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How to Switch Between Binance Lite and Binance Pro – A Detailed Guide

Binance offers two versions of its popular cryptocurrency exchange app – Binance Lite and Binance Pro. Both cater to different types of users and offer unique interfaces and features. This comprehensive guide will explain the key differences between Lite and Pro, when to use each version, and step-by-step instructions on how to easily switch between the two modes.

Binance Lite is designed for beginners who are new to crypto trading. It provides a simplified user interface that makes buying, selling, and checking prices straightforward.

Some key features of Binance Lite:

  • Streamlined dashboard shows your asset totals, prices, and recent activity.

  • Simplified trading screens – no distracting charts or order books.

  • Easy fiat on-ramps like credit card payments or P2P trading.

  • Limited to spot trading only – no access to advanced trades.

  • Minimalistic design with large text and icons for easy navigation.

Binance Lite is great for users who:

  • Are completely new to crypto and want an easy onboarding experience.

  • Only buy and hold cryptocurrencies long-term.

  • Want quick access to check prices and their portfolio balance.

  • Find complex trading charts and order books overwhelming.

According to a Binance survey, over 65% of users activate Lite mode because they find the simplified interface less intimidating as beginners.

Binance Pro unlocks the full suite of trading features for advanced users. It provides an experience similar to the original Binance desktop platform.

Some key features of Binance Pro:

  • Advanced trading screens and charting.

  • Access to order books, limit orders, P2P trading.

  • Margin trading and futures trading supported.

  • More market data for analysis.

  • Wider range of available trading pairs.

  • Additional features like staking, loans, derivatives, etc.

Binance Pro is preferable for users who:

  • Have trading experience and understand market analysis.

  • Actively trade and want access to more tools.

  • Use margin, futures, or other advanced trades.

  • Desire more market data for research.

According to Binance, over 85% of their volume comes from Pro users trading on desktops or mobiles. These are more active traders who need robust charting and data tools.

Feature Binance Lite Binance Pro
Interface Simplified Advanced
Trades Available Spot Trading Only Spot + Margin, Futures, etc
Order Types Market, Limit Market, Limit + Conditional Orders
Charts Basic Line Charts Advanced Charts + Indicators
Screen Layout Streamlined More Data-Dense
For Users Who Are… Beginners Advanced Traders

So in summary:

  • Binance Lite is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Ideal for beginners.

  • Binance Pro unlocks advanced functionality for active traders. More features but more complex.

The best interface depends on your experience level and what you want to accomplish on the platform. Fortunately, Binance makes it easy to switch between the two modes at any time.

If you want to unlock the full suite of trading tools available on Binance, follow these steps:

  1. Open the latest version of the Binance app.

  2. Log into your account. The Lite dashboard will appear.

  3. Tap the profile icon in the top right corner.

  4. In the menu, find the "Binance Lite" toggle switch and tap to turn it off.

  5. You are now in Pro mode! The interface will refresh.

You should immediately notice a difference. The dashboard will contain more market data, trading pairs, and options to use other Binance services.

Charts become interactive with more indicators and drawing tools. You can also dig into detailed order books that are hidden in Lite mode.

The activity and funds screens also reveal more information related to your trades, transfers, order status and more.

Everything is available to start utilizing advanced trades like margin and futures. Just ensure you understand the risks involved before proceeding.

If you prefer the simpler Lite interface, you can easily return by:

  1. Opening the Binance app and logging in.

  2. Tapping on the profile icon.

  3. Locating the “Binance Lite” toggle.

  4. Tap to enable Lite mode.

The screens will refresh and revert to the clean, minimalistic Lite interface. This removes extra features and data for a more streamlined experience.

The dashboard will shift back to showing your balances, coins owned, and basic price data. Lite mode is then enabled until you decide to switch to Pro again.

  • Play around with both modes to see which you prefer. Get a feel for the differences.

  • Consider enabling Lite mode when first setting up your account to simplify the onboarding process.

  • Lite mode is great for checking prices quickly or when on slow internet.

  • Use Pro mode when you want to analyze charts or place advanced order types.

  • Switch from Lite to Pro as you gain more trading experience over time.

Being able to easily switch between a streamlined and advanced interface is a unique advantage Binance offers users.

Binance Lite provides a simplified onboarding experience with just core trading features. This helps newcomers access crypto in a user-friendly way.

For advanced functionality, Binance Pro opens up robust charting, order books and access to margin, futures and more. Experienced traders have all the tools they need.

Learning how to toggle between Lite and Pro modes allows adjusting the interface based on your needs. New users can start in Lite mode and progress. Active traders can enable Pro when they want to dig deeper.

This guide covered the key differences between the two versions and step-by-step instructions on switching between Binance Lite and Binance Pro on mobile. Both offer great options tailored for different audiences.


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