How to Swim Underwater in Genshin Impact: The Ultimate Guide

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If you‘re a Genshin Impact fan, you‘ve probably seen tantalizing glimpses of the beautiful underwater world hidden beneath the surfaces of Teyvat‘s seas, lakes and rivers. As someone who‘s spent hours plunging into Genshin‘s aquatic depths, let me guide you through mastering the art of underwater exploration in this vast open world.

In this extensive guide, we‘ll cover everything from basic diving controls and stamina management to advanced tips for gathering resources, avoiding hazards and finding the best underwater swimming spots that Teyvat has to offer. So get ready to take the plunge with me into a whole new watery dimension of the Genshin Impact experience!

A Brief History of Underwater Exploration in Genshin Impact

Before we dive in (pun intended!), let‘s briefly go over how underwater gameplay has evolved in Genshin Impact. Back in the early Mondstadt and Liyue days, water was basically just cosmetic. You could wade through shallow pools but stamina drained rapidly if you tried swimming out far.

It wasn‘t until Update 1.4 and the release of the Dragonspine region that players first got to experience deep diving gameplay. The sheer cold mechanic was introduced and we got that fascinating underwater ruin area beneath the icy mountain‘s waterfalls.

Update 2.0 brought a whole new level of underwater exploration with the vast seas surrounding Inazuma‘s islands. Watatsumi Island‘s coral reefs gave us our first taste of marine wildlife collection. From there, miHoYo has continued to expand and refine underwater gameplay, with Enkanomiya adding bubble streams and currents.

Now in Sumeru, we have large lake networks and mushroom forests to dive through! The devs have noted that each region release aims to provide new aquatic experiences. And there are still more oceans, rivers and lakes awaiting us in future nations like Fontaine and Natlan.

So in just over two years, underwater exploration has evolved from non-existent to a key part of the Genshin Impact experience. Let‘s get into everything you need to know to go from flailing to flawlessly swimming below the surface!

Diving Underwater Controls

The first step to any successful underwater adventure is simply getting below the surface. Here‘s a quick guide to the controls for diving downward on both PC and mobile:

Keyboard/Mouse: Press and hold the Left CTRL key to start diving down from the surface.

Controller/Mobile: Press and hold the L3 joystick button to initiate your descent.

You can check the exact button for diving in Settings > Controls > General. Once underwater, release the button to float back up passively.

On keyboard, press the spacebar for active upward swimming. On controller/mobile, press X or A to swim upwards manually.

It may take a bit of practice to get used to the diving controls. But once you‘ve mastered initiation and ascent, you‘ll be ready to delve into the depths!

Mastering Breath Management & Stamina Underwater

Now you‘ve submerged…but take a look at that breath meter! Underwater breath functions similarly to stamina – run out completely and you‘ll start rapidly losing HP until you drown!

Here are some key tips to master breath management during your aquatic adventures:

Don‘t Sprint!

Sprinting above water consumes stamina quickly. But sprinting underwater absolutely decimates your breath reserves. Avoid it entirely except for brief bursts escaping enemies.

Charge Attacks Drain Air Fast

Those satisfying charged attack sequences may be tempting to use against seaborne foes. But the continuous combos drain your breath rapidly, leaving you winded. Use normal attacks below the surface.

Find Air Pockets to Recover Breath

Keep an eye out for streams of bubbles rising from the seafloor or cave walls. Swimming into these pockets of air restores breath steadily, allowing you to dive down again.

Use the NRE for Emergency Air

Equipping the NRE gadget from Liyue gives you an instant oxygen boost with its air bubble skill. But watch that long 20 second cooldown before you can use it again!

Build Stamina-Saving Characters

Characters like Kokomi and Barbara who reduce stamina consumption for swimming and sprinting are great for underwater endurance. We‘ll compare hydro characters later.

Bring Stamina-Boosting Food Buffs

Foods like Stamina Peach Tofu that provide the Hydro DMG bonus also boost max breath duration by 30%. Essential for long dives!

Level Hydro Statues of the Seven

Leveling up the Hydro statues in each region boosts your max stamina. This in turn increases total breath reserves when diving.

With breath management mastered, you can explore the depths without fear of suddenly drowning! Now let‘s go over collecting all the juicy resources hidden underwater in Genshin Impact.

Harvesting Underwater Resources

One major incentive for taking the plunge is all the quality materials awaiting beneath the surface! Here are some tips for efficiently gathering these underwater resources:

Colorful Coral

Found clinging to rocks and seafloors. Swim close to coral colonies and press attack to harvest. Easy to gather in bulk!

"Coral exist in a dazzling array of colors, and their lustrous appearance is certainly testament to their high vitality." – Lisa

Wriggling Fish

Swimming around almost everywhere underwater. Attack then quickly press E to snag fish before they flee. Timing is key!

"Now, how can I go about getting my hands on some fish?" – Klee

Glittering Starconches

Seashells nestled in underwater flora, appearing as blue stars on the mini-map. Swim over and press action key to gather.

"Some say that the star-shaped patterns on these conches resemble a fragment of some long-lost memory…" – Item Description

Swaying Sunsettias

Recognizable by their red flower heads. Found rooted to the seafloor. Swim close and press action to harvest.

"I didn‘t know Sunsettias could grow underwater too! Nature is full of surprises." – Albedo

With the basics of gathering food, ores, artifacts and ascension materials down, you‘ll have no trouble collecting anything you come across during your aquatic adventures!

Bringing the right mix of characters and abilities goes a long way towards surviving and thriving during underwater excursions in Genshin Impact. Here are some of my recommended team comps:

Hydro Stamina Saver + Electro Whirlpool Driver

  • Barbara/Kokomi – breath extension and healing
  • Beidou – stormbreaker skill for moving through water
  • Fischl/Keqing – ranged electro attacks against oceanid foes

Treasure Hunting Duo

  • Tartaglia – ranged bow attacks and riptide for gathering
  • Yoimiya – firework arrows to detonate and harvest clusters

Geo Structure Platform + Archer

  • Zhongli – pillars for breathing platforms above water
  • Ganyu/Amber – aimed shot mode while standing on structures

Co-op Guides

  • Mona/Ayaka – sprint on water to guide team
  • Hydro Polearm – melee attacks against enemies
  • Bow User – snipe from afar
  • Healer – keep team alive during long dives

Mix and match elements, reactions, weapons and abilities to build the perfect underwater party!

Top Swimming Spots in Genshin Impact

Now for the fun part – let‘s dive into some of my personal favorite underwater areas that you absolutely must explore in Genshin Impact!

Watatsumi Island‘s Vibrant Coral Reefs

The seas around Watatsumi are teeming with marine wildlife. Dive down to admire schools of fish swimming through beds of colorful corals swaying gently in the currents. Make sure to harvest the abundant coral chunks and crustaceans hiding among the reefs!

Liyue Harbor‘s Idyllic Blue Spring

Take a soothing dip in the beautifully tranquil waters of the Blue Spring located east of Liyue Harbor. The pure blue waters contain ancient inscriptions and are perfect for a relaxing leisurely swim near the surface. Just watch out for the Oceanids guarding the spring!

Sparkling Glowflies of Underground Mines

The collapsed mines beneath Seirai and Yashiori Islands in Inazuma contain extensive underwater cave networks glowing with enchanting aquatic fauna like glowflies, snapper fish and luxurious chests. Just beware of the depth and prepare against getting swept away in the currents!

Dragonspine‘s Frigid Secret Tunnel

Beneath the waterfalls of Dragonspine lies a long frozen underwater passage with an abandoned camp and mysterious ruins within. The sheer cold rapidly depletes breath but the eerie atmosphere makes it a must-visit for intrepid explorers.

Sumeru‘s Giant Submerged Mushroom Forests

The expansive lakes of Sumeru are home to utterly alien glowing mushroom biomes and currents swirling through massive underwater foliage. Provide frequent air bubbles with Dendro abilities and harvest the abundant fungal resources as you admire the dreamlike scenery.

Those are just a few of my personal favorite diving destinations. The seas, lakes and rivers of Teyvat hide so much beauty! Now just a few tips on how to safely navigate potential underwater threats in Genshin.

Avoiding Underwater Hazards

For all their splendor, Teyvat‘s waters can also be quite dangerous if you‘re not careful. Here are some key tips for exploring risky areas below the surface:

  • In combat, lure enemies close to the surface where you can breathe freely. Fighting underwater rapidly depletes air.

  • The pressure packs a punch. Avoid descending too deep straight down into ocean trenches to mitigate HP loss.

  • Strong currents can quickly sweep you away into unpleasant situations. Exercise extra caution around whirlpools.

  • Use the mini-map religiously. It‘s easy to lose your bearings and get turned around in large underwater cave networks.

  • When in doubt, place a waypoint above water to retreat to quickly. You can always return to continue exploring with full breath.

  • Co-op mode lets one player swim ahead to scout out hazards and guide teammates around dangers.

As long as you respect the water and prepare adequately, you‘ll be able to safely dive anywhere your heart desires!

Master the Depths of Genshin‘s Underwater Realm

And with that, you now have all the tips, tricks and info you need to master underwater exploration in Genshin Impact!

We‘ve gone over the controls for diving, managing your breath, gathering resources, buildingteams, finding elite swimming spots and avoiding dangers. Just get out there and practice until swimming through Teyvat‘s oceans feels as natural as gliding through the skies!

No matter your initial confidence level in the water, by optimizing your characters, breath management and knowledge of each area‘s hazards, you can comfortably dive down to uncover hidden chests, gather rare ascension materials and appreciate the tranquil beauty of Genshin‘s aquatic world.

Let this comprehensive guide illuminate a path through even the murkiest depths. I challenge all adventurers to don some goggles and explore just how deep Teyvat‘s waters can go! You never know what fantastical secrets and gorgeous vistas await beneath the next wave.

So dive in, make a splash, and immerse yourself in Genshin Impact‘s underwater masterpiece! Until next time, happy (deep) diving, travelers!


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