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Social media: Measuring success

It’s plain to see that social media is a powerful tool for communication and marketing. When it’s used correctly you can connect with audiences on a global scale and grow your brand massively! The take up of business on social media has been slow until recently. Attitudes have changed recently …

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10 Easy Ways to Build Your Online Reputation

You may be among those who understand the benefits of building your online reputation for personal gain. Or you may be among those who has ignored their internet rep and is shuddering at the thought of a potential date Googling your name. Either way, there are easy ways to build …

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Top Ten Social Media Advertising Techniques

While there are many ways to advertise your company’s good and services on social media, some advertising techniques are undoubtedly better than others. Following is an overview of the top ten social media advertising techniques for your reference. Choose the Right Social Media Sites The first step in social advertising …

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The 10 Best WordPress Hosting Services

Since the days if its humble beginnings, WordPress has become so much more than just a blogging platform. Although it’s still one of the best blogging platforms out there, it’s also a robust CRM and even ecommerce site. It’s user-friendly and flexible, and that’s probably what makes it the most …

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