How to Go to Silvercoast Research Station in Tower of Fantasy

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Ready for an electrifying new adventure, VR explorer? The massive 2.0 update for Tower of Fantasy has opened up an entire futuristic region to uncover – a neon urban sprawl called Vera. And one of the most intriguing locales hidden within this cyber city is the Silvercoast Research Station.

In this comprehensive guide for new Tower of Fantasy players, you‘ll discover everything you need to know to reach Silvercoast Research Station and unravel its many mysteries. Let‘s jack into this cutting-edge database and see what secrets we can uncover in Tower of Fantasy‘s exciting new frontier!

What is Silvercoast Research Station in Tower of Fantasy?

Before setting out on our journey, let‘s first understand a bit about Silvercoast Research Station. This state-of-the-art facility is located along the western silver coastline of the Vera region.

Based on intel gathered from historical logs and hacked data files, Silvercoast was constructed over a hundred years ago by an advanced terrestrial civilization. It served as a research base for developing experimental tech, weaponry, and even cloning technology.

The researchers at Silvercoast seemed to be tampering with dangerous forces beyond their control. It eventually resulted in an apocalyptic event called "The Calamity" which wiped out their entire civilization.

Now, a century later, the automated labs and machinery within Silvercoast still run mysteriously on residual power. As a daring VR explorer, you can be among the first to uncover the secrets of this abandoned facility and learn more about Vera‘s perilous past. What cybernetic threats await you within Silvercoast?

Overview of Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Update

Let‘s briefly recap the massive amounts of new content added in Tower of Fantasy‘s version 2.0 update that opened up the Vera region:

  • Vera – Sprawling mirrorpunk-themed city with dazzling neon aesthetics
  • Increased Level Cap – Max level raised from 60 to 80
  • New Story Content – Continue the narrative around Aida and the Simulacra
  • Ruby Simulacrum – Acquire this sassy new lightning-based ally
  • Ruby‘s Matrix – Unlock powerful buffs from her matrix cores
  • Combat Engine – New backpack equipment with skills
  • End Game/Sadness Valley – Two new challenging instanced dungeons
  • Limited Events – Special launch events with rewards

The update essentially redefines the Tower of Fantasy experience, providing you with an electrifying new battlefield. Now let‘s explore how to gain access to the Silvercoast Research Station within Vera‘s cyperpunk domain.

Using the Cruiser Transit System to Reach Mirroria

Our first objective is to reach Mirroria, the sprawling capital city of Vera. Mirroria serves as the gateway to various districts and regions within Vera, including Silvercoast.

Luckily, the developers at Hotta Studio implemented an efficient public transit system known as the Cruisers to help us traverse these massive distances.

Here is how to utilize the Cruisers:

  • Locate any blue Cruiser tower scattered around Aida‘s open world areas.

  • Interact with the tower to bring up the UI and select "Mirroria Aerial Port" from the location list.

  • Your character will be teleported into a Cruiser pod that flies to Mirroria. Enjoy the scenic ride!

  • After a short loading screen, you will arrive at the aerial port in central Mirroria.

With the Cruisers zipping between regions in mere minutes, Vera‘s sprawling cyberpunk domains feel more tightly connected. Utilize them whenever possible to save time traveling across the massive open world.

If Cruisers are unavailable for whatever reason, you can also opt to manually walk or ride mounts to reach Mirroria. Let‘s now head toward our Silvercoast objective.

Following the Quest Marker to the Spacelift

Upon spawning at Mirroria Aerial Port, open up your map and look for the next main story quest marker. Follow this marker, as it will guide you toward the spacelift that leads to Silvercoast Research Station.

Your quest will take you east through Mirroria‘s glimmering streets. Neon signs flash overhead as you pass by bustling plazas filled with vendors, dancers, and digital mascots waving at you. Truly a city that never sleeps!

After passing through a few blocks, you will approach an imposing cylindrical structure – this is the special spacelift that can transmit you to Silvercoast.

Using the Spacelift to Teleport to Silvercoast

Interact with the spacelift terminal and a menu will appear. Select the option for "Go to Yellowrock Desert".

Your character will enter the pod and begin ascending rapidly into the upper atmosphere. After a short cinematic, you will warp across space to arrive at Spacerift: Silvercoast Research Station.

These spacelifts provide rapid travel between important regions of Vera. Other lift locations include Warren Snowfield and Data Rack Ruins. Utilize them to efficiently traverse Vera‘s massive landscape.

Now let‘s explore the Silvercoast Research Station region you just unlocked!

Arriving at the Research Station

As the spacelift pod door hisses open, you gaze upon the gleaming interior of the Silvercoast Research Station for the first time. The sleek metallic walls and electric blue monitors give the facility a very sterile, technological vibe.

Head outside the station to spot the coastline it‘s named after – shining and silvery under the warm light of Aida‘s two suns. You can see rocky desert expansion ahead as well.

There is much to uncover about Silvercoast‘s history and secrets. Your exploration of this abandoned facility is just beginning!

Completing Story Objectives at Silvercoast

Now that you‘ve arrived at Silvercoast, your first priority should be locating Eva, an NPC located near the spacelift. Eva provides guidance on how to advance the 2.0 story campaign.

Be sure to thoroughly explore Silvercoast‘s multi-floor interior as well. Discover what kinds of dangerous experiments the researchers were up to here before The Calamity occurred.

The secrets locked away in Silvercoast‘s data archives contain clues about Vera‘s fallen civilization and the origin of the Simulacra we wield as weapons. This research could help turn the tides in our ongoing battles against Otto and the artificial beings that threaten humanity.

Fast Traveling Back to Silvercoast

Once you activate the spacelift, you can teleport back to Silvercoast anytime. Just open your map, select the Silvercoast Spacerift node, and click "Teleport Here."

This makes it easy to quickly farm for enemy materials at Silvercoast, turn in completed quests, or utilize the zone‘s replenishing resources.

Detailed Breakdown of Silvercoast Research Station

Let‘s now do a deep dive into everything Silvercoast contains with a detailed zone breakdown:

First Floor Lobby

This pristine entrance area leads toward the multi-floor laboratories deeper inside the facility. A holographic receptionist named Saffron provides some background lore. There is a Supply Capsule and Healing Station.

Second Floor Laboratories

The main hub linking to the elctrobiology and physical testing wings. Lookout for sweeping laser security systems that deal heavy damage if triggered.

Electrobotany Labs

Research area filled with overgrown flora that subjects wander as sub-bosses. Special resources can be looted here. Beware of corrosive pollens!

Cloning Facility

Eerie chambers filled with failed human clone experiments floating in mako-like tubes. At the end lies Doctor SORA – a deadly clone boss wielding poisonous blades.

Testing Arena

A battle arena where researchers tested their cybernetic prototypes against each other. The Anomaly Shard enemy mimics the arena‘s training programs.

Coastline Docks

Head outside to locate docks along the Silver Coast. This area spawns powerful Swamp Antares field bosses.

As you can see, there is much to explore within the depths of Silvercoast! Now let‘s compare it to some other key Tower of Fantasy story zones.

Comparing Silvercoast to Other Major Areas

How does Silvercoast Research Station stand against other prominent Tower of Fantasy story locations like Warren Snowfield or Mirroria? Let‘s analyze some key differences:

Location Theme Enemies Resources Bosses Lore Significance
Silvercoast Research Station Cyberpunk laboratory Mechs, robots, clones Upgrade materials, data archives Dr. Sora clone, Anomaly Shard Origin of Simulacra experiments
Warren Snowfield Frozen tundra Yeti monsters, ice spirits Cryomancer upgrades, Mr. Snowman Frostbot, Aurora Early human civilization on Aida
Mirroria Neon cityscape Riot drones, Mechanical Kestrels Gold and upgrade modules Executive Order enforcers Current human cyberculture on Aida

As you can see, each area provides a unique backdrop and enemies to encounter based on its lore and themes within Vera. Silvercoast stands out for its wealth of lost technology and insight into Aida‘s ancient history.

Now let‘s go over some tips and strategies to master Silvercoast itself.

Tips and Strategies for Navigating Silvercoast

Here are some helpful tips to overcome the cybernetic threats lurking within Silvercoast Research Station:

  • Activate waypoints to reveal the entire interior map. This area has many easy-to-miss side rooms.

  • Energy weapons like Samir‘s Dual EM Stars excel against the robotic foes here.

  • Crowd control weapons like Meryl‘s Discharge can lock down the hordes of lesser enemies.

  • The clone boss Dr. Sora will ambush you from stealth. Listen for audio cues to avoid being one-shotted.

  • Swamp Antares‘ spin attack can be dodged with precise timing. Attack the weak point on their back when possible.

  • Farm the Testing Arena for upgrade modules and enhancement materials to strengthen your squad.

  • Claim your free Combat Engine backpack from Eva to unlock special skills and buffs.

  • Activate anomaly extraction devices to gain access to new sections of the facility.

As you master these tips, even the formidable experiments within Silvercoast will fall before your might! Now let‘s discuss some noteworthy areas nearby.

Other Major Landmarks Near Silvercoast

Silvercoast Research Station also serves as a gateway hub to several other interesting locations in Vera:

Yellowrock Desert

This vast desert plain visible from Silvercoast contains powerful elite monsters like Lime Jelly and Dendro Hydra. Farm them for upgrade materials.

Data Rack Ruins

An abandoned data facility with clues about the researchers who worked at Silvercoast. Face off against the Stalker boss.

Warren Snowfield

Frigid highlands with dangerous Yeti monsters. Locate Mr. Snowman for valuable winter-themed loot.

And of course, Mirroria is a quick spacelift ride away whenever you need to cash in quest rewards or offload inventory. Vera offers unlimited adventure – seize it!

Closing Thoughts on Reaching Silvercoast

And there you have it – everything you need to know to gain access to the Silvercoast Research Station in Tower of Fantasy‘s ambitious 2.0 update region, Vera!

By riding the convenient Cruiser to Mirroria City, following your shiny objective markers, and utilizing those ultra-modern spacelifts, you‘ll be exploring Silvercoast‘s labs and uncovering its long-lost secrets in no time. Just be ready for any experimental threats that may await within!

As you dig deeper into the data archives of this abandoned research base, you‘ll begin piecing together the full history of the advanced civilization that once inhabited Vera long ago. Their technologies and experiments gone awry may hold the key to finally ending the simmering conflict with Otto and the artificial beings.

But greater challenges and mysteries surely await you beyond Silvercoast as well. This is just the neon-lit tip of the iceberg, intrepid VR explorer. So rally your squad, equip your best weapons, and prepare your mind for an electrifying journey through Tower of Fantasy‘s cyberpunk frontier. Adventure calls – it‘s time to jack in!


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