottom Floor

  • Take the lift back down to the first floor
  • Talk to Jebrael and Tirzad

After their conversation ends, you will finally receive the Scarlet Sand Slate gadget!

With the slate in hand, you can now start unlocking the desert‘s many secrets.

How to Use the Scarlet Sand Slate‘s Powers

Now let‘s discuss how you can utilize the Scarlet Sand Slate‘s special abilities to solve puzzles and unlock hidden areas across Sumeru‘s desert region.

Here are some of the main functions of the slate:

Activate Scarlet Mechanisms

Look for scarlet icons on tablets, pillars, and machines. Approach and use the slate on these to trigger effects.

Unlock Doors

Many sealed doors have a scarlet emblem. Use the slate to open the door and progress.

Extend Platforms

Point at platforms with a scarlet symbol to make them extend, allowing you to cross gaps.

Reveal Hidden Messages

Sometimes stone tablets will light up when you use the slate on them.

Hold Pressure Plates

Standing on plates while using the slate will keep doors open.

Activate Teleport Waypoints

Use the slate on Reidjed Slate Stabilizers to unlock fast travel.

Let‘s look at how this works in practice with a couple examples:

Example 1: Unlocking a Domain with Stone Tablets

In the northeast desert, you‘ll find a locked domain with two stone tablets flanking the entrance. Activate each tablet with the slate to reveal scarlet markings. This will unlock the domain so you can challenge it.

Example 2: Holding Pressure Plates in Ruins

Deep inside the tunnels below ground, you‘ll need to reach an area blocked by closing stone doors. Place a Geo construct on one plate, and have a character hold the other plate with the slate active. This will let your party pass before the door closes.

There are tons of creative ways to utilize the slate like these examples. Make sure to experiment and think outside the box!

Optimizing Parties and Builds With the Scarlet Sand Slate

Now let‘s discuss some of my recommendations for party setups, artifacts, and weapons that pair well with the Scarlet Sand Slate based on my experience.

Recommended Party Members

  • Anemo (Sucrose, Venti) – essential for reaching high slate puzzles
  • Geo (Zhongli, Traveler) – constructs hold pressure plates
  • Electro (Raiden, Keqing) – activate mechanisms, solve electric puzzles
  • Pyro (Amber, Yoimiya) – light torches to unlock doors


  • Archaic Petra – boosts Geo damage for pressure plate holders
  • Viridescent Venerer – amplifies Anemo skills for lifting and suction
  • Thundering Fury – enhances Electro application to solve electric puzzles


  • Skyward Harp (Bow) – aimed shot to hit far away switches
  • Primordial Jade Winged Spear (Polearm) – high ATK for Anemo damage
  • The Catch (Polearm) – boosts Burst DMG which helps while slate is active

Characters like Sucrose and Zhongli paired with these artifacts and weapons will really amplify the power of the Scarlet Sand Slate.

Advanced Tactics and Creative Tricks

Here are some more advanced strategies and creative ideas for using the Scarlet Sand Slate:

  • Use co-op to have one player hold a plate, freeing others to progress
  • Build "bridges" with Geo constructs to cross wide gaps the slate opens
  • Dash and jump quickly through closing doors before they shut
  • Create Wind Catcher drafts upwards, then glide down to platforms
  • Light torch puzzles by shooting arrows through torch rings
  • Carefully planning routes to minimize backtracking. Prioritize unlocking warp points!

Also, don‘t forget to frequently swap between party members. You‘ll need to constantly apply elements in the overworld to fully solve scarlet slate puzzles.

And those are some of my best tips and tricks for mastering the Scarlet Sand Slate! Let me know in the comments if you have any other creative tactics.

Closing Thoughts on Unlocking Sumeru‘s Secrets

The Scarlet Sand Slate really does open up whole new levels of exploration in Genshin Impact‘s desert region. With this handy gadget giving you special clearance powers, you‘ll be able to access thrilling domains, uncover secret caves, open teleport waypoints, and discover treasures you never knew existed under the sands.

I highly recommend taking the time to complete the "Golden Slumber" side quest and get the slate as early as possible when exploring Sumeru. Having that ability to manipulate and activate so many ancient mechanisms scattered everywhere will let you fully appreciate the intricate puzzles and hidden areas this region has to offer.

So grab your best Anemo, Geo, Electro and Pyro party members and equip that Scarlet Sand Slate. Sumeru‘s desert is waiting for you to uncover its lost secrets and treasures! Let me know if this guide helped you on your journey. Now get out there, prove your wisdom to Anubis, and let no puzzle remain unsolved.


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