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Are you ready to journey into the vast unknown and uncover the mysteries that lie beyond our solar system? As an avid gamer and streaming enthusiast, I know I‘m hyped for the upcoming release of Starfield – Bethesda Game Studios‘ highly ambitious new open-world RPG set in space.

Starfield aims to let us explore over 1,000 unique planets across more than 100 different star systems. With limitless customization and total freedom to chart our own path as adventurers, I expect this to easily be Bethesda‘s biggest game yet.

And you know what that means? An absolutely massive list of achievements to earn! In this guide, I‘ll dive deep into the major categories of achievements we‘re likely to see in Starfield, from story missions to exploration, crafting, and more.

As a long-time achievement hunter and Bethesda fan, I‘ll also share my insider tips for unlocking every last achievement as efficiently as possible. So strap in and let‘s rocket into everything you need to know about Starfield‘s achievements!

Main Story Achievements – Your Journey Into the Unknown

Starfield‘s main story achievements will reward progress through all of the critical path missions across the game‘s core narrative. Based on Bethesda‘s previous RPGs like Skyrim and Fallout, we can expect the main story to make up about 30-40 hours of content. Here are some of the story achievements we‘re likely to see and what they‘ll involve:

  • Into the Unknown – Complete the opening mission and leave Earth for the first time. This will introduce us to the core characters and set the stage for our spacefaring adventure.
  • One Giant Leap – Exit the planetary atmosphere and get your first taste of space flight. A pivotal moment as you escape the confines of a single planet.
  • A New Frontier – Touch down on your first new planet outside our solar system. This will give you access to new resources, settlements, characters and more.
  • An Ancient Threat – Uncover the first evidence of the antagonistic force you‘ll eventually have to confront. Sets up the overarching conflict.
  • Secrets of the Ancients – Complete an archaeological mission at ancient alien ruins. Alien civilizations and lore will play a big role.
  • Point of No Return – Initiate the climactic endgame mission string that will take you through the final chapters.
  • Brave New Worlds – Complete the final mission and watch the credits roll. Congrats, you‘ve reached the end of the main campaign!

In total, I‘d estimate around 15-20 achievements for completing major story milestones, with some tied to specific narrative branches. Unlocking them all means seeing the game‘s core story through from start to finish.

Progression Achievements – Level Up and Grow Stronger

Like most RPGs, Starfield will feature a leveling system that gates your character‘s progression. Gaining XP through activities like quests, exploration, and combat will in turn unlock new abilities and perks. We can expect the level cap to be at least 50 based on Fallout 4, if not higher. Every time you reach a new tier, you‘ll likely earn an achievement such as:

  • Apprentice Explorer – Reach Level 10
  • Veteran Spacer – Reach Level 25
  • Legendary Traveler – Reach Level 50

Reaching max level, likely anywhere from 100 to 150 based on previous Bethesda games, will net you an achievement like "Unrivaled Hero of the Stars".

Beyond just level milestones, statistical achievements could include:

  • Pack Rat – Exceed your max encumbrance with over 300 lbs of gear
  • Observant – Discover 100 locations across the galaxy
  • Anomaly Hunter – Encounter 10 strange space anomalies

The key will be engaging with all of Starfield‘s core systems like exploration, loot collecting, and discovery to max out your stats.

Faction Achievements – Pledge Your Allegiance

Joining Starfield‘s various in-game factions will bring benefits, questlines, resources, and more. It will also come with achievements! Some of the known factions include:

  • Constellation – Join this exploratory faction to journey through the galaxy
  • Crimson Fleet – Align with these mercenaries and privateers
  • Freestar Collective – Help unite and defend the Freestar colonies
  • UC – Support the United Colonies‘ vision of an organized space community

Each will likely have their own achievement for joining. Further achievements could unlock for reaching new ranks as you progress through their quest chains, similar to Skyrim‘s Guild quests. I‘d expect 3-5 achievements per faction, rewarding you for fully committing to that group.

Exploration Achievements – Traverse the Great Unknown

For many players, exploration will be the core of the Starfield experience. With over 1,000 planets spread across more than 100 star systems, there will be no shortage of worlds, moons, space stations and anomalies to uncover. Expect lots of achievements related to locating new areas, fully charting regions, finding hidden secrets, and generally boldly going where no one has gone before.

  • Voyager – Travel to 50 different star systems
  • Surveyor – Fully survey 10 planets across their entire surface
  • Globetrotter – Complete 50 planetary landings across different worlds
  • Xeno-Cartographer – Fully map 4 entire star systems
  • Anomaly Hunter – Encounter 10 strange space anomalies
  • Collector – Recover 50 lost artifacts from ruins

The key to these will be embracing your sense of discovery and curiosity to leave no stone unturned. Exploration will naturally feed into combat, collection and crafting achievements as well.

Combat Achievements – Defeat Hostile Threats

While not primarily a combat-focused game, Starfield will have its fair share of enemies to take on both planet-side and in space. These combat achievements will involve defeating different types and numbers of foes.

  • Mutiny – Win 10 space battles against enemy ships
  • Crack Shot – Kill an enemy with a single pistol headshot
  • Obliterator – Eliminate 50 enemies using plasma weapons
  • Exterminator – Kill 100 hostile aliens on planets
  • David vs Goliath – Defeat a boss 20 levels higher than you

With gun customization and an array of high-tech abilities, you‘ll have plenty of options to pick from to mix up your playstyle and aim for these achievements.

Crafting Achievements – Build, Cook, Brew and More

Crafting mechanics will enable you to create weapons, armor, items, food, drugs and more out in the far reaches of space. Look for crafting achievements like:

  • Artificer – Craft 100 items total
  • Master Chef – Cook 10 unique recipes
  • Mixologist – Craft 20 types of alcoholic drinks
  • Handyman – Build and install a ship module
  • Seamster – Craft a complete cosmetic outfit
  • Engineer – Upgrade a weapon to Mk V rarity

Crafting will be key not just for survival, but also for pursuing creative builds to make your mark on the galaxy.

Social Achievements – Build Relationships

Bethesda has confirmed that you‘ll be able to recruit companions who can travel with you, similar to Fallout. These allies will havetheir own stories and quests. Social achievements related to them could include:

  • Confidant – Reach maximum relationship with a companion
  • Crewmate – Recruit 5 unique companion characters
  • Matchmaker – Have two of your companions fall in love
  • Negotiator – Resolve 5 conflicts between companions
  • Animal Lover – Unlock a companion‘s special perk

In classic BioWare fashion, expect emotional story moments and moral choices as you grow closer with your crew.

Miscellaneous Achievements – Anything Goes

Being an open-ended Bethesda game, there are sure to be tons of quirky, silly and seemingly random achievements you can earn just by playing:

  • Anthropologist – Use 50 different dialogue options
  • Personal Space – Get awkwardly close during a conversation
  • Parasite – Catch an alien STD
  • Addicted – Get hooked on 3 different consumable chems
  • Jackpot – Win 500,000 credits gambling
  • Loose Cannon – Accidentally destroy 50,000 credits worth of own property
  • Stuntman – Fall over 500 meters without dying
  • Masochist – Get 5 body parts crippled simultaneously

Basically, anything you can think of doing in the game will likely have an achievement attached in some way, shape or form.

Achievement Hunting Guide and Tips

Here are my pro tips for unlocking achievements efficiently if you‘re aiming for 100% completion:

  • Review achievement lists frequently to track progress and identify which to target next.

  • Save often and in multiple rotating slots – reloading helps unlock achievements that glitch or don‘t pop.

  • Explore every optional objective and location – side content often hides achievements.

  • Keep multiple weapons and playstyles ready to adapt for different achievement criteria.

  • Take on challenging encounters out of your comfort zone – you can reload saves after getting achievements.

  • Engage with all systems like crafting, relationships, reputation – everything connects to achievements.

  • Don‘t immediately fast travel everywhere – traversing terrain on foot can yield random rewards.

  • Achievements tied to RNG like rare loot may take grinding – use items that boost luck.

  • Completionist playstyles naturally unlock more achievements through sheer volume of content experienced.

  • Co-op and multiplayer may offer achievements that can be easier with help from others.

  • Achievement communities and guides can provide spoiler-free tips and moral support!

With hundreds of hours of content, Starfield is set to have Bethesda‘s biggest achievement list yet. Hopefully these tips help you chart the most efficient route to exploration glory and 100% completion. See you among the stars, fellow achievement hunters!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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