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Should you Quit your Day Job to Blog – Yes

The notion of blogging as a full-time career is a complicated one at best.  Some blog as a hobby without expecting a financial turn around.  This hobby is meant to share thoughts and opinions on a favorite topic.  For a lucky few, such hobbies skyrocket in revenue and become sole income.  Therefore, these few can quit their day job and blog for a living.  Others blog for the guaranteed riches they hear about online.  These bloggers find a topic of interest, write every day, and consider leaving their day job when the first few pennies roll in.  Will these pennies convert to dollars and these dollars into riches?  If a blogger writes with money in mind, the answer is no – at least not in the short run.  Therefore, these bloggers should not quit their day job.  My response to the question at hand is yes.  Yet reasons stating otherwise are fairly well stacked against me.  In this article, I hope to prove why you should quit your day job to blog.

Reality is a reason to say no –

Time is reality.  The lucky few who can call themselves career bloggers did not earn their status overnight.  Probloggers generate thousands in page impressions per day and have an extensive following.  This incredible traffic statistic comes with time.  Time is in months if not years.  An average household budget does not have the patience to wait.  Therefore, leaving a day job to blog full-time is not recommended.

Revenue is reality.  The concept of blogging to get rich quick will never apply to anyone.  If a blogger does not have the patience to build up substantial traffic, waiting for pennies into dollars into riches is simply out of the question.  Time greatly affects revenue.  Earnings will grow yes, but with time and constant content.  Advertisements greatly affect revenue as well.  If a blog centers on a niche topic, advertisements will reflect and will hold more chances in impressions and valid clicks.  Yet, a blogger can never control ad impressions and ad clicks.  If a blogger holds out for revenue from advertisements, their household budget will weaken.  Therefore, leaving a day job to blog full-time is not recommended.

Passion is a reason to say yes –

The passion behind a blogger’s words (and perhaps visual content) is palpable.  If a blogger writes to add a post to their tally, traffic will not show and revenue will not rise.  However, if a blogger writes with thought and passionate intent,  viewers will catch on and come back.  Advertisers, too, will notice such posts and be more inclined to place relevant ads.  Passion will affect traffic and revenue in only the best of ways.  Passion is my reason to say yes – quit your day job to blog.

Passion in a blog might result more than gaining traffic and revenue.  A blog with increasing success can create spin-off projects.  The most well-known project a blogger enters into is writing a book or ebook.  I own a blog about puppies.  Being so inspired by the topic and its growing success, I have created a spin-off project writing a series of short stories about select dog breeds.  Projects based on a blog likewise affect income and a reason to quit one’s day job.

Reasons not to quit your day job to blog are evident.  If you quit the minute you see pennies in your account, you are mistaken.  I agree with the reasons not to quit.  Yet, with patience and passion, I say otherwise.  Blogging can in fact be a lucrative career.  With careful planning, time, and drive, you should quit your day job to blog. 

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