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10 Brands Dominating Instagram

With its 200 million monthly users having uploaded an incredible 20 billion photos since the site’s inception, Instagram has truly grown into a giant of the social media world. It offers users a unique opportunity to bypass language barriers and communicate with others across the globe, and Instagram has now …

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The 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services

Since the days if its humble beginnings, WordPress has become so much more than just a blogging platform. Although it’s still one of the best blogging platforms out there, it’s also a robust CRM and even ecommerce site. It’s user-friendly and flexible, and that’s probably what makes it the most …

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10 Reasons you need a Mobile App

Mobile Apps have increased in number over the last few years and so has the number of mobile users. A mobile app is an inexpensive venture for businesses and if a business wishes to stay competitive and increase sales, getting an app developed is a natural step. Below are ten …

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Ten Insights Into Using Social Login

An interesting website requires a profile set-up and login. Do you really feel like typing in your personal information? That gets old, after awhile. The folks at LoginRadius performed a study on social login and social sharing on the Internet. This innovative social platform powers social login and sharing on …

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10 Unexpected Statistics and Facts About Mobile Marketing

As virtually everyone would know the advent of the internet has immensely revolutionized how many things are done in many fields of human endeavor, most especially in the business sphere. Indeed now more than ever many business establishments and even individuals are increasingly embracing this amazing medium to effectually reach …

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