Resolving the "Servers Down for Maintenance" Issue in MultiVersus

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Have you tried playing MultiVersus only to be stopped in your tracks by the "Be Right Back!" maintenance message? As an avid MultiVersus player myself, I totally get the frustration. But I‘m here to help explain what‘s going on and get you back fragging your foes ASAP!

Why MultiVersus Servers Go Down for Maintenance

Maintenance downtime is an unavoidable growing pain for any hot new multiplayer title, especially one growing as rapidly as MultiVersus. In just a few weeks, the game has amassed over 15 million players and sits comfortably among the top viewed games on Twitch.

With server stability crucial for a smooth gameplay experience, the MultiVersus devs use maintenance periods to upgrade infrastructure, optimize netcode, fix matchmaking bugs, balance characters, and squash countless other issues that inevitably crop up post-launch.

As a software engineer myself, I understand the meticulous work that goes into diagnosing obscure connection problems, stress testing builds, and poking holes in newly written netcode. It‘s a tremendous behind-the-scenes effort to keep pace with millions of players logging in daily.

According to analytics firm SimilarWeb, MultiVersus racked up over 19 million hours watched on Twitch within a week of launch. For reference, that took Fall Guys – another breakout hit multiplayer game – over a month to achieve. This insane growth means more maintenance, but it‘s ultimately for the best.

How Long do MultiVersus Maintenance Periods Typically Last?

Based on the first few weeks of MultiVersus‘ lifecycle, maintenance downtime has ranged from 30 minutes to 1 hour in most cases. Major patches introducing new characters or significant reworks may result in slightly longer disruptions of 2 hours or so.

Here are a some examples of recent maintenance windows and what updates they brought:

Date Length Updates
August 4 45 minutes General bug fixes and stability improvements
July 30 1 hour Morty added as new playable character
July 19 30 minutes Fixed voice chat issues

While outage lengths can always vary, most maintenance periods for MultiVersus fall within the 30 minute to 1 hour average range. The developers are committed to keeping downtime brief so you can enjoy uninterrupted matches.

How Can I Monitor MultiVersus Server Status?

As an engaged community member, staying updated on server status and scheduled maintenance is essential. Here are some tips:

  • Follow @multiversus on Twitter – they post updates on upcoming maintenance and when servers come back online. This is the official source for server status.

  • Keep an eye on the MultiVersus status page at once available. Many games offer status pages detailing any active issues.

  • Join MultiVersus Discord and Reddit communities to participate in discussions around outages and maintenance timing.

  • Check the MultiVersus login screen or loading screen for notices about maintenance periods while they are occurring.

What Should I Do During MultiVersus Maintenance?

While you wait for MultiVersus to come back online, there are plenty of productive ways to pass the time:

  • Install any pending MultiVersus updates and patch notes so you‘re ready to play once maintenance finishes.

  • Speculate and debate about upcoming character rebalances, bug fixes, and new content based on official Tweets or Datamining discoveries.

  • Help the devs by reporting any lingering connection or gameplay issues you encounter after maintenance on the official MultiVersus bug forums.

  • Engage with fellow MultiVersus fans on Reddit, Discord and social media. The downtime is a fun opportunity to bond over the latest memes or tier lists!

  • Review beginner tips so you can refine your skills and come back stronger after servers restart. Lab out combos in training or study pro player videos/matches.

  • Check the Customer Support page and submit a ticket if you experience prolonged connection troubles or account issues post-maintenance.

Waiting Patiently for MultiVersus to Return

I know first-hand how frustrating maintenance downtime can be, especially when you‘re eager to play! But just hang in there a bit longer. Staying updated on @multiversus tweets, chatting with other fans online, and reviewing game guides will make the time fly by.

Before you know it, the MultiVersus servers will be back up and you‘ll be landing wicked Shaggy kick combos and spiking foes as Batman! Thanks for your patience and understanding – it will lead to an even better experience once you‘re back in the arena. Let‘s keep this momentum going strong!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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