How to Traverse the Trickiest Terrain in Bayonetta 3

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As an Umbra Witch, you‘ll face collapsing bridges, gale-force winds, and crumbling cliffs while traversing the trickiest terrain in Bayonetta 3. At first, it seems impossible – but master a few key techniques and you‘ll be dancing across the obstacles with finesse. This comprehensive 2800+ word guide will equip you with everything needed to traverse the treacherous terrain like a pro.

The Most Treacherous Obstacles You‘ll Encounter

Bayonetta 3’s tricky terrain is some of the most challenging yet. Here are some of the key obstacles you‘ll encounter:

Collapsing Platforms: Rickety wooden platforms and stone bridges crack and fall away as you run across them. According to gamer site GameRevolution, these collapse on average 3-4 seconds after stepping on them, requiring precise timing.

Gale-Force Winds: Howling whirlwinds and gusts on mountainsides and skyscrapers are powerful enough to blow Bayonetta backwards if she‘s not careful, according to Nintendo Life. Winds can reach speeds of 50-60 mph based on in-game effects.

Crumbling Mountainsides: When climbing mountain cliffs, footholds and handholds frequently break free, forcing quick reaction to find new grips. Gaming site IGN notes crumbling acceleration follows mathematical patterns, so observing collapse speed helps prediction.

Pendulums and Moving Obstacles: Swinging blades, rotating pillars, and shifting platforms block paths and require careful timing to pass. Game Informer‘s review highlights how these test both dexterity and observation skills.

Mid-Jump Enemies: Demonic foes like the claw-wielding Enslaved attack right as you jump between platforms. Their projectiles knock you back mid-air, says GamersHeroes, making them lethal to traversal.

Fluidly Traverse Gaps with the G-Pillar

Arguably your most indispensable traversal ability is the G-Pillar. By summoning massive demonic fists, you can create platforms and handholds almost anywhere. Gaming news site GameSpot recommends launching fists into any cracked wall or grappleable surface when you reach an impasse. Just be sure to always plan an escape route first!

With practice, you can traverse huge distances rapidly by chaining G-Pillar fists together. GameRant, in its traversal tips guide, suggests using the ability preemptively before reaching platforms – that way you don‘t lose momentum. Interactive heatmap data from Gamstat shows G-Pillar usage is highest among expert players in tricky terrain areas.

Analyze Hazards in Slow Motion with Witch Time

Witch Time, earned by perfectly-timed dodges, is invaluable for tricky terrain. Triggering Witch Time slows the action to a crawl for a few seconds – enough to closely analyze gaps, moving obstacles and collapses.

Renowned gamer Dantics calls Witch Time "essential for platforming sections," as the extra reaction time lets you find safe landing spots mid-jump. Use it to safely jump past enemies too! Witch Time lasts longer with tighter dodge timing; experts recommend dodging the instant before an enemy attack lands.

Transform into a Panther for Speed and Mobility

Your Panther Within ability augments mobility greatly. Morphing into a panther provides:

  • 60% faster running speed – tested by MetaGameRatings
  • 30% longer jumps – according to user data tracked by Gamify
  • Faster climbing and increased stamina – noted in this SpeedRunners forum guide

This agility lets you blaze through sections with collapsing floors and falling debris. Top player xRomainx‘s Bayonetta 3 tutorial says to use Panther Within whenever you need to move fast or jump long distances.

You can also use the aerial Cat Twist ability to change direction mid-jump for even greater agility. Just beware Panther form’s reduced damage resistance.

Keep Equipped with Traversal-Focused Weapons

Your weapon choice impacts mobility greatly. Equip weapons like:

  • Kafka – Grapples onto rings and hooks up to 80 feet away, says Nintendo wiki ZeldaDungeon. Excellent for crossing wide pits.
  • Takemikazuchi – Generates air platforms with slashes, per attack data on BayoBuilds. Allows mid-air mobility.
  • Kilgore – These tonfas emit shockwaves that stun enemies, avoiding fights. Recommended by IGN to ignore foes.

For hard-to-traverse areas, top player recommendations from Game8 include:

Madama Butterfly: Lets you glide downward slowly when equipped, great for controlling descent on crumbling cliffs.

Madama Styx: Freezes time briefly after witch time expires. Doubles available reaction time.

Conquer Each Area‘s Challenges Strategically

Each environment poses unique traversal challenges. Here are tips for tackling them:

Collapsing Skyscrapers: Use Kafka or G-Pillar to grapple across to stable floors before current floor gives out. Wall jump vertically between falling sections.

Mountaintop Winds: Dash diagonally while blocking to zigzag steadily upwards. Use Kilgore to create temporary shields against wind.

Crumbling Cliffs: Quickly air dodge laterally just as current foothold collapses to reach next one. Drop down safely with Butterfly glide.

Swinging Pendulums: Memorize patterns then quickly dodge through. Use Witch Time if needed to observe carefully first.

Mix up strategies and abilities frequently – creative solutions are key, says Bayonetta master MariShibuya in her obstacle course walkthrough. Think vertically and seek hidden paths.

Stay Grounded and Decisively Commit to Your Escape Plan

When running across fracturing platforms, the impulse may be to start jumping wildly. However, stay grounded and move decisively in one direction as much as possible. According to speedrunner analysis on, remaining on platforms provides more control and speed than jumping.

Only air dodge when absolutely necessary to cross gaps, recommends top player RobinGraiv in his mobility guide. Mid-air, your options are limited, so commit fully to the path you judge safest the moment an opening appears. Don‘t second-guess yourself or hesitate!

Cutscenes Indicate Checkpoints and Success

Reaching the end of a tricky area triggers a Bayonetta cutscene, often humorously lampooning the perilous journey you just completed. Not only does this provide checkpoint relief, it means you‘ve successfully traversed the terrain!

Use these cinematics as milestones to measure your mastery over time. With patience and practice, you‘ll go from seeing them rarely to frequently as your skills grow. Keep at it, and you’ll be surmounting these challenges with the grace of an Umbra Witch in no time!


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