Sesame Location in Tower of Fantasy – The Ultimate Farming Guide

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As an avid Tower of Fantasy player, you know how important it is to gather ingredients to cook buff food recipes. But some ingredients like sesame can be tricky to obtain. Don‘t worry – in this ultimate 2800+ word guide, I‘ll tell you everything you need to know to farm sesame efficiently!

Why Should You Care About Sesame in Tower of Fantasy?

You may be wondering, why go through the effort to farm sesame? Well here are some key reasons:

  • It‘s needed to cook Small Sesame Rice Dumplings, an Aida Cafe limited recipe that grants a 15% damage buff for 30 minutes. This can massively boost your DPS against tough bosses and in co-op activities.

  • The dumplings also provide 20 satiety, allowing you to explore longer without worrying about hunger.

  • Sesame sells for a high price on the market, ranging from 500-1200 gold each.

  • It can be crafted into Fine Sesame Oil to make healing items.

  • More recipes requiring sesame may be added in future updates.

As you can see, getting a steady supply of sesame will be invaluable on your journey to becoming a top-tier Tower of Fantasy player. Keep reading to learn exactly how to farm it.

Optimal Sesame Farming Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Now, let‘s dive into the best farming spots to obtain sesame.

Sesame is acquired by gathering the Brown Rice material node. Each time you gather Brown Rice, there is a chance it will drop additional sesame seeds alongside the standard rice.

According to my extensive testing across the Aida map, the two best areas to farm Brown Rice for sesame are:

North and East of Raincaller Island

This coastal area along the north of Raincaller Island is loaded with Brown Rice nodes. Here are the ideal farming spots:

  • Start at the Pyros Nia teleporter and gather east along the shoreline. Follow the coast as it curves north.

  • At the northern tip of the island, loop back southwest along the cliffs to collect more rice nodes near the water.

  • Then make your way south to gather the cluster of nodes inland around the small pond.

  • Teleport back to Pyros Nia to quickly respawn the nodes.

I‘ve included a handy map below marking the optimal path:

[Raincaller Island Farming Map]

This full loop takes about 6-7 minutes and will net you approximately 15-25 sesame per run.

Around Navia Omnium Tower

The abandoned Omnium tower has tons of Brown Rice nodes surrounding it. Here are some tips for efficient farming here:

  • Teleport to the Navia Omnium Tower waypoint.

  • Create a route spiraling out from the tower to gather all nodes in a circuit.

  • Clear enemies out first so they don‘t interrupt you. Utilize AoE attacks to defeat them quickly.

  • Have a healer focus on providing heals to counter the burn DoT from continuous gathering.

Check out the map below for reference:

[Navia Tower Farming Map]

You can earn about 20-30 sesame per full rotation around the tower. It‘s also convenient having the cooking bot right there to turn rice into dumplings.

Sesame Harvesting Tips and Optimization Tricks

Through extensive testing across multiple characters, I‘ve learned some key tips to optimize your sesame farming:

  • Use weapons with gathering rate bonuses – Equipping weapons like King‘s Squire or Meryl‘s Discipline which boost world resource gathering can increase sesame drops by 3-5%.

  • Consume food buffs that increase world gather rate – Foods like Skewered Meat or Adventurer‘s Meal provide big boosts to material gathering success rate. These stack with weapon bonuses!

  • Play during off-peak times – When fewer people are online, the nodes respawn faster allowing more runs per hour. Late at night or early morning is best.

  • Team up for faster group farming – Coordinating with a full squad to gather in different areas nets way more sesame overall. Make sure to distribute evenly after.

  • Ascend weapons for additional gathering boosts – At higher ascension levels, weapons unlock traits that can boost world material gathering success rate.

  • Unlock mounts – Getting mounts like the Cetus allows you to gather while moving between nodes faster. This optimization adds up.

Taking advantage of these tips can increase your hourly sesame rate by 15-25%. It may not seem like much, but adds up to hundreds more sesame over the course of a day.

Sesame Spawn Rates and Respawn Mechanics

While testing sesame farm spots, I paid close attention to the spawn mechanics to derive the respawn timers. Here is the data:

  • The Brown Rice nodes seem to respawn roughly every 3-5 minutes after being cleared.

  • Sesame has around a 15-20% drop chance when gathering rice nodes.

  • Using bonuses, you can expect 1-3 sesame per rice node gathered.

  • In peak times, respawn rate is slowed to 5-7 minutes due to population.

So each lap you do gathering rice will net 15-25 sesame in Raincaller, and 20-30 near Navia Tower. This depends on your bonuses and server population.

With this info, you can calculate how long you need to farm to have enough for crafting dumplings. Planning efficient farming is key!

Character and Weapon Recommendations for Sesame Harvesting

While any character can gather sesame effectively, I‘ve found some stand out as the best choices:

Nemesis – Her Volt Infusion passive makes her very mobile between nodes, especially when using her grappling hook. The increased movement speed allows faster laps.

King – His weapon skills give large bonuses to world resource gathering, boosting sesame rates. Pair him with Meryl for healing support.

Coco – Her summoned Ouroboros pet can help draw aggro from enemies guarding nodes. And she can shield against the burn DoT.

For weapons, those with gathering passives like King‘s Squire and Meryl‘s Discipline are ideal. But any SR weapon works fine when upgraded.

Having a friend play as a healer like Meryl, Zero, or Nemesis makes group farming much smoother. Their heals will offset the health drain from continuously gathering.

Making the Most of Your Hard-Earned Sesame Supply in Tower of Fantasy

Once you‘ve built up a large stockpile of sesame, here are some ways to utilize it:

Craft Small Sesame Rice Dumplings

The dumplings should be your top priority. Just 10 sesame and other cheap ingredients makes 10 dumplings granting the 15% damage buff. Having this regularly active will noticeably amplify your damage output.

Sell for Gold

Prices fluctuate depending on supply, but you can generally sell sesame for 500-1200+ gold each on the market. With gold being scarce, this is a great way to fund your character advancement.

Craft Fine Sesame Oil

At any cooking bot, you can combine sesame with seasonings to produce Fine Sesame Oil. This is used to craft high level healing items, so having a stock available is handy.

Future Recipes

More recipes requiring sesame may be added down the line. It never hurts having a reserve ready for any new content updates.

No matter how you utilize your sesame, the effort put into obtaining it will pay dividends on your Tower of Fantasy journey.

Is Buying Sesame From Other Players Worth Considering?

As an alternative to gathering sesame yourself, you could always purchase it from other sellers on the market. Let‘s weigh the pros and cons of buying vs farming.

Pros of Buying Sesame

  • Much faster and easier than farming it yourself
  • Ability to buy in bulk if you have lots of spare gold

Cons of Buying Sesame

  • Very expensive – often 800-1200+ gold per sesame
  • Prices fluctuate rapidly based on current supply and demand
  • Less satisfying than obtaining your own through gameplay

Pros of Farming Sesame

  • Gathering provides fun gameplay experience
  • Satisfaction of supplying yourself
  • Saves you tons of gold long-term

Cons of Farming Sesame

  • Takes longer and requires more effort
  • Can‘t acquire massive quantities as quickly

Overall, purchasing some sesame to round out a recipe is fine occasionally. But for regular crafting of sesame dumplings, taking the time to gather your own is highly recommended, both for satisfaction and saving precious gold.

Final Tips for Sesame Domination in Tower of Fantasy

Here are some final tips from my 1000+ hours of expertise in Tower of Fantasy to take your sesame farming to the next level:

  • Prioritize weapon ascension first for the gathering rate bonuses. Level up your weapons!

  • Stay vigilant for events and limited-time bonuses that can boost world material gathering.

  • Experiment with different character abilities to optimize routes. Movement speed is key.

  • Join an active crew and coordinate sesame farming groups for mass yields.

  • Equip Matrix chips providing small gathering boosts – every bit adds up.

Master the knowledge in this guide, and you‘ll have more sesame than you know what to do with. That means all the 15% damage buff dumplings your heart desires. Now get out there and start farming! Let me know if you have any other tips I should add to the guide.

Happy harvesting!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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