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10 Fun Apps That Can Make You Smarter

You don’t have to sit in the library reading books all day, you could play, and get smarter along the way. There are mobile apps that will help you exercise your brain at any time you please. Of the hundreds available we chose the 10 most interesting. 1. NYTimes’ Crosswords …

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The History of Web Design

It only seems like yesterday since we started using the internet, but in just a couple of decades the design of the web has changed dramatically. So what, if anything, have we learned from the evolution of web design? Check out this post, along with an accompanying ‘History of Web …

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Ten Best iOS Payment Processing Options Available

When it comes to processing payments on your iOS smart phone there are numerous options that are available which can facilitate a large number of your business transactions, right from your smart phone. Options such as these were not available previously, however with the advancements in technology and the common …

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Best TV Commercials of All Time

Whilst the face of advertising is changing in line with new technology, TV advertising still remains a strong way to market your product. On-demand services and successes of websites such as YouTube has simply meant that TV advertising now takes on slightly different process. Industry experts like Jonathan Disegi know …

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Why Retailers Fear Apple Pay: CurrentC Vs. Apple pay

Many iPhone users might be disappointed that they can’t use their smartphone’s Apple Pay app in some of the biggest stores in America. Big retailers have announced that they will release their own smartphone app called CurrenC for processing payments through mobile devices, but it’s already known that it will …

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