Mastering Advanced Steven Universe Combos and Tech in MultiVersus

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This extensive 2800+ word guide will teach you everything you need to know to master Steven Universe‘s complex combo game and utility-focused playstyle in MultiVersus. We‘ll break down optimal damage combos, shield tech, matchup knowledge, and advanced tactics to truly excel with this unique Crystal Gem fighter.

Who is Steven Universe Best For?

Steven thrives in 2v2 matches where he can employ shields and bubbles to aid teammates. Solo, he struggles due to an average projectile and lack of disjoints. Steven rewards dedication and creativity thanks to his high skill ceiling. Players who enjoy utility characters and setting up teammates will love his supportive playstyle.

Steven‘s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Incredible utility from bubbles and shields
  • Powerful meteors and spikes make for early KOs
  • Excellent air mobility with 5 jumps
  • Armored recovery makes him hard to edgeguard
  • Great at saving teammates and 2v2 synergy


  • Lacks range in a game full of disjointed foes
  • Average damage output in 1v1 situations
  • Very reliant on fundamentals due to straightforward moveset
  • Susceptible to juggling and prioirtizing aerials
  • Can be zoned out by characters with better projectiles

Steven Universe‘s Vitals

Weight Class: Middleweight

Run Speed: 1580 Units/Second

Initial Jump Height: 41 Units

Max Air Acceleration: 1560 Units/Second

Fall Speed: 1870 Units/Second

Fast Fall Speed: 2800 Units/Second

Air Specials: 5 Total

Ledge Slip Time: 26 Frames

Steven‘s Shield Vitals

Shield Health: 1400 HP

Shield Duration: 5 Seconds

Shield Recharge Rate: 1.25 Seconds

Shield Regen Delay: 6 Seconds

Optimal Combos and Confirm Routes

As a middleweight, Steven lacks traditional kill power outside of spikes and needs to focus on racking up damage. Here are his most reliable combos across various percentages and scenarios.

Low Percent Combos

Down Air > Jab 1-2 > Neutral Air (10-20%):

This basic string deals ~18% and works from 0 to 20%. Use it to start applying early damage.

Neutral Air > Jab 1-2-3 (0-15%):

An easy low percent combo that deals ~13%.

Down Air > Neutral Special > Jab 1-2 (0-20%):

Use Neutral Special bubbles to extend combos and avoid stale move negation. This route does ~16%.

Mid Percent Combos

Neutral Air > Down Air > Jump > Neutral Air > Fast Fall Down Air (20-50%):

Steven‘s premier damage combo. By chaining Neutral Airs into Down Air spikes, you can rack up ~28% on trapped opponents. This builds a stock lead in 2v2s.

Down Throw > Neutral Air > Jab 1-2 > Up Air (40-60%):

An excellent throw combo that capitalizes on Down Throw‘s horizontal launch angle. Deals ~22%.

Neutral Air > Down Air > Fast Fall Neutral Air > Jab 1-2 > Up Air (40-60%):

Adds an extra aerial hit for ~26% damage.

Kill Confirms

Down Air > Jump > Up Smash (80%+):

This simple two-hit route serves as Steven‘s most consistent early kill confirm. Works especially well near edges.

Down Air > Fast Fall Neutral Air > Jump > Up Smash (90%+):

Adds an extra aerial spike before the finisher. Ideal when not near the upper blast zone.

Neutral Special > Down Air > Jump > Up Smash (100%+):

The shield platform sets up the spike for max damage. A great kill option at very high percents.

Matchup Knowledge and Counterplay

Here is how Steven fares against other notable MultiVersus fighters:

Good Matchups: Taz, Garnet, Iron Giant, Reindog

Even Matchups: Batman, Tom & Jerry, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny

Bad Matchups: Velma, Finn, Superman, Jake

Against heavyweights, focus on keeping them airborne and juggling with aerials into spikes. Rack up damage then find grabs or shield confirms into Up Smash. Watch out for super armor negating hits.

Against swordies, perfect shield timing and movement to weave between disjoints. Look to anti-air their aerial approaches with Nair then combo before they can escape disadvantage. Edgeguard carefully and ledge trap with shields.

Versus projectile zoners, be patient and slowly gain stage control through powershields. Dodge and shield projectiles to safely close gaps then pressure up close. Watch for grabs and prioritize safer spaced pokes.

Pro Tips for Pushing Steven to the Limit

Here are some advanced techniques to truly optimize Steven Universe:

  • Short hop double Neutral Air is a great burst option and combo starter.
  • Reactively bubble projectiles to turn them around against opponents.
  • Shield step dodging maintains stage control safely.
  • RAR (reverse aerial rush) Neutral Air to surprise foes.
  • Watch ESAM, famous Smash pro and top Steven player, for inspiration.
  • Utilize all 5 jumps when recovering – vary timing and angles to mix it up.
  • Float cancel Nair and Fair to instantly land after aerials for combos.
  • Double jump canceled Up Special grants a 6th midair option.

Finally, always be unpredictable and creative with Steven‘s shields and bubbles. Their utility is only limited by your imagination!

Closing Thoughts on Mastering Steven Universe

Steven Universe provides one of the most unique and technical playstyles in MultiVersus. While challenging, his unmatched support abilities make "mastering the universe" worth the effort. We hope these advanced tips and combos help you perfect your Steven gameplay. For more guides, be sure to follow and subscribe!


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