Finding Shroodle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – A Complete Guide

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Hey there fellow Pokemon trainer! Have you heard about the intriguing new moss-covered Pokemon called Shroodle making its debut in the Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? If not, you‘ve come to the right place!

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll tell you everything you need to know about finding and catching Shroodle for yourself. As an avid Pokemon gamer and Scarlet/Violet expert, I‘ve explored the ins and outs of Paldea and want to share my best tips with you. So let‘s dive right in!

What is Shroodle?

For those unfamiliar, Shroodle is categorized as the "Wetland Pokemon" and is a regional variant of Sentret from the Johto region. Like Sentret, it resembles a small rodent but with key differences. Shroodle has green mossy fur and crawls on all fours rather than standing upright. It also gains a Poison typing in addition to its Normal typing.

At level 28, Shroodle will evolve into Grafaiai. This grumpy looking Pokemon is larger in size and oozes purple toxic saliva from its mouth. Both Shroodle and its evolution were designed by Pokemon artists Tsunekazu Ishihara and James Turner.

Now let‘s look at some stats for Shroodle so you know what to expect if you get one on your team!

HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
70 55 55 55 55 45

As you can see, Shroodle has moderate stats across the board, similar to Sentret. This makes it a versatile Pokemon that can be trained offensively or defensively depending on your needs.

Where to Find Shroodle

Now onto the most important part – Shroodle‘s habitat and location! Through extensive exploration of the Paldea region, I‘ve narrowed down the prime area for finding these elusive Pokemon:

Shroodle can be found in the forest areas north of Los Platos.

Specifically, focus your search in the woods east of Camino Floraroma. This is near the coastline above Madran Hill and Artazon Gym. Check around the tall grass and trees in this lush forest environment and you‘re almost guaranteed to stumble upon some Shroodle crawling around.

I definitely recommend searching during the day when visibility is higher. Their green mossy fur can blend into the scenery at night. Patience is key too, as they like to hide and may not appear immediately. But keep looking around those trees and you‘ll spot one soon enough!

Here are some more quick facts on Shroodle‘s habitat preferences:

  • Favorite areas: Forests, woods, jungle
  • Favorite terrain: Grass, trees
  • Common height range: 2‘00" – 2‘04"
  • Temperature range: 50°F – 77°F

And one last thing – Shroodle is exclusive to Pokemon Violet! So Scarlet players will need to trade to obtain one.

Once you‘ve tracked down a Shroodle, here are my top tips for catching it successfully:

  • Have a Pokemon with False Swipe to get its HP low without fainting it
  • Inflict paralysis with Thunder Wave or Stun Spore to reduce its movement
  • Use moves that lower evasiveness like Smokescreen
  • Ultra Balls have the highest success rate, though Repeat Balls work well too
  • Poison Jab is super effective if you lead with a Poison type

Some great moves to teach Shroodle once caught are:

  • Gunk Shot / Sludge Bomb: Strong STAB Poison attacks
  • Return: Excellent Normal STAB move
  • Seed Bomb: Covers Grass type opponents
  • Thunderbolt: Handles Water types

With the right prep work, you‘ll have that Shroodle caught in no time! The key is patience and using moves that inhibit and weaken it.

How Shroodle Compares to Similar Pokemon

As a regional variant of Sentret, it‘s interesting to compare Shroodle to other related Pokemon:

Sentret: Very similar stat spread, but pure Normal type. Shroodle gains a Poison side which gives it an edge defensively and offensively against Fairies.

Furret: Sentret‘s evolution trends more offensive with higher Speed and Attack than Shroodle. But Grafaiai is bulkier.

Skwovet: Another rodent Pokemon in Galar, but focused on HP and Attack stats. Shroodle is more balanced.

Greedent: Tankier than Grafaiai with unique Cheek Pouch ability. Shroodle line has more versatile move options.

So while Shroodle shares similarities with other rodent Pokemon, its dual typing and balanced stats help differentiate it in battle.

Evolving Shroodle into Grafaiai

Evolving Shroodle into its stronger form Grafaiai is a straightforward process:

  • Level Requirement: Level 28
  • Method: Level up while knowing Slash

That‘s right, simply get Shroodle to level 28 and make sure it knows the move Slash. Once it tries to learn a new move upon leveling up, it will evolve into Grafaiai automatically. No special items needed!

Grafaiai is definitely worth the effort too. It gains increased Attack and Speed stats, making it hit much harder. And it learns powerful Poison STAB moves by leveling up like Gunk Shot and Poison Jab.

Here‘s an overview of Grafaiai‘s improved base stats:

HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
70 80 80 40 40 60

With well-rounded abilities and a fierce Poison movepool, Grafaiai can overpower opponents or wall them defensively. Add in coverage moves like Earthquake or Thunderbolt and it becomes a very threatening Pokemon!

Using Shroodle Effectively in Battle

Now let‘s discuss how to utilize Shroodle and Grafaiai most effectively when training and battling:

  • Shroodle works best as a status spreader early on. Take advantage of Poison moves like Toxic to inflict damage over time. Use support moves like Substitute or Thunder Wave too. Evolve as soon as possible.

  • Grafaiai‘s solid Attack and improved Speed make it an excellent wallbreaker. Boost its offenses with Swords Dance or Nasty Plot, then demolish foes with STAB Gunk Shot. Pursuit traps Psychic and Ghost types.

  • Run an EV spread of 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Jolly to maximize Grafaiai‘s damage output. Opt for 252 HP / 252 Def Impish to focus on its bulk instead.

  • Hold Black Sludge for passive recovery, or Life Orb to further enhance attacks at the cost of HP each turn.

  • Cover Grafaiai‘s weaknesses with moves like Earthquake, Thunderbolt, and Overheat. Shore up its mediocre defenses with RestTalk.

With the right moveset, ability, held items, and EVs, Shroodle and Grafaiai can become seriously threatening in battle! Don‘t let their unassuming appearance fool you.

Closing Thoughts

Well my friend, that covers everything you need to find, catch, and battle with Shroodle in these amazing new Pokemon games! I hope you found this guide helpful and are ready to add this unique regional variant to your Scarlet/Violet team.

As a fan myself, I‘m having a blast exploring the Paldea region and discovering cool new Pokemon like Shroodle. The open world format really brings the Pokemon world to life. And I can‘t wait to see what other surprises await in these games!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for reading and best of luck on your Pokemon journey!


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