StormLikes Review 2022: Is it Legit or a Scam? (MUST KNOW!)


Do you want enough info on how StormLikes, a third-party social media promotion company, operates? This article will show you everything you need to know about StormLikes.

StormLikes is a brand that provides Instagram accounts with engagement solutions such as followers, likes, and views. They assure their clients that their services are original and their engagement comes from genuine sources, not fake accounts or bots. I do not know how true those are, but we will find out in this review.

Everyone wants to build a reputation for themselves and promote their brands on popular social media platforms like Instagram. To achieve this easily, you will need to grow your presence through engagement provided by a third-party company. And if you choose to do this, it is essential you have ample information about the company you are buying from. That is one of the essences of reviews. With that said, let's look at what StormLikes is all about if it is safe for use, and what they have to offer.

Stormlikes overview

StormLikes provides Instagram accounts with engagement solutions such as followers, likes, and views. They assure their clients that their services are original and their engagement comes from genuine sources, not fake accounts or bots. StormLikes believes that they are the best place to get unique and real engagement for your Instagram account. This may sound quite good to be true, but I have reasons to believe that they provide quality services for their teeming clients.

Many third-party Instagram companies claim that they don't use bots, but such claims usually turn out to be lies. They do this because Instagram's terms of use are against automation and can get users into trouble with them. Although many companies make use of automation but do not get caught because they do it well, it is still important that you know what you are getting and try to keep your account safe. Thus, it is important to know what StormLikes are offering.

Does StormLikes Offer Quality Services?

StormLikes offer almost all the major features that you may need to grow your Instagram account. That is one of the reasons why they are so attractive to many Instagram users and brands. This is usually what you get from an Instagram growth company. Given that many companies offer similar services, I believe StormLikes may stand shoulder high among most of its competitors in the area of quality.

Stormlikes work manual

What are StormLikes' Major Features?

StormLikes features

StormLikes have the features that you will find in many Instagram third-party companies. The major features of StormLikes are enumerated below.

  • Rapid Delivery

StormLikes says they will deliver your order instantly when all the requirements and procedures have been satisfied.

  • They Offer Genuine Instagram Likes

Secondly, they offer Instagram likes that come from genuine sources. Thus, you do not have to worry about fake accounts or bots.

  • Affordable Prices

Although StormLikes' prices are not low in the real sense of the word, their services are still affordable compared to some of their competitors. And if you put quality into perspective, I think StormLikes' prices are fair.

  • Country Targeting

StormLikes can provide you with quality engagement for your Instagram account from specific locations of your choice. This kind of strategy is important. For instance, if your followers come from a particular geographical location, you may want to obtain additional engagement metrics from that area. StormLikes can help you achieve this. However, you must know that getting engagement from some locations may cost you more than others.

  • New Upload Automatic Detection Strategy

StormLikes has a unique new published content detection strategy that many Instagram users love. As soon as you publish fresh content on Instagram, StormLikes will automatically notice the activity and set to work on the engagement of that particular post. This strategy will save you time and effort since you don't need to start following another process of alerting them of your recent activity.

  • Gender Targeting

This also works like the location targeting feature. When you have a specific gender as the majority of your followers, StormLikes can provide you with engagement metrics taking into full consideration the gender identity of your followers in the process.

  • Likes Diversity

It is very important that a good Instagram third-party company ensures all its activities are fashioned to avoid putting your account in trouble with the social platform. That is exactly what StormLikes aim to achieve with randomization of the likes they provide. They try to make their engagement as diverse as possible to keep your account safe.

  • Engagement Speed Regulation

This is one of the features I think is very important when dealing with Instagram third-party companies. Instagram and other popular social media platforms that do not like third-party companies' activities will easily take notice when your engagement on a published post suddenly spikes unreasonably. Aside from that, many social platforms like Instagram do have daily limits as per engagement metrics. At least, having this adjustment feature will help you reduce the speed of your likes or views when you think they are being sent in too rapidly so that you won't be found wanting. However, not many Instagram third-party companies offer this feature, which keeps StormLikes ahead of many.

  • Customer Support System

Stormlikes Customer Support Page

StormLikes has an impressive customer support system. They have professional hands who are always available to cater to customers' needs. All your concerns will be addressed as soon as you contact them. If you want adjustments on your purchases or more information about any of their services, they will guide you through.

  • Impromptu Cancelation of Engagement Plans

At StormLikes, you can opt out of any of their services at any time you want and for any reason. Not many Instagram third-party companies offer this feature. This feature is very important. It is great to easily cancel your plan with them when you no longer need it or can no longer afford it. Whatever the reason may be, StormLikes allows you to cancel your plans without asking any questions or prohibiting the move. This shows that they are flexible and transparent in their methods.

StormLikes Pricing

Stormlikes Price of Likes

StormLikes pricing system is tailored to go with the specific needs of their clients. This is done so that you would only be required to pay for only what you want. Thus, you won't have to dole out money for any excess service you don't actually need. Some other companies offer non-flexible services and rates with many features you may not require, which will eventually amount to waste. StormLikes' approach means you can maximize your budget to obtain the right resources when you need them.

StormLikes offer plans and packages that are one-off or require a monthly payment. If you want to see how these services work before opting in, you can use their free trial, which offers 50 likes for free. With this, you can determine how effective their services are on your posted content and your account in general. They don't require any personal information from you before you can use the free trial. This method shows that the company is transparent enough and believes in the quality of services they offer.

StormLikes' Plans

One-Time Fee Plans

  • 100 Likes for $0.99
  • 250 Likes for $2.49

When you visit StormLikes, you will find a slider bar that allows you to select the exact number of likes you need. As you do this, the cost of your preference will automatically be shown.

Monthly Subscription Plans

  • 100 Likes per Post for $14.99 a month
  • 250 Likes per Post for $19.99 a month

When you visit the relevant page on StormLikes, you will also find a slider bar that allows you to select the exact number of likes you need. As you do this, the cost of your preference will also automatically be shown.

Merits of Using StormLikes

Below are reasons why StormLikes is a great company to patronize.

Website Security

When it comes to website security, StormLikes is secure since it uses the safe HTTPS protocol. Therefore, even your personal information will not find its way into the hands of hackers or anyone with malicious intent. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of your most important details shared on the site. Aside from the protection that this offers, the secure HTTPS protocol helps websites come up quickly during searches, which means prospective clients can easily come across them.

Pricing and Plans

StormLikes' services and costs are transparent. This shows that they want to be honest with what they are offering, and there are no hidden charges anywhere. They follow a tiered-pricing system, allowing clients to maximize their resources without paying in excess for some services you may not need.

FAQ and Support Page

A credible company should have pages or sections dedicated to FAQs, contact information, support, and more on their website. When you visit StormLikes' website, you will find their FAQ and customer support page containing important information such as answers to frequent inquiries and contact details. With this, you can easily reach them if you need anything addressed. All this information helps you know more about the company before trying to use their services.

Adequate Payment System

StormLikes has a unique payment system. They provide different payment options to make the process easy. The payment system is safe. There is no risk of your important financial details falling into the wrong hands.

Positive Reviews

StormLikes has a lot of positive reviews on its website and several online platforms. You can check some customer reviews about them on TrustPilot. However, although reviews are important, when it comes to those of online companies rendering social media promotion services, you shouldn't read much into them. This is because many companies are known to obtain false reviews or even pay for them.

Free Trial

StormLikes have a free trial that offers prospective clients 50 free likes. This goes a long way in showing that they have full faith in their capabilities. I like companies who offer free trials, as this will help you get conversant with how they operate and if they would eventually be a good fit for you. StormLikes allows you access to their free trial without asking for important information like your credit card details.

Demerits of StormLikes

Possible Automation Issues

For all I know, StormLikes, despite their claims of offering genuine and organic engagement, could still be using bots to achieve their aims. This is only an observation that hasn't been verified. One issue with using bots is that they cause problems for your account. Thus, it is not advisable to use automation services. But if you encounter an automation service whose strategies are effective and well-fashioned, you won't encounter any problem.

Customer Support

On their website, StormLikes didn't indicate whether they offer round-the-clock support to their clients. This may be in place, but sometimes, you have to try the services of these companies before you know the truth about some of their methods. However, a brand doesn't need to be available all the time. The only thing is for them to be available when they are needed.

StormLikes' Review Verdict

StormLikes have demonstrated to be a credible Instagram third-party company. They have been in the industry for a while now and have dedicated their time to perfecting their strategies to deliver great and qualitative services to their thousands of customers.

Free Insta Likes by Stormlikes

They have many strong qualities that have put them up there with the best in the industry. Their pricing system is awesome, they have a free trial that gives new customers 50 free likes, and they welcome all types of clients. StormLikes has adequate information on its website, which can aid in understanding its operations. They are transparent as you can contact them easily with the contact details on their website.


1. Is StormLikes legit or a scam?

Judging from this review, it is clear that StormLikes' has more merits than demerits. Aside from that, they have helped thousands of clients with their engagements on social media. Therefore, they are legitimate and not a scam.

2. Does StormLikes offer new clients a free trial?

Yes, StormLikes offer new clients a free trial. You will get 50 likes for free. With this, you can determine how effective their services are. They don't require any personal information from you before you can use the free trial.


Reviews do a lot of good as they help you know more about a certain company and what they offer. Through such, you can verify the authenticity of any company and know if they have what you want. I hope this review of the Instagram third-party company StormLikes will help you determine whether they can help you with your engagement o Instagram.


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