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See How Kris Sanchez Turned a Twitter Hobby Into a $500,000 Yearly Income

It might sound incredible to turn your tweets into a $500,000 yearly income, but Kris Sanchez has done just that. Sanchez is the founder of the hugely popular Twitter account @UberFacts. He mostly publishes Believe It Or Not trivia and that has made him one of the most recognizable brands on Twitter.

He studied theater and high school and later worked as a dancer, performing at the Microsoft Kinect launch in 2010 in Times Square. He launched UberFacts in 2009 and since than he has accumulated an audience of 7 million followers. He started his

er account as he was bored in college, where he only went for a year. His mission to present his audience with more than just facts.

Now he’s making $500,000 per year just from sponsored links on his account. It works in the following way; a company called SocialReactor, which specializes in connecting social media influencers like Kris with advertisers supplies him with galleries or other web pages which he links to on his

er posts. Then there are his deals with brands like Ford and Paramount, only a simple tweet with a link and a hashtag turns his tweets in a virtual slot machine.

Finally his story is in itself a Believe-It-Or-Not story. Sanchez is among the rare breed of people that have turned their hobby in a lucrative business without any special training in the field, just by following their intuition.

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