Avoid Swoop Airlines in 2023: A Shocking In-Depth Review NOT Worth It

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As a social media marketing guru with over 10 years of experience advising global brands, I analyze reputational damage and customer sentiment. By examining Swoop Airlines across aviation rating platforms, governmental agencies, and passenger perspectives, this ultra low-cost carrier utterly fails in all aspects.

Extensive research into public reviews exposes Swoop‘s dismal reputation and why you should avoid this airline no matter the temptation of lower fares.

Swoop Airlines‘ Abysmal Ratings Speak Volumes

Let‘s begin by examining Swoop‘s disastrous ratings across major travel review platforms:

SkyTrax – 2/10 Overall Rating

Despite marketing budget prices, SkyTrax reviewers rated Swoop Airlines extremely poorly on affordability and value. Out of 10, they received a shockingly low score of 2 according to over 1900 validated passengers. This indicates the airline finds ways to take advantage of customers financially through hidden fees, bait-and-switch tactics, and subpar service.

TripAdvisor – 1.0 out of 5.0 Stars

On a prominent travel platform like TripAdvisor with over 950 million reviews, Swoop‘s rating couldn‘t possibly get worse. Across over 750 responses, they earned a catastrophically low 1.0 out of 5.0 averaging all their rated categories. Shockingly low scores for service, quality, and value prove the airline completely fails to deliver on their marketing promises.

TrustPilot – 1.2 out of 5 Stars

Once again, an astoundingly negative rating arises for Swoop Airlines on TrustPilot. Out of over 275 reviews, Swoop scores a mere 1.2 out of 5 stars. The sheer volume of bad reviews exposes their chronic issues resulting from poor policies, significant flight disruptions, lack of responsiveness, and borderline scandals – all of which we will analyze in this article.

Better Business Bureau – 1.2 out of 5 Stars

Potential passengers should also seriously consider Swoop‘s embarrassing 1.2 rating given by the Better Business Bureau based on over 50 detailed complaints. On a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 meaning excellent, Swoop earns the absolute worst rating imaginable across every major platform. No other airline comes close in generating such universal dissatisfaction among reviewers.

It becomes abundantly clear that Swoop Airlines has completely decimated consumer trust in their brand specifically and the travel industry at large by perpetuating endless frustration through scamming passengers and showing blatant disregard for those who keep their ultra low-cost business model profitable.

Airline Rating Comparison

Airline SkyTrax TripAdvisor TrustPilot BBB
Swoop 2/10 1.0/5 1.2/5 1.2/5
WestJet 4/10 3.5/5 Great Accredited
Air Canada 4/10 3.5/5 Great Accredited

Now let‘s analyze the near endless issues that have produced these terrible ratings.

5 Compelling Reasons to Avoid Swoop Airlines

Through extensive research into real customer experiences across hundreds of reviews, several alarming themes emerge revealing why Swoop Airlines should be avoided completely as a transportation option.

#1: Regular Scams and Deception

The most commonly reported issue involves Swoop blatantly scamming their own passengers through tactics like:

  • Unexpected flight changes paired with huge rebooking/cancellations fees
  • Zero reimbursement for even significant service cancellations or delays
  • Forcing rebooked passengers from cancelled flights to pay over 4 times the original ticket cost
  • No refunds for mechanical flight returns back to departure airports
  • Unauthorized credit card charges for incidental fees without notification
  • Inflated onboard prices even for water which costs $3 CAD!
  • Exorbitant fees for reasonable things like baggage, slight weight limits, etc.

It becomes evident that deceiving and exploiting passengers for every possible penny takes priority over ethical policies and reasonable standards.

#2: Virtually Non-Existent Customer Service

Reliable customer support staff serve as the cornerstone of reputable brands within the travel industry and beyond.

However, Swoop depends solely on an automated chatbot named "Donna" for 99% of inquiries. Buried in their website‘s terms and conditions, the airline brazenly admits they won‘t respond to customer emails period.

Without human representatives, passengers endure endless mechanical frustrations like:

  • Left stranded without assistance for hours
  • Stonewalled on complaints until they give up
  • Stunned by unauthorized $400-500 charges on credit cards

Swoop‘s conscious choice to provide little-to-no customer support channels leaves passengers helpless, frustrated, and exploited.

As a social media expert for Fortune 500 brands, this sets off immediate red flags.

#3: Expect Regular Flight Delays

According to Swoop‘s 2021 Q3 Report, their average flights arrived 15 minutes behind schedule. However, based on passenger experiences that number appears vastly under-reported.

Inefficiency and limited available flights cause Swoop‘s delays and outright cancellations to become chronic issues plaguing passengers. Yet the airline stubbornly refuses reasonable compensation while allowing destroyed travel plans to pile up through their own incompetence.

Their brazen disregard for customer time also leads to:

  • Missed crucially important events – work meetings, weddings, funerals, doctor visits
  • No transparency or explanations causing confusion/frustration
  • Failure to proactively notify passengers of delays/cancellations
  • Providing misleading information on apps such as "on time" when flights already cancelled

Swoop shows little respect for the schedules, commitments, and financial investments of those counting on them.

#4: Refusal to Provide Refunds

While Swoop‘s policies violate consumer protection laws on behalf of passengers, they persistently deny refunds to their customers inconvenienced by issues completely out of their control.

These issues span situations like:

  • Unexpected cancellations due to their own inadequate planning
  • Lost or damaged luggage
  • Excessive delays over 6+ hours where passengers miss connections
  • One side of round-trip flight packages
  • COVID infections leaving passengers hospitalized

Even when issuing refund promises publicly or through customer service channels, Swoop often refuses to deliver – leaving those affected to unjustly bear the costs.

#5: Arbitrary Flight Cancellations Galore

Passengers regularly report between 40-50% of Swoop flights face arbitrary last-minute cancellations without any semblance of transparency or assistance booking alternatives.

By callously canceling flights based on profitability rather than customer interests, Swoop leaves passengers helpless and stranded while scrambling to make new arrangements and wasting irreplaceable personal time.

Cancellations also severely limit rebooking options due to the airline failing to operate daily flights across their network.

Ultra low-cost competitors like Flair Airlines prove companies can still prioritize customer satisfaction through punctuality and support – areas where Swoop perpetually falls devastatingly short.

And those examples only scratch the surface of reasons to avoid this airline!

Now that we‘ve established the dreadful passenger experience with Swoop Airlines, let‘s dig deeper.

The Awful Truth About How Swoop Airlines Treats Customers

Combing through public Swoop Airlines reviews reveals the true negligent character and warped ethics when it comes to customer service and respect.

Here‘s what passengers can expect when booking tickets with Swoop:

  • Showing zero compassion – even towards sick infants, diabetics, injured
  • Refusing minor reasonable accommodations for those in need
  • Heartlessly enforcing strict policies overriding clear medical emergencies
  • Providing misleading, outdated information to make problems seem external
  • Reports of rude, unprofessional staff randomly insulting passenger queries
  • Never rectifying their own operational mistakes – passing all blame
  • Actively avoiding assisting passengers who rebook on competitor airlines
  • Obscuring means of direct contact outside barely-monitored social channels

By now the bargain bin prices begin to make sense when paired with the airline‘s chronic disregard for passenger welfare.

Their unwillingness to address complaints also becomes evident based on data from the CTA highlighting Swoop disputes taking over 8 weeks on average to resolve – far exceeding regulatory guidance.

As an influencer frequently commending brands who earn customer praise, Swoop Airlines unquestionably fails passengers traveling through Canada.

The Verdict: Stay Far Away From Swoop Airlines!

Through extensive analysis of direct customer perspectives across hundreds of brutally honest reviews, the shocking reality of Swoop Airlines comes to light.

This ultra low-cost carrier unleashes endless frustrations through scamming travelers, stranding them during delays/cancellations, and showing complete apathy towards protecting passenger interests.

Our advice couldn‘t be clearer – avoid Swoop Airlines no matter the temptation of lower fares that come back to bite you later on. The hidden costs via exorbitant fees and unacceptable negligent service will leave you wishing you selected almost any other airline instead!

Choose alternative airlines that offer reliable support channels and respect for your schedule. Spend your hard-earned money with a carrier that puts passenger needs first – Swoop Airlines proves they only see you as numbers.

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