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10 Brands Dominating Instagram

With its 200 million monthly users having uploaded an incredible 20 billion photos since the site’s inception, Instagram has truly grown into a giant of the social media world. It offers users a unique opportunity to bypass language barriers and communicate with others across the globe, and Instagram has now …

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10 Hot Web Design Trends of 2018

Each year comes with its own take on web design. Just as fashion changes, although not as often, web design also changes with the times. The changes can be subtle from year to year, but they really add up over time. For example, compare a site that was developed five …

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Why your Twitter Username is a Valuable Asset

Many brands nowadays are turning to Twitter to create awareness, engagement and interest around their offering. However, when setting up a Twitter presence, the username you choose is of such great importance. I personally feel that your Twitter username is just as an important asset as your employees or your …

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Four Keys to Self-Employment Success

If you’re wise enough to be seeking advice on this site, you’re likely smart enough to realize that you don’t have all the answers.  Here are a few more factors to remember as you tackle the adventure that is self-employment! Time Management In order to be successful in your self-employment …

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