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Social Media Marketing Influences Half of Holiday Shoppers

A survey by the e-commerce platform MarketLive has found that about 50% of shoppers would rely on recommendation from retailers’ website. The survey was conducted online among 500 male and 500 female smartphone users who spend at least $250 annually in online shopping.

The survey shows that social media’s influence on customers’ shopping behavior is increasing. In 2013 only 18% said they have made a purchase as a result of an engagement with a social networking site, but for 2014 the number of people who have confirmed that has increased to 30%.

It’s interesting that 17% of customers consider using social media sites to look for gift ideas as very important, and 52% find it somewhat important. Eighteen percent are very likely to rely on product referrals from friends posted on social media sites, while 49% said they were somewhat likely to do the same.

Offline or online the basic purchase triggers seem to be the same. Free shipping, deals and discounts primarily draw shoppers. Lots of people are highly price sensitive and expect offer to motivate them to buy.

People traditionally dislike data-mining, but paradoxically they don’t mind personalized ads. The respondents in this survey confirmed that too. Half of them said they would be likely to act upon recommendations on retailers’ websites.

The debate about the efficiency of social media advertising lingers on, but this survey has confirmed that shoppers will actively engage with social media during the shopping spree. Although the influence of social media sites on shoppers cannot be quantified it’s certain that it’s significant.

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