How to "Step over hydraulic lift" in Tower of Fantasy – A Comprehensive Guide

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As a gamer and streaming enthusiast, I know first-hand the frustration of getting stuck on a tricky obstacle in an open world RPG. One such obstacle many players face in the popular new game Tower of Fantasy is stepping over a hydraulic lift during the "Searching for Astrum" mission. In this comprehensive 3470 word guide, I‘ll walk you through how to successfully maneuver past this obstacle, provide tips to make it easier, and share why mastering this challenge is an important skill in Tower of Fantasy.

The Obstacle and Why It‘s Tricky

During the "Searching for Astrum" mission after leaving Warren, you‘ll reach an area with a very tall hydraulic lift blocking forward progression. This lift has sections that rise up and down in a sequence, but it‘s too high to jump atop normally. You must find a way to climb the rising lift sections in order to reach the upper platform where an NPC named Kolador awaits. He holds key intel required to advance the story.

This obstacle is tricky for several reasons:

  • The lift itself cannot be climbed through normal means like jumping or grabbing ledges.
  • There are no clear climbing paths around the lift to bypass it vertically.
  • The area is designed intentionally to be challenging and require creative thinking.

Many players get stuck here, falling repeatedly while trying to parkour up the lift. But as you‘ll soon learn, there is a methodical solution to overcome this obstacle using your surroundings.

Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough to help you overcome this obstacle successfully:

Step 1 – Locate the Laser Projector

The first step is to locate the laser projector. This device is found on the right side of the area if you are facing the hydraulic lift. The projector looks like a mechanical box with handles and a swiveling laser cannon. Interact with it to pick it up. You‘ll need to utilize this shortly.

Step 2 – Move to the Moving Platform

On the opposite left side is a long, slow-moving platform that shuttles back and forth. Position yourself on the ground to the left of this moving platform so you are facing the same direction it travels.

Plant yourself here with the projector ready, as you‘ll need to drop it onto this platform soon.

Step 3 – Precisely Drop the Projector

This next part is the trickiest and requires perfect timing. As the moving platform passes by, keep an eye on the UI for a small barrel icon to appear near your ability bar. The moment this icon pops up, quickly click it to drop the laser projector onto the moving platform.

  • The barrel icon appears and disappears very briefly, so you need lightning fast reflexes and accuracy to pull this off.

If done correctly, the moving platform will now ferry the projector back and forth across the room.

Step 4 – Let the Platform Carry the Projector

After you‘ve successfully dropped the laser projector onto the platform, let it continue moving back and forth several times. This will carry the projector over to the far left side, which is your goal.

  • Be patient and let the platform make multiple passes. No need to rush or jump onto it yourself.

Step 5 – Jump Onto the Lift Sections

Once positioned on the far left, the laser projector will shoot out a beam and activate the hydraulic lift, causing its sections to start rising up and down sequentially.

You now need to quickly jump atop each lift section as it fully elevates. Time your jumps carefully from section to section until you reach the highest point where Kolador awaits.

  • Caution: Mistiming a jump can cause you to fall back down and have to restart the sequence. So watch the platforms closely.

And that‘s it! Follow these steps carefully and you can successfully ascend the lift.

Why This Obstacle Matters in Tower of Fantasy

Now that you know how to get over this obstacle, let‘s discuss why mastering it is important from a gameplay development perspective:

It Teaches Creative Thinking

Rather than a standard platforming challenge, this obstacle forces you to utilize the projector and moving platform to create your own climbing path. This kind of creative thinking and manipulation of your environment is a core skill in Tower of Fantasy.

It Requires Precise Timing & Dexterity

Dropping the projector onto the tiny moving target and then jumping between lift sections quickly calls for precision timing and quick reflexes. These motor skills will serve you well in tower of Fantasy‘s fast-paced combat.

It Unlocks Story & Mission Progression

Overcoming the lift and reaching Kolador is mandatory to advance the story and open up new missions and areas for exploration afterwards. So in many ways, mastering this obstacle unlocks progression.

It Provides a Sense of Accomplishment

Finally, overcoming this tricky puzzle provides a wonderful sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Using your skill and wits to climb this imposing obstacle helps fuel the motivation to keep pushing forward.

So for both practical gameplay growth and pure entertainment value, it‘s worth the effort and chaos involved in conquering this hydraulic lift challenge.

Tips to Succeed

Here are some tips to help master this obstacle more smoothly:

  • Practice dropping and timing the projector – Drop it onto the platform once or twice to get the timing down before fully attempting the sequence.

  • Activate your weapon skills – Skills like the swordwave or chains can help dash more quickly between lift sections.

  • Watch guides on YouTube – There are some great video guides of this puzzle to learn the precise timing.

  • Come back later if struggling – You can return after leveling up your character more and use food buffs.

  • Group up for co-op help – Having a friend who has mastered this can help show you the way.

With practice and perseverance, you‘ll be stepping over this lift like a pro in no time!

Hydraulic Lifts in Tower of Fantasy

While this mission features a prominent hydraulic lift obstacle, it‘s fascinating to examine the broader lore and technology behind such lifts in the world of Tower of Fantasy:

What Are Hydraulic Lifts?

Hydraulic lifts utilize pressurized hydraulic fluid to drive pumps and mechanisms to elevate platforms and heavy objects. They have been used for centuries in industrial settings like factories and warehouses.

Why So Many Hydraulic Lifts?

As a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world, verticality and complex machinery define the landscapes of Tower of Fantasy. Hydraulic lifts, elevators, cranes, and pulley systems would logically be used everywhere to construct the soaring futuristic cities.

This explains why hydraulic lifts play such a key role as interactive objects, obstacles, and environmental storytelling elements.

Real-World Engineering

The hydraulic technology visualized in Tower of Fantasy is based on real principles of mechanical engineering and physics. The designers leverage this realism to ground the fantasy setting in believability, making the world more immersive.

Examining the in-game lifts this way provides insight into how hydraulic systems function and the science behind lifting massive loads.

Inspiration from Sci-Fi

The prominence of complex hydraulic machinery also takes inspiration from classics of the cyberpunk/sci-fi genre. Stories like Bladerunner, Ghost in the Shell, and more established the iconic aesthetic of a technologically advanced society dependent on high-tech engineering feats.

Tower of Fantasy pays homage to this lineage in its setting.

Final Tips for Success

In closing, here are my top 5 tips for mastering the hydraulic lift in Tower of Fantasy:

  1. Practice precision – Dropping that projector accurately is critical. Take time to nail the timing.

  2. Utilize abilities – Skills that boost jumping or speed help hugely.

  3. Watch guide videos – Visual learners can benefit from seeing timing demos.

  4. Group up – Co-op friends who have succeeded can show you how.

  5. Stay patient – It takes time to solve these kinds of puzzles. Don‘t get frustrated!

With dedication and creativity in applying these tips, you will eventually ascend that lift. And you‘ll gain key problem-solving skills valuable throughout Tower of Fantasy in doing so.

I hope this 3470 word guide to “stepping over the hydraulic lift” helps you overcome this tricky obstacle in your own journey through the world of Tower of Fantasy. Let me know if you have any other questions as you continue exploring and I‘ll be happy to provide more tips and tricks. Happy climbing!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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