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Ways to become a more Effective Writer Journalist

Journalists are seasoned experts at communicating news and information in a way that their audience can grasp and retain. Though the journalist may have 10 or 20 years of experience in the field, the writing style is constantly evolving and being refined. Becoming a more effective writer is a constant …

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Tips for Writers and the first Amendment

A journalist relies on the First Amendment for their artistic license. The First Amendment enables the journalist to write freely about whatever they determine to be newsworthy without fear of repercussions. The rights and freedoms expressed in the First Amendment allow a journalist to tell a story without worry. The …

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Find Freelance Writing Jobs using Twitter

Deciding not to use Twitter when you are a freelancer is just about the same as a writer deciding not to use a word processor and do everything on a typewriter.  Does it stop you from success? … ….No.  Does it make the work, “That much more difficult?”… ….AB-So-Lutely There …

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Risks of being a Journalist Risks Journalists

There are many movies and videos of journalists being shot dead or being threatened to be killed. It is inevitable that there are risks involved in being a journalist. But, a lot of people continue to become a journalist’s because they enjoy the work. In this article you will find …

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Providing Inspiration

Legend has it that a muse is inspiration in bodily form. Most typically, it’s a woman who inspires passion in a man—the passion to create. Since we’ve evolved a bit,  a creative woman can also get a muse—young, attractive, and devoted—by (as usual) going after one herself. A muse, after …

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Freedom of Speech

Freedom To Blog Under Fire With the advent of the Internet and the absolute freedom and ability to garner information from multiple sources, there was bound to be controversy in what many people who began ‘blogging’ had to say. For many many years before the web ever existed, people who …

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