Unearthing Shotgun Power: Locating the Buried Shotgun in Sons of the Forest

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As a survival horror fanatic and FPS aficionado, few things get me more pumped up than shotgunning hordes of baddies into oblivion. The raw power and iconic sound of video game shotguns make them endlessly satisfying to unleash. So when I loaded up the tense open world survival experience of Sons of the Forest, getting my hands on a trusty shotgun was priority number one.

In this guide, we‘ll be going over foolproof directions for uncovering the buried shotgun location so we can blast cannibalistic mutants with extreme prejudice. I‘ll also provide plenty of tips for mastering this formidable firearm and customizing it to your playstyle. From ammo conservation to aiming fundamentals, we‘ll cover everything you need to turn Sons of the Forest‘s shotguns into cannibal-shredding machines. Let‘s get started!

Shotguns Dominate Survival Horror Games

Ever since iconic titles like Doom and Quake introduced the concept of the video game shotgun decades ago, they‘ve been staples in FPS and survival horror games. Who could forget the satisfying pump-action boomstick from Half-Life? The Haymaker full-auto shredder in Resident Evil 2? Or the Super Shotgun‘s meaty double barrel blast in the original Doom?

Shotguns deliver up close stopping power that just can‘t be matched. In survival situations where you quickly need to drop multiple enemies rushing your position, nothing is better. Shotguns have rightfully earned their place in the pantheon of great video game weapons.

In open world survival sims like Sons of the Forest, shotguns are lynchpins of your arsenal. Their close quarters destruction prevents you from being overwhelmed by groups of enemies. They buy precious time to regroup when things get dicey. And the intimidating thunder of shotgun blasts strikes fear into any cannibal‘s heart!

Having a trusty shotgun at your side also provides much-needed peace of mind. You‘ll be ready to explore deep caverns, defend your shelter, and take on any challenge the game throws your way. Let‘s get you equipped with one ASAP!

Locating the Buried Shotgun

Luckily, Sons of the Forest provides you with a buried shotgun location very early on. This saves us hours of desperate scavenging to find one! It is marked on your in-game map and GPS system from the start.

The shotgun grave site is situated northwest of your starting location on a hillside near some small lakes. There are winding trails, cave entrances, and a helicopter crash site in the vicinity. Orient yourself and study the map closely when beginning a new game.

Make a beeline straight for the site, being mindful of patrolling cannibal parties as you traverse the dense forests. Having a weapon like the shovel on hand can help deal with any initial encounters. With some persistence, you should be able to reach the burial grounds within the first day or two.

Once at the site, you‘ll see an empty grave with a rifle propped against the marker. Now we just need something to dig it up with!

Digging up the Shotgun

To retrieve the buried shotgun, you‘ll need a shovel, which can be found at camps and outposts near your starting area. Check supply crates, toolsheds, and anywhere tools might be laying around. If a shovel isn‘t immediately available, you can craft a basic one out of sticks and rocks.

Once you have a shovel, equip it and start digging up the marked grave. After a few scoops of dirt, you‘ll uncover a body. Interact with it to be rewarded with the powerful shotgun! Make sure to grab any ammo, attachments, or other goodies buried alongside it.

Now let‘s get this bad boy properly equipped so we can start delimbing mutants!

Customizing Your Shotgun

One of the great things about Sons of the Forest is the depth of customization for weapons like the shotgun. At any workbench, we can augment our boomstick with various attachments:

Red Dot Sight – Upgrading to a reflex sight improves aiming down the barrel for longer ranges. Leading targets and landing quality shots becomes easier.

Tactical Flashlight – Attaching a flashlight lets us illuminate dark caves and forests. No more fumbling in pitch blackness!

Laser Sight – Laser sights enhance hip fire accuracy in close quarters. Helpful when quick aiming is key.

Suppressor – Suppressors reduce sound and muzzle flash. Useful for stealthy takedowns. Just know your damage range is reduced.

I prefer rolling with a red dot sight and flashlight to maximize versatility. But experiment to find what works for your playstyle! Let‘s now go over some shotgun combat tactics and tips.

Mastering the Shotgun

Shotguns are simple to use – point the barrel at a target and pull the trigger. But mastery takes practice and ammo conservation. Here are some tips:

  • Aim for center mass – Unlike other firearms, shotguns don‘t require precise headshots. Aim for the chest and upper body to maximize your hit probability.

  • Get close – Shotguns are most effective within 10 meters. Move in close or ambush enemies to inflict maximum damage.

  • Lead your targets – When enemies are moving, aim ahead of them to compensate for projectile travel time. This ensures solid hits.

  • Fire stationary – For best accuracy, plant your feet and square your shoulders before firing. Avoid shooting on the move.

  • Quick swap – In close quarters, quickly alternate between shotgun and melee attacks to finish off stunned enemies.

  • Make shots count – Ammo will be in short supply. Avoid pot shots or panic firing. Every shell should contribute toward killing.

With practice, you‘ll be swiftly eliminating foes while conserving precious ammo. Let‘s now see how the shotgun stacks up stat wise versus other ranged weapons in Sons of the Forest.

Shotgun Stats and Comparison

Here‘s a breakdown of the shotgun‘s stats versus alternatives like the pistol, bow, and modern bow:

Weapon Damage Fire Rate Range Ammo Capacity
Shotgun Very high Very low Short Medium
Pistol Medium Medium Medium High
Bow Medium Slow Long Low
Modern Bow High Slow Very long Low

As you can see, the shotgun excels at extreme close range damage due to spreading projectiles. But it suffers from very low range and fire rate. Smart positioning and timing your shots is key to utilizing its strengths. Always weigh whether another weapon could handle the situation better.

For instance, the pistol can quickly dump rounds downrange to intercept rushing enemies. The bows fare better engaging distant targets from cover. Different tools for different jobs!

Upgrading Your Arsenal

Later in Sons of the Forest after you‘ve unlocked various crafting recipes, you can further upgrade your trusty shotgun. Advanced customizations like:

  • Increased shotgun clip capacity lets you fire more shells before reloading.

  • Improved damage upgrades its stopping power against high level enemies.

  • Special ammo like incendiary and explosives can annihilate foes.

I won‘t spoil the later game crafting secrets here. But know your shotgun can evolve to truly ridiculous levels!

With your powerful shotgun in hand and placement tips in mind, surviving the island‘s threats becomes much more feasible. Stay frosty out there! We‘ll have you shotgunning mutants into chunks in no time.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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